The BEST episodes directed by Frank Prinzi

A Person of Interest
157 votes

#1 - A Person of Interest

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 2 - Episode 23

Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a former nurse and discover a possible anthrax terrorist plot. The case takes a turn for the worse when Goren is blamed for driving a suspect to commit suicide. Now disgraced, Goren learns that a cunning adversary from his past may be involved.

155 votes

#2 - D.A.W.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 3 - Episode 20

The investigation into the death of a woman searching for the whereabouts of her late mother's antique ring leads Goren and Eames to a physician serial killer who has cleverly concealed the murder of over two hundred of his patients.

173 votes

#3 - Stray

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 3 - Episode 6

Tracking a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, Goren deduces that one of his suspects has an injured foot. It isn't long before Goren and Bishop realise that the pair, who have already killed nine people including two undercover cops, are not the typical Bonnie and Clyde -- the female partner is obviously the one in control.

The Healer
192 votes

#4 - The Healer

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 5 - Episode 18

Barek and Logan investigate when the deaths of two young girls seem to be connected to a voodoo-practicing nurse. Things turn interesting when it seems the young woman has placed a voodoo curse on Logan.

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200 votes

#5 - Dollhouse

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 5 - Episode 10

After Joseph Sabo is found lying dead in the street, Barek and Logan investigate who was nearby that night that may have had a motive. They are soon led to Danielle Quinn, who had been blackmailing six different men claiming they fathered her child, asking for money. The detectives realise she was the one who killed Sabo, but when none of her victims will testify against her for fear of their wives finding out what they've done, Barek and Logan hit a dead end.

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216 votes

#6 - Legion

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 2 - Episode 18

When a father and son have their throats slit, the detectives discovers that a group of adolescent boys have disappeared from the same neighborhood. When the locals don't cooperate with the investigation, the cops think the boys are being used by someone operating a bicycle theft ring. The cops are led to a studio owner who brainwashes the boys to prove their worthiness.

Siren Call
209 votes

#7 - Siren Call

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 6 - Episode 3

Goren and Eames investigate after Ashley Gardela, a fellow officer's teenaged step-daughter, is found dead in her car after a night of partying, which leads them to her boss (Jason Raines), an ex-boyfriend with a record (Brian Murphy), and the boss's wife (Kelly Sloane-Raines). After another supposed young lover comes forward, Goren and Eames focus their investigation away from Jason Raines and toward another source. [ Recap available. ]

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215 votes

#8 - Bedfellows

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 6 - Episode 5

Goren and Eames investigate the death of a well-known and well-liked historian, Dr. Adlai Copeland, and their investigation leads them to suspect the victim's brother Ted, who was perpetually short of money and had recently been cut off by his brother. Ted is the prime suspect in the investigation until he, too, turns up dead, and detectives then turn their eye to the victims' wives, both of whom had something to gain from the two mens' deaths.

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The Saint
158 votes

#9 - The Saint

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 3 - Episode 16

A man commits fraud, forgery, and murder to discredit the organization that took advantage of his mentally ill mother, impoverished his family, and ruined his childhood.

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Cherry Red
195 votes

#10 - Cherry Red

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 2 - Episode 19

The detectives try to figure out a mystery after an old woman dies in a fire. The mystery gets deeper when a young woman who is left some of the old woman estate is killed. The case takes them to a state public administrator who has invented a form of grave-robbing. The detective suspects the administrator has a weakness for valuable cars, but to make his case work, he has to exploit his quarry's personal relationships.

Proud Flesh
212 votes

#11 - Proud Flesh

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 5 - Episode 13

Goren and Eames investigate after Trip Slaughter III, the eldest son of radio magnate Jonas Slaughter, is found dead covered in plastic latex. Initial evidence leads detectives directly to Jonas' Chinese wife Anna, but Goren and Eames realise that the evidence leading her way is a little too pat.

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222 votes

#12 - Albatross

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 6 - Episode 13

A candidate for the next mayor of New York could see her election hopes dashed when Goren and Eames investigate her husband on suspicion of murder.

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Sound Bodies
154 votes

#13 - Sound Bodies

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 3 - Episode 8

Goren and Bishop pursue a teenage Svengali who convinces three impressionable young girls to commit multiple homicides in the cause of a twisted philosophy.

