The Best Episodes Directed by Emma Freeman

When Life Gives You Lemons...

#1 - When Life Gives You Lemons...

Offspring Season 5 - Episode 13

As Billie prepares for a new life overseas, Nina faces Zoe's first birthday and the anniversary of Patrick's death. But first the St Francis staff must face an emergency of epic proportions.

star 8.74
54 votes
Just Keep Talking

#2 - Just Keep Talking

Offspring Season 2 - Episode 9

Determined to be professional and forget her personal problems with Patrick, Nina is alarmed when Clegg requests they write a report together.

star 8.22
77 votes
Episode 8

#3 - Episode 8

Puberty Blues Season 1 - Episode 8

Debbie and Sue's growing disenchantment with the gang and their rigid rules ends in defiance when they stand up to the boys and try surfing for themselves.

star 8.06
36 votes
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#4 - Chaos

Offspring Season 3 - Episode 9

Nina finds herself at the heart of Proudman family chaos, while trying to assure Patrick her relationship with Adam is platonic.

star 8.02
46 votes
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When Sparks Fly

#5 - When Sparks Fly

Offspring Season 5 - Episode 2

Nina has a blast from the past when she runs into an old flame at the hospital. Billie meets with Lawrence to discuss his feelings. Will sparks fly?

star 8.00
83 votes
Sisters Aren't Doing It For Themselves

#6 - Sisters Aren't Doing It For Themselves

Offspring Season 6 - Episode 8

Nina's attempt to do something for Billie spirals into a huge decision which could impact Nina's life forever and threatens to tear the two sisters apart.

star 7.93
69 votes
Away with the Fairies

#7 - Away with the Fairies

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 1 - Episode 8

Phryne investigates the puzzling death of a magazine columnist and author of fairy stories. To get to the truth, she must unearth the deceptions and rampant rivalries of the magazine’s thoroughly modern working women – and dig into the past of their token male employee. Meanwhile, Phryne rekindles her affair with the sensuous Lin Chung – whose arranged marriage has stalled in a mire of family politics and intrigue.

star 7.91
271 votes
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#8 - Acceptance

Offspring Season 2 - Episode 10

Nina hosts a dinner party at Patrick's, where he charms the Proudmans.

star 7.89
76 votes
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Blood & Circuses

#9 - Blood & Circuses

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 1 - Episode 11

The carnival is in town. Innocent fun turns to horror when one of the sideshow acts is murdered. Phryne poses as the magician’s assistant, Fern, to investigate. The heady atmosphere of the carnival takes Phryne on a bittersweet trip down memory lane – to the days when she and her sister, Janey, would sneak into the big top, until one night Janey disappeared. Her pain is reignited when she discovers that Murdoch Foyle – the man accused of murdering her sister – was the mastermind behind an elaborate prison escape plan. Any chance of discovering the truth about her sister’s fate is dashed though, when she learns that Foyle has died and been cremated.

star 7.87
193 votes
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One Night Stand Off

#10 - One Night Stand Off

Offspring Season 3 - Episode 8

Nina wakes up hung over in a stranger's bed, faced with overwhelming evidence she's had a one night stand. Meanwhile, with Nina missing from work and home, Patrick's concern leads him to investigate...

star 7.83
47 votes
The Bond Between Sisters

#11 - The Bond Between Sisters

Offspring Season 4 - Episode 13

In the season finale, Nina prepares for the biggest day of her life. Meanwhile, Mick goes on a search to bring Billie home.

star 7.80
20 votes
Not One of You

#12 - Not One of You

Tidelands Season 1 - Episode 3

Bill's revelation leaves Cal reeling. Lamar and Violca continue to spy on Adrielle, who wants a prophecy she can trust and more money -- quickly.

star 7.76
294 votes
...Make Lemonade

#13 - ...Make Lemonade

Offspring Season 6 - Episode 1

Eighteen months after the events of season five, Nina and the Proudman clan are shaken by tragedy when a family gathering results in explosive revelations.

star 7.71
75 votes
Don’t Trust Humans

#14 - Don’t Trust Humans

Tidelands Season 1 - Episode 4

Adrielle grants Cal permission to stay at L'Attente. Augie grows desperate to find a new buyer who isn't Gregori. The constables discover a corpse.

star 7.67
277 votes
The Light on the Hill

#15 - The Light on the Hill

Secret City Season 1 - Episode 6

Harriet's story on missing Chinese dissidents may have embarrassed Beijing into returning Sabine Hobbs to Canberra, but the connections to Australian intelligence and the murder remain hidden.

