The Best Episodes Directed by Grant Brown

Episode 20

#1 - Episode 20

Rush Season 3 - Episode 20

TR are forced to work with a slick private security firm to save a kidnapped businessman. Working closely with its charming leader Shmitt, Shannon is enticed by the prospect of joining the firm. Lawson, however, has other plans as he and Shannon play the waiting game they take a moment to drop by Shannon's investment property, and they succumb to mutual attraction, as Shannon's sexual hiatus finally comes to an end. Unbeknownst to them, they have just been caught by a hidden camera, which Michael has set up to catch thieves.

star 8.03
35 votes
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Episode 8: Train

#2 - Episode 8: Train

Rush Season 3 - Episode 8

A runaway train ploughs through country stations on a collision course with another train. Lawson sets foot on the relentless express, unaware that he is on his own collision course with Andrew Kronin. As the final showdown beckons, Lawson will have to overcome more than just the train if he is to win back his teammates' faith.

star 8.03
39 votes
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Suffer the Children

#3 - Suffer the Children

Underbelly Season 1 - Episode 9

Jason Moran returns from self-imposed exile, determined to destroy his rival Carl Williams; death stalks a children's football match; Taskforce Purana finally gets the resources it needs to defeat the criminals; Benji is under constant police surveillance, so Carl is forced to find a new accomplice; Carl and Roberta celebrate their daughter's christening with a lavish party.

star 7.93
443 votes
The Reckoning

#4 - The Reckoning

Underbelly Season 2 - Episode 10

Terry Clark's drug empire starts to unravel when he is arrested for murder in the UK, while Allison is arrested by the FBI and becomes a star witness against organised crime. With his heroin supplies drying up, Aussie Bob plans Australia's biggest ever cannabis smuggling operation. Meanwhile, the Federal Police have a major win against corruption at the Narcotics Bureau.

star 7.76
270 votes
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Locus Poenitentiae

#5 - Locus Poenitentiae

Harrow Season 2 - Episode 6

[Opportunity to Withdraw] Harrow and Fairley are sent to a double-fatality in Fairley's hometown - a trip that will test their already strained relationship.

star 7.75
220 votes
Ab Initio

#6 - Ab Initio

Harrow Season 2 - Episode 5

[From the Beginning] Coping with a death that strikes close to home by focusing on work, Harrow is stunned to discover a connection between this death and another deceased man on his autopsy table.

star 7.65
255 votes
The Brotherhood

#7 - The Brotherhood

Underbelly Season 2 - Episode 11

The Federal Police prepare to arrest crime boss and cancer sufferer Aussie Bob Trimbole. But a mole within the Feds threatens to create havoc with their investigation. Also, Alison Dine testifies at a coroner's inquest, and blows the lid on the Mr Asia syndicate.

star 7.64
175 votes
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Episode 6

#8 - Episode 6

Rush Season 2 - Episode 6

When an ex-newspaper editor causes a disturbance at Federation Square, Tactical Response tries to talk him down before he tragically falls to his death. A series of TAB robberies lead Tactical Response to link the incidents to a man attempting to settle a score. Meanwhile, struggling to deal with repercussions of the cyclist's death, Kerry leads Leon on a wild night out.

star 7.62
67 votes
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#9 - Scratched

Underbelly Season 1 - Episode 10

Carl Williams is now the undisputed king of the underworld, confident he can get away with murder; the police make the first major breakthrough in their investigations, but they may be too late to prevent another death; Benji's relationship with Carl and Roberta becomes increasingly personal.

star 7.51
347 votes

#10 - Despot

Reef Break Season 1 - Episode 7

When a mysterious general arrives on The Reef with a secret collection of stolen art and jewelry, chaos and murder ensue leaving Wyatt to question Cat's involvement and who she is really working.

star 7.50
214 votes
The Comeback

#11 - The Comeback

Reef Break Season 1 - Episode 8

When Tori Eastland hosts The Reef's first women's surf competition, the stakes quickly become deadly for all involved, and a former surfer-rival of Cat Chambers is at the center of it all.