277 votes

#14 - Jones

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 1 - Episode 5

The detectives become suspicious when an abusive lawyer's girlfriends keep turning up dead, but his wife stonewalls the investigation.

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193 votes

#15 - Probability

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 2 - Episode 14

While probing the seemingly random murders of several homeless men, Goren and Eames uncover a scam involving a crooked insurance agent. However, an unsual twist leads the detectives to an unlikely suspect.

204 votes

#16 - Semi-Detached

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 1

The investigation into the deaths of a shock jock and the housekeeper who supplied the pain killers to which he was once addicted leads Goren and Eames to a detox clinic staff member whose mental illness hits Goren close to home.

Happy Family
157 votes

#17 - Happy Family

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 3 - Episode 9

The bludgeoning of a rich family patriarch has the detectives investigating several suspects, each with their own motives: his estranged wife whom he was about to divorce, a male friend of hers who was a parolee, their childrens' nanny, the victim's brother in law who is a doctor, even the oldest son. Goren and Carver call the family of suspects together to sort it all out ... in family court.

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175 votes

#18 - Maledictus

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 1 - Episode 19

Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a Russian mob princess, initially believing she may have been slain in a revenge act against her father, but their attention later turns to a classmate who could be destroyed by the woman's upcoming tell-all book.

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Pas de Deux
176 votes

#19 - Pas de Deux

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 3 - Episode 13

A terminally ill bank robber angered by the ravages of his illness exerts what little control he has left in life by manipulating the unwitting accomplices he enlists to assist him with committing his final robberies, forcing Goren and Eames into a race against time to foil his plan for a suicide-by-cop that will take both his life and that of his latest accomplice.

Acts of Contrition
182 votes

#20 - Acts of Contrition

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 5 - Episode 5

After the murder of a nun in the Church, Goren and Eames investigate and realise that someone has tried to cover up part of the crime. Their investigation leads them to a young man named Eddie Roberts, who in turn inadvertently leads them to his older half-brother, Jimmy Jones, who was assaulted in a baseball field seventeen years earlier and left with debilitating injuries. Goren and Eames soon realise that the key to the nun's murder is the young woman who watched Jimmy's attack, and the only way they can get Eddie to take responsibility for his crime is to find this missing witness.

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233 votes

#21 - Want

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 3

After he gets into the head of an insane man driven to torture, murder, and cannibalism by overwhelming despair and loneliness, Goren surprises his colleagues with a passionate plea that the man be spared the death penalty, and engineers the confession that will save the man's life through a plea bargain.

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Bright Boy
229 votes

#22 - Bright Boy

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 2 - Episode 2

The double murder of a social services worker and a deputy mayor lead the detectives to suspect a couple who may have a grudge against the social worker for taking away their children. When they learn that the social worker had taken special interest in a child prodigy being considered for admission to a prestigious, accelerated school, they examine both the boy and his obsessive father.

276 votes

#23 - Grow

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 5 - Episode 1

When city health inspector Larry Chapel is found dead in an elevator, a quick look into Chapel's home life introduces them to Chapel's recently widowed brother, Evan, and little girl Gwen. Goren isn't very surprised to learn that Nicole Wallace is Evan's fiancée and the future mother to his little girl, but Major Case soon realizes they're off the mark in who they believe the suspect is, and Goren's only hope is to get Nicole to help him trap the killer. Logan joins the Major Case squad, but isn't pleased with being relegated to the background while the other detectives solve the cases, and Deakins tries to find a partner for him.

Sleeping With the Enemy
140 votes

#24 - Sleeping With the Enemy

Northern Exposure - Season 4 - Episode 24

Maurice's son comes to ask for his permission on his choice of a bride. There is a little hitch, Ron thinks that the new bride maybe the daughter of North Korean Colonel Pak Soon Ye, the butcher of Yang Dok. To help in the preservation of his native tongue, Ed decides to dub The Prisoner of Zenda. Holling's "needs" (an average of 4 times a day) are being held back and he seeks a way to relieve them. Ed runs into trouble with the star of his movie, a man with experience working in Hollywood and no time for Ed's inexperience. Maurice runs into mixed emotions on his feelings about his own personal feelings and the feelings of his son.