star 7.65
277 votes
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Just Keep Swimming

#16 - Just Keep Swimming

Offspring Season 6 - Episode 7

Dr Patrick returns in Nina's fantasy as she grapples with a dilemma which has major consequences for everyone involved, including Billie.

star 7.64
72 votes
Goodbye Patrick

#17 - Goodbye Patrick

Offspring Season 4 - Episode 12

Billie and Mick's relationship strains under the weight of her infidelity.

star 7.60
20 votes

#18 - Incognita

Stateless Season 1 - Episode 2

Ambitious bureaucrat Clare Kowitz arrives at Barton as the new General Manager and is struck by the extent of the facility's dysfunction. Ameer finally makes it to Australia only to discover tragic news awaits him.

star 7.56
142 votes
Back in the Game

#19 - Back in the Game

Offspring Season 5 - Episode 1

Six months after Patrick's death, Nina and Billie are caring for baby Zoe together. Nina is determined to jump back into life and return to work, while Billie counts the days 'til Mick's return.

star 7.48
31 votes
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Episode 5

#20 - Episode 5

Glitch (2015) Season 3 - Episode 5

As Chris' relationship with his brother is tested, Kate becomes increasingly suspicious of James and William. Meanwhile Kirstie tries to convince the Risen to take Sam's offer as Phil discovers the truth about James.

star 7.48
195 votes
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Ghosts in the Machine

#21 - Ghosts in the Machine

Secret City Season 1 - Episode 5

Determined to become hunter rather than prey, Harriet convinces ASIO agent Charles Dancer to pursue her attacker and the murderer while she investigates how a Chinese assassin can operate in Australia with apparent impunity.

star 7.47
285 votes
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Falling Hard

#22 - Falling Hard

Secret City Season 1 - Episode 4

A sophisticated cyber attack cripples Australia's air traffic control for 13 terrifying minutes. All the evidence points to China seeking vengeance for their dead sailor.

star 7.46
297 votes
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Episode 1

#23 - Episode 1

Glitch (2015) Season 1 - Episode 1

When Sergeant Hayes is called to the cemetery, he makes a startling discovery. Six people have inexplicably returned from the dead and are in perfect health. How is this possible? Who are they and why are they back?

star 7.42
824 votes
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Episode 4

#24 - Episode 4

Glitch (2015) Season 3 - Episode 4

Chi and Belle befriend a young Chinese boy as Kirstie and Charlie receive a tempting offer from Noregard. Meanwhile, Kate interrogates Phil about his true intentions as James and William forge ahead with their new plan.

star 7.41
196 votes
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Episode 1

#25 - Episode 1

Glitch (2015) Season 3 - Episode 1

Two newly Risen emerge from their graves as James struggles with Sarah's death. Meanwhile Kate, Kirstie and Charlie make plans to leave Yoorana.

star 7.40
225 votes
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The Right Thing

#26 - The Right Thing

Stateless Season 1 - Episode 3

Clare's relentless hunt for the leak in Barton pays off, while Cam wrestles with his conscience over the beaten detainee. Sofie uncovers an ambitious escape plan, and Mina tries to support her grief-stricken father.

star 7.39
127 votes
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Second Chances

#27 - Second Chances

Offspring Season 4 - Episode 2

Nina discovers Patrick's mysterious past whilst Billie fights to take over the family.

star 7.37
54 votes
Episode 2

#28 - Episode 2

Glitch (2015) Season 3 - Episode 2

Following an action-packed night in Melbourne, William discovers his true purpose. Meanwhile, Kate is en route to Adelaide when she realises she's been set up.

star 7.36
211 votes
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Episode 3

#29 - Episode 3

Glitch (2015) Season 3 - Episode 3

With Chris still trying to protect the Risen, Kirstie deals with the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy as Charlie meets a love interest. Meanwhile, Phil returns to Yoorana with a new purpose.

star 7.36
192 votes
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Outside of the Comfort Zone

#30 - Outside of the Comfort Zone

Offspring Season 4 - Episode 1

Nina and Patrick prepare for parenthood as Billie struggles to cope with Nina’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, a new arrival sparks interest at the hospital.