star 7.43
205 votes
Episode 21

#12 - Episode 21

Rush Season 2 - Episode 21

TR assists in the removal of underage girls from a community where reports have been made of inappropriate behavior. The situation turns serious when a member of the community hijacks a bus and demands the girls be released. When the hijack escalates, Lawson is forced into action with devastating consequences for the team when it is revealed one of them is responsible for the shooting of an innocent man. Stella clashes with Lawson as the team waits for the ballistic report.

star 7.34
97 votes
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Knight In Shining Armour

#13 - Knight In Shining Armour

McLeod's Daughters Season 7 - Episode 27

Heath proposes to Grace, at the same time that Ashleigh forces Grace to sell her heritage. Meanwhile, when Patrick's heart is broken by Ashleigh, Tayler steps in to pick up the pieces.

star 7.22
74 votes
Gift Horse

#14 - Gift Horse

McLeod's Daughters Season 7 - Episode 18

While desperately trying to resist Heath, Grace questions her future on Drovers when she learns her best friend has died. Meanwhile, Patrick suffers a life-threatening reaction after being bitten by a lizard; Marcus and Heath clash over livestock; Moira sets herself up as a competitor with Phil's truck stop.

star 7.19
78 votes
Grace Under Fire

#15 - Grace Under Fire

McLeod's Daughters Season 7 - Episode 17

While clashing with rich new neighbor Heath Barrett, Grace becomes convinced she's cursed Drovers Run when bizarre plagues strike the farm. Meanwhile, while Alex is away on his honeymoon with Stevie, Ashleigh runs amok when she undermines Marcus' authority on Killarney and seduces Patrick, causing Tayler to discover she's jealous; when Phil profiteers from high petrol prices, Moira's love is tested.

star 7.18
77 votes
The Short Cut

#16 - The Short Cut

McLeod's Daughters Season 7 - Episode 28

As Grace questions her future with Heath after losing her engagement ring, she takes drastic action to nab a cattle thief. Meanwhile, the girls discover Ashleigh's plan to bankrupt Drovers.

star 7.15
72 votes
Episode 18

#17 - Episode 18

Rush Season 2 - Episode 18

Lawson and Josh come to blows when Lawson discovers Josh's relationship with Shannon. Meanwhile, Tactical Response tracks an escaped criminal who Josh believes has been wrongly imprisoned. Lawson tries to locate an elderly couple who were seen scoring drugs and have left suicide notes for their children.

star 7.12
97 votes
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Episode 12

#18 - Episode 12

Rush Season 2 - Episode 12

When a baby is abducted Lawson races to find the kidnappers before the child's grandfather, a known criminal figure, finds them first. Meanwhile, a man threatens to jump from an apartment building after his girlfriend goes missing.

star 7.09
96 votes
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Episode 5

#19 - Episode 5

Rush Season 2 - Episode 5

During a routine cell extraction Dom and Stella are caught in a prison siege. As Shannon negotiates with the ringleader, she slips up admitting Dom and Stella are inside. When the situation escalates Lawson sends in Josh and the riot police. Meanwhile an accident throws Kerry a massive curve ball.

star 7.08
96 votes
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Episode 9

#20 - Episode 9

Rush Season 2 - Episode 9

Stella's future in Tactical Response is threatened when she becomes involved in an illegal car race. Kerry faces the coronial inquest into the cyclist's death. Later, Boyd visits Kerry at home with a peace offering and Dom finds a creative solution to an unusual situation at a strip club where an out of control father demands to see his daughter.

star 7.06
95 votes
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Rules of Engagement

#21 - Rules of Engagement

McLeod's Daughters Season 7 - Episode 10

When Alex gets ready to propose to Stevie, his plan goes horribly awry. Meanwhile, Kate & Riley get caught up in a game of theft and deception over stray cattle; Tayler humiliates herself when she tries to act upon her crush on Riley.

star 6.86
80 votes
Episode 22

#22 - Episode 22

Rush Season 2 - Episode 22

Meanwhile Melbourne’s water supply is contaminated by a woman who believes fluoride in the water has killed her husband, and Michael’s faith is tested when he loses a large sum of money while swimming with two underage girls.

star 6.68
65 votes
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Episode 15

