The Best Episodes Directed by Gavin Millar

Bleak Midwinter

#1 - Bleak Midwinter

Foyle's War Season 5 - Episode 1

The apparently accidental death of a young woman in a munitions factory becomes linked with the murder of Milner's estranged wife as he falls under suspicion.

star 7.99
334 votes
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#2 - Invasion

Foyle's War Season 4 - Episode 1

American troops arrive in Britain and the Corps of Engineers building an airstrip on a Hastings farm is met with resentment.

star 7.91
406 votes
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War of Nerves

#3 - War of Nerves

Foyle's War Season 3 - Episode 4

A.C. Rose orders Foyle to delegate his investigation of black marketing ring and personally look into the possibly seditious acts of a Socialist activist.

star 7.87
402 votes
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The French Drop

#4 - The French Drop

Foyle's War Season 3 - Episode 1

February 1941: Foyle again pursues a position that would allow him to contribute more to the war effort. But a local murder investigation sidetracks this endeavor as Foyle finds himself caught between rival spy organizations.

star 7.86
389 votes
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Journey of Radiance

#5 - Journey of Radiance

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Season 1 - Episode 5

In Benares, the most prominent religions of the worlds gather near the banks of the Ganges. Indy is there, getting a first-hand look at the major faiths with no less impressive a tour-guide than Jiddu Krishnamurti, a young boy handpicked by the Theosophy movement and proclaimed to be the next messiah. Not everyone believes such a weighty claim, least of all Helen Seymour, who has misgivings about theosophists, especially their hosts Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. Helen's investigations provide her a lesson in skepticism, tolerance, and preconceptions, while Indy witnesses the divine through the lenses of many different faiths. The Jones family next heads to Peking, where Indy, Anna and Mrs. Seymour tour the Great Wall of China. Journeying further inland, Indy falls ill, and Anna is desperate to get him help. A poor Chinese family takes in the travelers, and Anna must brave new customs and strangely unfamiliar medical practices -- the kind performed by Dr. Wen Chiu -- if Indy is to survive his severe sickness.

star 7.86
44 votes
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