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174 votes

#25 - Collective

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 12

A woman con artist who hounded fantasy conventions is found dead, and the reason can only be discovered in the stifling confines of the small literary fandom her latest victim belonged to.

Stress Position
176 votes

#26 - Stress Position

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 13

When a prison guard is murdered, Eames and Goren investigate, only to discover they've riled the feathers of Mike Logan, a Staten Island police officer who happens to be dating the nurse at the prison. Logan joins the duo to find out exactly what is happening at the prison.

145 votes

#27 - Beast

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 19

When Lisa Ross is brought into the emergency room with a severe case of cloracne, suspicion quickly turns to her husband Greg, a well-known dentist, especially after she dies. During their investigation, Goren and Eames hear whispers about Lisa's infidelities, but the real break comes with they learn that Lisa is not the first woman Greg Ross has been connected to who died of the same symptoms years earlier. After discovering Lisa's connection to Greg's former fiancée Morgan Dexler, Goren and Eames believe they have the answer, but they're not there yet.

The Unblinking Eye
194 votes

#28 - The Unblinking Eye

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 21

After a young actress is gunned down after an evening out with her boyfriend, Goren and Eames initially focus their attention on a young man who had showed an unusual interest in the couple, but soon realise that there is more to this case than meets the eye. A jealous and seemingly obsessive ex-girlfriend, a best friend who never made it as an actor, and a grieving boyfriend who seems too good to be true lead Goren and Eames down another path, one where the key to exposing the truth about the present depends on exposing the lies of the past.

On Fire
130 votes

#29 - On Fire

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 5 - Episode 21

Goren and Eames investigate a fire at St. Gerald's which led to the death of a Church employee and soon realize that an arsonist around town is targeting churches. Throughout their investigation, they realize that St. Gerald's was the arsonist's primary target, and clues lead them to Justin Reid, who had donated $100,000 to rebuild the Church, his step-mother Regina, whom they soon learn had seduced Justin when he was only a teen, and his half-brother Glynn, who works for a clean-up crew that had worked at all the churches that were burned down shortly after they were renovated. Deakins comes under fire when an e-mail surfaces that insinuates he got Martinez (from <a href="">To the Bone</a>) to lie about the Logan shooting by getting him a promotion. The e-mail is soon traced back to former cop Frank Adair (from Season 4, Ep. 22 - My Good Name), who is doing time for murder.

Great Barrier
137 votes

#30 - Great Barrier

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 4

When Goren and Eames search for a jewel thief who murdered her accomplice, they discover that the clever larcenies are the brainchild of her lover, Nicole Wallace, Goren's long-standing nemesis. As the detectives delve into the personal and working relationships between the two women, they uncover a plot to cause the death of Wallace's ex-husband, the only person who can lead them to evidence of the very first murder Wallace committed.

186 votes

#31 - Malignant

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 2 - Episode 6

A robbery that involved two fatalities leads to the discovery of a long-running case of tampering with drugs. Goren and Eames have to figure out a way of catching a pharmacist who has been diluting cancer medication without using the exhumated bodies of patients who had been given the medicine.

175 votes

#32 - Magnificat

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 4 - Episode 7

Goren and Eames are frustrated when the law has no provision for the arrest of a man whose abusive control of his family and neglect of his severely depressed wife led her to several murder-suicide attempts which he did nothing to prevent, and eventually resulted in the deaths of three of his sons.

169 votes

#33 - Gemini

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 3 - Episode 2

When a schizophrenic obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and the cult of the blond and the blue-eyed commits a series of murders to eradicate those he feels are responsible for promoting the homogenization of appearance rampant in society, Goren and Eames suspect that a person close to the man may have taken advantage of his illness and his crimes to commit extortion.

362 votes

#34 - Icarus

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 10 - Episode 7

A sitcom star turned Broadway actor is killed performing a stunt in a controversial and highly technical Broadway musical, and the real drama is trying to figure out who wanted the leading man dead.

307 votes

#35 - Cadaver

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Season 10 - Episode 6

A philanthropist goes missing after announcing the winner of his research grant.