The BEST episodes directed by Gavin Boyland

Nature's Misfits
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#1 - Nature's Misfits

Natural World - Season 34 - Episode 4

Bill Bailey introduces a delightfully eccentric cast of creatures that have chosen to do things differently. Odd, unconventional and unusual - these are animals that don't normally grab the limelight. From the parrot that has forgotten how to fly, to the bear that has turned vegetarian, a chameleon that is barely bigger than an ant, and a penguin that lives in a forest. Nature's Misfits reveals the extraordinary and rarely seen lives of these evolutionary oddballs, their strange habitats, unusual forms, and the incredible hurdles they overcome.

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Episode 3
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#2 - Episode 3

Big Cats - Season 1 - Episode 3

Scientists are studying cats in more detail than ever before, and what they are discovering is truly groundbreaking. Join the scientists in the field, testing new theories and challenging the conventional ideas about cats. New approaches and new technologies are allowing an intimate look at their previously hidden lives. This new age of discovery is revealing there is still so much to learn about the cat family. Using high-tech collars, Professor Alan Wilson has discovered it is not straight-line speed that is a cheetah's greatest weapon but their ability to brake, change direction and accelerate. His research is rewriting what we understand about the fastest animal on land. This is also a crucial time for cat conservation - most are threatened, facing extreme habitat loss and conflict with humans. Yet there are many positive stories of cats bouncing back from the brink, showcasing the tireless work of cat conservationists fighting to protect them. Just five years ago the Iberian lynx was considered the rarest cat on the planet. Now, due to a groundbreaking captive-breeding programme, lynx numbers are increasing in the wild. A huge amount of effort is going into breeding and releasing these stunning cats, and all the hard work is now paying off.

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