The Best Episodes Directed by Everardo Gout

The Book of Job

#1 - The Book of Job

Banshee Season 4 - Episode 3

Lucas and Carrie enlist Fat Au in a last-ditch attempt to track down Job.

star 7.97
3359 votes
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Pressure Drop

#2 - Pressure Drop

Mars (2016) Season 1 - Episode 3

In 2033, the Daedalus crew struggles to find shelter that can provide protection from radiation; in present day documentary, European Space Agency and Roscosmos partner to launch an orbiter that will help future Mars missions prepare for settlement.

star 7.74
2056 votes
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Innocent Might be a Bit of a Stretch

#3 - Innocent Might be a Bit of a Stretch

Banshee Season 4 - Episode 4

Carrie strikes again; Bunker treads on thin ice; another grisly murder rocks Banshee.

star 7.69
3407 votes
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Can't Front On Me

#4 - Can't Front On Me

Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2 - Episode 12

Luke teams up with an unlikely ally to combat a new strain of heroin. As Shades plows ahead with his plan, a massive party draws everyone to the club.

star 7.67
1231 votes
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#5 - Grounded

Mars (2016) Season 1 - Episode 2

The Daedalus crew battles across the harsh Martian terrain to reach their base camp; in the present-day documentary, NASA astronaut undergoes a yearlong mission on the International Space Station to understand hardships of space exploration.

star 7.63
2337 votes
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Novo Mundo

#6 - Novo Mundo

Mars (2016) Season 1 - Episode 1

In 2033, the first human mission to Mars enters the red planet's atmosphere but the crew of the Daedalus faces a life-threatening emergency when the ship's landing system goes offline.

star 7.61
2823 votes
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These Are His Revolutions

#7 - These Are His Revolutions

Snowpiercer Season 1 - Episode 8

Revolution has finally come. As Layton leads the lower classes forward in armed rebellion, Melanie's house of cards collapses.

star 7.54
1134 votes
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Chapter Three: The Iron Slippers

#8 - Chapter Three: The Iron Slippers

Sacred Lies Season 1 - Episode 3

Minnow starts taking classes and panics when she is tasked to try reading, uncovering a gruesome memory from her past surrounding the birth of her baby sister.

star 7.50
8 votes
Worlds Apart

#9 - Worlds Apart

Mars (2016) Season 2 - Episode 2

IMSF and Lukrum, now sharing a common water and power source, have established a tenuous coexistence that threatens to dissolve when Kurt and his crew make unexpected headway in their mission to mine the planet, and Hana works to maintain diplomacy between the two camps—until tragedy strikes. Meanwhile, on Earth, Dr. Leslie Richardson asserts her authority as the new IMSF Secretary General. In present day, Greenpeace activists take to the seas to protest Arctic oil drilling in the Barents Sea, and the effectiveness of such tactics are examined.

star 7.46
633 votes
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Darkness Falls

#10 - Darkness Falls

Mars (2016) Season 2 - Episode 3

When a solar flare strikes the planet and knocks out communications between and within colonies, the Olympus Town team races against the clock to locate exobiologist/geologist Marta Kamen, who becomes stranded on the surface during a rogue research expedition. Meanwhile, the colony is bracing for its first-ever pregnancy on the Red Planet; tragedy strikes Hana (Jihae); and Amelie’s plans to return to Earth are thwarted. In present day, a scientist and his team on Earth brave harsh and dangerous conditions in the pursuit of data that will help predict the effects of glacial melt on global sea levels.

star 7.37
617 votes
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Chapter Four: God's Eyes

#11 - Chapter Four: God's Eyes

Sacred Lies Season 1 - Episode 4

Trying to make sense of her new world, Minnow turns to her roommate Angel for answers. Dr. Wilson meanwhile delves into the Prophet's past and discovers the disturbing origin of the Kevinian god, "Charlie”.

star 7.14
7 votes