The BEST episodes directed by Fred Jackman Jr.

Quint's Indian
17 votes

#1 - Quint's Indian

Gunsmoke - Season 8 - Episode 25

Two ne'er-do-wells come to town and soon cook up a plot under which half-Comanche blacksmith Quint Asper is framed for the theft of a horse. The atmosphere in Dodge quickly becomes dangerously ugly for Quint.

Beau Geste
1 votes

#2 - Beau Geste

Have Gun, Will Travel - Season 6 - Episode 5

After 15 years in office, Sheriff Dobbs is retiring and some old enemies are just waiting for the day he turns in his badge. Paladin received a newspaper clipping about the sheriff and $10 to save Dobbs' life.

The Knight
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#3 - The Knight

Have Gun, Will Travel - Season 5 - Episode 38

Paladin is hired to find a killer. His usual fee is paid for instead with a ring. A ring that may tie his employer to his quarry with him in the middle.