star 7.36
25 votes
Beware the Jabberwock

#31 - Beware the Jabberwock

Secret City Season 1 - Episode 3

A shocking murder leaves Harriet shattered but angry. Australian intelligence agencies are determined to shut down the story, however, Harriet has been deliberately left a clue that only she will understand and as she pursues the trail of secrets, finds the pieces of several different puzzles forming a larger picture. People she should be able to trust are revealed as determined enemies but she discovers an unlikely ally.

star 7.35
313 votes
Doctor, Doctor

#32 - Doctor, Doctor

Offspring Season 6 - Episode 2

Nina and her St Francis colleagues are introduced to the flirtatious and suave new Director of Education, Dr Angus Freeman. Meanwhile, Leo has some shock news in store for Nina.

star 7.33
70 votes
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Life Changing Decisions

#33 - Life Changing Decisions

Offspring Season 5 - Episode 12

Nina and Leo are floored by an unexpected patient at St Francis; Mick asks Billie to come to London with him; Cherie must choose between Kim and Clegg's needs.

star 7.31
83 votes
A Donation to the Struggle

#34 - A Donation to the Struggle

Secret City Season 1 - Episode 1

Political journalist Harriet Dunkley sees the gutted body of a young man washed up on the lakeshore she suspects a conspiracy and determines that, whatever the personal or professional cost, she must pursue a story that could overturn everything Australians believe about our Government and our place in the world.

star 7.31
427 votes
Episode 6

#35 - Episode 6

Glitch (2015) Season 3 - Episode 6

As catastrophic bushfires approach Yoorana, the Risen confront their fears about life and death. With Noregard’s forces still threatening them, the Risen must return to the cemetery with James and William before it’s too late.

star 7.27
185 votes
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The Watchers

#36 - The Watchers

Secret City Season 1 - Episode 2

One person Harriet has questioned in pursuit of her story is dead, another is missing. The conspiracy may be hidden deep, but it involves those who are powerful, ruthless and with a great deal at stake, but Harriet won’t stop no matter how deadly her quest becomes. In this game no-one is pure, but are their machinations politics as usual or do they cover something darker? Now, as Harriet continues her search for the truth, someone closer to her inner circle is found murdered.

star 7.26
231 votes
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Moving On

#37 - Moving On

Offspring Season 5 - Episode 3

Nina finds herself stuck at the airport with a handsome stranger and time to kill. Will she take advantage of the situation? Meanwhile, Billie prepares for Mick's return.

star 7.25
24 votes
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The Circumstances In Which They Come

#38 - The Circumstances In Which They Come

Stateless Season 1 - Episode 1

Four strangers' lives collide at an immigration detention centre: a woman escaping a cult, a refugee fleeing persecution, a father escaping a dead-end job, and a bureaucrat on the verge of a national scandal.

star 7.23
190 votes
Truth Time

#39 - Truth Time

Offspring Season 4 - Episode 3

Nina and Patrick try to solve their problems without resorting to sex, at the same time as Nina is forced to tell Patrick the truth about Eloise. Plus, Darcy and Cherie have a big announcement.

star 7.16
55 votes
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Episode 2

#40 - Episode 2

Sisters (2017) Season 1 - Episode 2

Julia attempts to put the shock of her fathers IVF scandal behind her. Roxy attempts to return to Farmyard Frank without her manager and mother Diane by her side.

star 7.11
9 votes
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Episode 11

#41 - Episode 11

Rush Season 1 - Episode 11

Lawson and Stella deal with a suicidal ex-footballer, Michael and Josh chase burglars through a series of complex tunnels, and Kerry is kept busy at the hospital where Dom and Grace are recovering. Grace unfortunately dies abruptly, while Connor confronts Josh after Grace revealed to him she was cheating on him with Josh.

star 6.79
98 votes
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Episode 3

#42 - Episode 3

Sisters (2017) Season 1 - Episode 3

Overwhelmed by life's continuous curveballs, Julia is tipped over the edge by the arrival of another possible sibling. Meanwhile, Edie continues to feel lost in her marriage & attraction to Amanda.

star 6.64
11 votes
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Episode 10

#43 - Episode 10

Rush Season 1 - Episode 10

TR is called to a media centre, where a man has locked himself in a room and has planted a number of paint bombs throughout the building. Michael is hit, but not injured. Dom discovers where the bombs really are, and him and grace are both hospitalised after the explosions.

star 6.62
82 votes
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Episode 1

#44 - Episode 1

Sisters (2017) Season 1 - Episode 1

An uplifting story about what happens when a group of very different people are suddenly united by a genetic and biological revelation.

star 6.59
22 votes
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