The Best Episodes Directed by Gail Lerner

The Lockdown

#1 - The Lockdown

Grace and Frankie Season 4 - Episode 8

Frankie convinces Allison to have a home birth. Grace and Frankie wind up stuck with a bickering Robert and Sol when there's a neighborhood lockdown.

star 7.82
274 votes
The Name Game

#2 - The Name Game

Black-ish Season 3 - Episode 14

Dre and Bow have a gender reveal party, and Dre is thrilled because it’s his turn to name the baby. He decides on a culturally significant name that Bow and Ruby aren’t a fan of. Meanwhile, Zoey’s plan to have an anti-Valentine’s Day with her friend Shelly is thwarted when Junior asks Shelly out on a date, so Diane tries to fill in as Zoey’s BFF.

star 7.81
812 votes
KickBall 2: The Kickening

#3 - KickBall 2: The Kickening

Happy Endings Season 3 - Episode 10

Alex signs up the gang to participate in the Northside Kickball Classic tournament. However, self-appointed manager Max has difficulty bringing his players up to scratch.

star 7.73
195 votes
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Couples Therapy

#4 - Couples Therapy

Trophy Wife Season 1 - Episode 18

When Pete swaps out his chili for Kate’s at the school frontier fundraiser, Diane confronts him and he concocts a story about how he and Kate are going to couples counseling. Meanwhile, Meg relaxes at the Harrison’s house and becomes an object of fascination for Warren and Hillary.

star 7.72
181 votes
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#5 - R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Black-ish Season 4 - Episode 14

Dre and Bow confront gender biases of their own after finding out that both Junior and Zoey have become sexually active. Meanwhile, Ruby is hurt when she finds out that Jack and Diane have been hanging out with a friend’s grandmother after school.

star 7.69
346 votes
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Gap Year

#6 - Gap Year

Black-ish Season 5 - Episode 1

After dropping Junior off at college, Dre and Bow are beside themselves when they find him back at home announcing his decision to take a gap year. Meanwhile, Jack and Diane begin to question whether they should still be sharing a room.

star 7.58
280 votes
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The Johnson Show

#7 - The Johnson Show

Black-ish Season 2 - Episode 21

Dre’s always strived to model his life after the idyllic families he grew up watching on TV, but he panics after he learns he could lose his job. Meanwhile, Bow tries to prove herself when she’s put in charge of the school auction and enlists here kids’ assistance instead of accepting the other moms’ offers to help.

star 7.56
675 votes
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Collateral Damage

#8 - Collateral Damage

Black-ish Season 4 - Episode 22

The Johnson kids attempt to keep their emotions in check after an estranged Dre and Bow try “nesting,” taking turns living in the family house separately to give each other space. But tensions mount as the family gathers together for Junior’s high school graduation.

star 7.54
291 votes
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Each One, Teach One

#9 - Each One, Teach One

Black-ish Season 5 - Episode 17

Dre feels like he has made a difference with the diversity at Stevens & Lido as the head of the Urban Division, but when Junior tells him that Josh is his mentor, Dre flips out. Meanwhile, Jack and Diane show their friends a video of Bow dancing and now she’s become the hot mom.

star 7.46
177 votes
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