The BEST episodes directed by Hiroshi Kurimoto

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#1 - Prop

Excel Saga - Season 1 - Episode 14

In order to pick up flagging ratings, the Excel Saga writers introduce a new character: the android lady Ropponmatsu, creation of Dr. Shioji, a brilliant scientist with a mostly-innocent (thank goodness) fixation with small girls. Iwata, of course, becomes hopelessly enamored with Ropponmatsu, completely clueless to the fact that she's not a living, breathing human. Meanwhile, Excel and Hyatt manage to bungle a seemingly simple mission to deliver a package with a bomb in it, one discovered and disarmed by Ropponmatsu... well, not quite, much to Iwata's horror.

Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor
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#2 - Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor

Gurren Lagann - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Great Gurren Brigade are now on their way to Beastmen's capital city, Teppelin but there's a vast ocean in there way. The only way for them to get across is for the Dai-Gurren to be modified, so while they wait everyone goes to chill out at the beach. Once preparations are complete, the Great Gurren Brigade begins their cruise but there's an ambush waiting for them.

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Who Is This Bro?
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#3 - Who Is This Bro?

Gurren Lagann - Season 1 - Episode 10

Nia true identity is revealed, as she flaunts her authority to get rid of another one of the Four Divine Generals, Adiane. The members of the Great Gurren Brigade are now suspicious of Nia and her true intentions but she is only concerned about the depressed Simon. Adiane later returns to finish them all off, with Lord Genome's blessing.

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