The Best Episodes Directed by Don Medford

The Judgment (2)

#1 - The Judgment (2)

The Fugitive Season 4 - Episode 30

In the continuation of this story Kimble and Gerard are on a train for his hometown in Indiana. And Kimble then reveals that the person who sent the bail money is his brother-in-law Leonard Taft. Kimble doesn't think it was him but someone from his hometown did send the money and used his brother-in-law's name. The one armed-man calls the Tafts demanding that they meet with him, someone does go to the meeting but it's not Leonard Taft but the one-armed man assumes that he is, and says that he remebers him. Obviously this was the man who sent the money and the one-armed man is demanding more money which he doesn't have. Kimble and Gerard arrive at the Taft residence and talk to Len, who tells them that someone called claiming the same thing and arranged a meeting, Kimble ans Gerard arrive at the place and find some bullets. But for Gerard there is nothing more that can be done; they then go back to the Taft house so that Kimble can say good-bye to his sister, and it's at that moment tha

star 9.54
40 votes
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May God Have Mercy

#2 - May God Have Mercy

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 25

While working as a hospital orderly, Kimble is recognized by Victor Leonetti and his wife Anne whom hold Kimble responsible for the death of their daughter. Kimble tries to flee, but gets shot and is forced to undergo surgery for the gunshot wounds. But when Victor learns that Kimble was trying to contact a specialist at the time of the girl's death, he tries to make amends by confessing to Gerard, whom arrives at the hospital, that he was the one who murdered Helen Kimble.

star 9.53
34 votes
Set Fire to a Straw Man

#3 - Set Fire to a Straw Man

The Fugitive Season 3 - Episode 11

Kimble reluctantly becomes involved with Stella Savano, the sister of George Savano, a mobster who runs the trucking company where Kimble works. Stella is an emotionally disturbed women with a dangerous attraction to Johnny, the adopted eight-year-old son of Jesse Stangel, Kimble's co-worker. Kimble learns that Stella is actually Johnny's mother. But Stella becomes so delusional that she thinks that Kimble is Johnny's father.

star 9.00
2 votes
I'll Never Smile Again

#4 - I'll Never Smile Again

Jake and the Fatman Season 2 - Episode 3

A tourist tries to stop a mugging, but he is grabbed from behind and the mugger stabs him. When the police arrive, the tourist is still alive, but the mugger is dead from a bullet wound and on the ground lies a gun used to kill several muggers. The third man is nowhere to be seen.

star 8.50
4 votes
They Can't Take That Away from Me

#5 - They Can't Take That Away from Me

Jake and the Fatman Season 2 - Episode 9

Jake and two friends participate in a drug bust that goes sour. The next day those friends are found dead - killed by a shotgun blast while they were in their car at the docks.

star 8.50
2 votes
The Testimony

#6 - The Testimony

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 15

Blake's trial continues. Both Joseph, Claudia and Krystle have to testify. When Claudia testifies, she has to tell that she had an affair with Steven, and then Matthew finds out about it. He makes rebellion in the court room, attacks Blake and has to go to jail. Claudia packs her stuff, runs away, and takes Lindsay with her. On the way, they collide and get serious injuries. In the final scene, Jake Dunham calls in a new witness, and in walks a mysterious woman. It turns out to be Alexis Morrell Carrington - Blake's first wife.

star 8.25
12 votes
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Deaths-Head Revisited

#7 - Deaths-Head Revisited

The Twilight Zone Season 3 - Episode 9

A former Nazi SS Captain returns to the ruins of a concentration camp to reminisce, and is met by one of his victims.

star 8.22
297 votes
Krystle's Lie

#8 - Krystle's Lie

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 9

Matthew finds the guy who really sabotaged the rig. Steven is offered his job back, but turns it down. Claudia learns about Matthew's relationship with Krystle. Lindsay is upset, thinking that her parents HAD to get married just because of her when she was born. Steven's boyfriend Ted tries to contact him, but Fallon does everything she can to stop it and keep them apart. Blake finds out that Krystle is on birth control pills and assumes she's not interested in having a baby. He gets both mad and drunk and forces Krystle to a rough sexual intercourse.

star 8.21
71 votes
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The Vision

