The BEST episodes directed by Edmund Fong

Fry and Leela's Big Fling
2637 votes

#1 - Fry and Leela's Big Fling

Futurama - Season 7 - Episode 15

Fry and Leela's romantic getaway goes awry when their vacation spot turns out to be an alien zoo.

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Game of Tones
2464 votes

#2 - Game of Tones

Futurama - Season 7 - Episode 23

The Planet Express crew journeys into Fry's dreams to pull off a mission in the year 1999.

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4235 votes

#3 - Neutopia

Futurama - Season 6 - Episode 14

An alien who does not understand the concept of gender conducts experiments on the crew, changing all their genders.

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31st Century Fox
3199 votes

#4 - 31st Century Fox

Futurama - Season 7 - Episode 12

Patrick Stewart is the leader of a robot fox hunt, inspiring Bender to fight for robot fox rights.

Pedro vs. Deb
139 votes

#5 - Pedro vs. Deb

Napoleon Dynamite - Season 1 - Episode 4

When sales for the school paper plummet and the school threatens to shut it down, Deb comes to the rescue with the promise of a great story that will save The Preston Bugle. She decides to do an interview with Pedro, the school president, and is thrilled when he grants her unlimited access. But Deb’s article puts in him hot water with the townspeople, and even Napoleon’s sweet dance moves can’t save the day.

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The Thief of Baghead
4016 votes

#6 - The Thief of Baghead

Futurama - Season 7 - Episode 4

Bender joins the paparazzi and tries to take a photo of an actor whose face has never been seen.

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