The BEST episodes directed by George W. Brooks

Basin Street / The Devil's Triangle
2 votes

#1 - Basin Street / The Devil's Triangle

Fantasy Island - Season 4 - Episode 21

In "Basin Street" a would-be musician visits New Orleans during the heyday of ragtime jazz, and learns much more than he bargained for about the old days of Louisiana jazz. And in "The Devil's Triangle" an adventure film crew wants to solve the mystery of the Devil's Triangle.

Operation Breakout / Candy Kiss
1 votes

#2 - Operation Breakout / Candy Kiss

Fantasy Island - Season 6 - Episode 10

In "Operation Breakout" a man's fantasy is to rescue a double agent for a government reward. And in "Candy Kiss" A champion racehorse breeder wishes to win the blue ribbon race.

Bust Amboy (a.k.a. Nightlight)
13 votes

#3 - Bust Amboy (a.k.a. Nightlight)

Starsky & Hutch - Season 2 - Episode 6

The detective pair are determined to nail the wealthy Amboy, a crafty narcotics dealer who is supplying young prostitutes, and always avoids police arrest with legal loop-holes...

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Does She, or Doesn't She?
35 votes

#4 - Does She, or Doesn't She?

Hart to Hart - Season 1 - Episode 19

The Harts uncover a scheme designed to blackmail wealthy patrons of a beauty salon.

Angels on Horseback
36 votes

#5 - Angels on Horseback

Charlie's Angels - Season 2 - Episode 15

A tour group headed for the Sunwest Dude Ranch becomes a busload of suspects when one of them is murdered before they reach their destination. The Angels disguise themselves as ordinary visitors to investigate.

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Funny Man / Tattoo, the Matchmaker
2 votes

#6 - Funny Man / Tattoo, the Matchmaker

Fantasy Island - Season 5 - Episode 17

In "Funny Man" a stand-up comic's imaginary family is brought to life and his own life is endangered. In "Tattoo, the Matchmaker," Tattoo's computer dating service is off to a terrible start when his first two lady clients are matched up with the same prospective husband -- Mr. Roarke.

Man-Beast / Ole Island Oprey
3 votes

#7 - Man-Beast / Ole Island Oprey

Fantasy Island - Season 4 - Episode 23

In "Man-Beast" David Tabori has horrifying and recurring nightmares, discovers he is actually some kind of monster. And in "Ole Island Oprey" a man wishes for his daughter to become an Oprey singer turns out to be quite different from those of her own.