#23 - Episode 15

Rush Season 2 - Episode 15

Lawson, Shannon and Stella race to save the lives of college students when two teenagers go on a rampage at a college campus. Dom and Michael attend an armed robbery to find the gunman has been attacked by a security dog and is missing an ear. Josh, on suspension, visits Gabe, a psychologist to deal with his anger issues.

star 6.40
94 votes
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Sisters are Doing It For Themselves

#24 - Sisters are Doing It For Themselves

McLeod's Daughters Season 7 - Episode 9

After her sister Grace inherits a part share of Drovers Run, Regan attempts to reconcile with her wild sister. Meanwhile, disaster occurs after Riley is seduced by a sexy cowgirl; Kate attempts to prove her bizarre farming methods to Marcus.

star 5.69
85 votes
Episode 4406

#25 - Episode 4406

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 11

David and Liljana clash over Serena's punishment. Lou witnesses the extent of Trixie's pain. Summer begins to appreciate Sky's point of view.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 4407

#26 - Episode 4407

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 12

Serena is humiliated when Liljana vents her anger publicly at Chris. Izzy helps David realize Harold's behaviour isn't normal. Lou makes a surprise commitment for Trixie. Fear turns to opportunity when Stuart gets a visit from the law.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 4409

#27 - Episode 4409

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 14

Karl needs more time apart from Susan. Stuart considers life as a cop. Joe cuts Jack down to size. Sky and Boyd prepare for a sleepover. Mal announces he is selling the Hoyland House.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 4410

#28 - Episode 4410

Neighbours Season 20 - Episode 15

Susan insists that Karl undertake couples therapy. Steph, Max and Izzy misunderstand the house situation. Sky and Boyd struggle with intimacy. Joe avoids asking Jack to help him on-site. Summer takes Sky's advice with Declan.

star 0.00
0 votes
Where There's a Will...

#29 - Where There's a Will...

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 11

Michael is outraged by the outcome of Charlie's will. Izzy and Paul begin a flirtatious game. Karl is forced to tell Izzy she has a terrible singing voice.

star 0.00
0 votes
Splitting Heirs

#30 - Splitting Heirs

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 12

Steph finally gets a chance to say goodbye to her Grandad. Paul is caught red-handed digging up the past. Paul mentors David for greater things.

star 0.00
0 votes
A Nose For Trouble

#31 - A Nose For Trouble

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 13

Boyd and Sky are caught in a lie. Stingray finds advice won't help in facing his first sexual experience. Carmella moves in with Connor. Stuart and Sindi nab the wrong man.

star 0.00
0 votes
Frisky Business

#32 - Frisky Business

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 14

The police close in on Boyd as chief suspect. David's political confidence rises along with community appreciation of his mentor, Paul. Shaz dumps Stingray before he dumps her.

star 0.00
0 votes
The Quality of Mercy

#33 - The Quality of Mercy

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 15

Steph has her day in court. Toadie wants to buy Stuart out of Number Thirty. Co-habiting proves a challenge for Connor and Carmella. David's political career is sabotaged by a typo.

star 0.00
0 votes
History Repeats

#34 - History Repeats

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 31

Izzy succumbs to Paul's temptation. Stingray contains Dylan's rage. David's ambitions are on the rise.

star 0.00
0 votes
The Ties That Bind

#35 - The Ties That Bind

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 32

Dylan and Stingray stage a doggie jailbreak. Paul gets the goods on Ramsay Street residents, and on David in particular. Lil worries that David's falling into old ways.

star 0.00
0 votes
In the Doghouse

#36 - In the Doghouse

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 33

Izzy plays a dangerous game with Paul. Stingray and Dylan face juvenile detention. Sky fears Boyd's gym obsession is out of control. Connor gains a new respect for Toadie.

star 0.00
0 votes
Sky's the Limit

#37 - Sky's the Limit

Neighbours Season 21 - Episode 34

Stu rejects Sindi's attempts to help him and puts himself in mortal danger. Sky strikes an un-easy compromise with Boyd over his diet. Summer confesses that Caleb is pushing her too far. Feeling rejected by Harold, Lou finds a new friend in Gino.

star 0.00
0 votes