#9 - The Vision

The Rifleman Season 2 - Episode 26

After Mark contracts typhoid fever and has a vision of his dead mother, he no longer seems interested in getting well.

star 8.12
7 votes
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Meeting at Midnight

#10 - Meeting at Midnight

The Rifleman Season 2 - Episode 34

Lucas helps his former Army captain, now an undercover federal agent, infiltrate a gang of bank robbers.

star 8.10
9 votes
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#11 - Obituary

The Rifleman Season 2 - Episode 4

Newspaperman Byron Claremont specializes in profiles of famous gunmen. One of his stories was responsible for an old-time marshal's death; and his next subject is Lucas.

star 8.06
16 votes
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The Nick Acropolis Story

#12 - The Nick Acropolis Story

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 31

Chicago, Summer 1931. Nick Acropolis is the new bookmaker in town, his territory is Illinois and the 6 surrounding states; he covers bets on horse racing, boxing matches, ball games, everything. By August, his operation is $2-million per month. And so Eliot Ness and his Untouchables are on the case; Enrico Rossi has a wiretap on one of Nick's betting parlors, run by Sully Hinds. Nick and his boys pay a visit to their bookkeeper, Louis Manzak, who is Nick's brother-in-law. Louis embezzled 200 grand of Nick's money, to make a side-bet on a boxing match, and lost. Nick roughs him up, and Louis' only excuse is, ""Who would have thought that Locks would lose a decision to Max Baer?""* Nick tells Louis to replace the dough, and fast-- or else! Nick demands the 200 grand in one month, and the usual gangster interest of 25% per month; but Nick wants the 50 grand interest payable in 48 hours. Louis tries to beg and borrow the 50 Gs; his sister Stella offers to come up with half of the 50

star 8.00
29 votes
Fool's Gold

#13 - Fool's Gold

Cannon Season 1 - Episode 6

A deceptive premise: small town citizens harbor a thief on the promise of a cut.

star 8.00
3 votes
Airwolf II

#14 - Airwolf II

Airwolf Season 3 - Episode 2

Hawke is at a friend's prestigious ceremony when Archangel pulls him out and accuses him of being involved in a robbery the previous night in which items that could be used by Airwolf were stolen by thieves in a helicopter matching the Santini Air chopper. But Archangel is suspended by the Firm, who've built a new model of Airwolf – Airwolf II, called 'Redwolf', and piloted by Harlan "Tex" Jenkins, who worked on the original Airwolf project and has always insisted that he, not Dr. Moffett, was the true creator. But things backfire for the Firm when Jenkins steals Airwolf II - and before he hands it over to the foreign agents he's in league with, he plans a showdown with his old rival – Stringfellow Hawke; a duel that brings Airwolf vs. Airwolf...

star 7.93
59 votes
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The Survivors

#15 - The Survivors

The Fugitive Season 2 - Episode 23

Richard Kimble returns home when he learns his wife's family is in financial trouble. The complications are that his mother-in-law hates him, his sister-in-law loves him, and his father-in-law is being questioned by the police.

star 7.88
33 votes
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A Wrongful Death

#16 - A Wrongful Death

The Streets of San Francisco Season 2 - Episode 1

An angry father swears vengeance against Keller, who shot and killed his youngest son while trying to stop a robbery - but the truth is even more devastating.

star 7.83
18 votes
P.S. I Love You

#17 - P.S. I Love You

The Fall Guy Season 2 - Episode 20

Tab Hunter is framed for the murder of a debt collector, and Colt sets out to find the real culprit.

star 7.74
39 votes
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The Mind Reader

#18 - The Mind Reader

The Rifleman Season 1 - Episode 40

When a wealthy rancher is killed, Mark suggests that they seek the aid of a mind reader to identify the murderer.

star 7.67
11 votes
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#19 - Crossover

Airwolf Season 3 - Episode 5

String falls for the Czech woman scientist, whom he's helping defect to the west.

star 7.61
36 votes
Condition: Red

#20 - Condition: Red

The Invaders Season 2 - Episode 1

Vincent attempts to thwart the alien infiltration of a Air Defense Command Unit.

star 7.60
15 votes

#21 - Boom

The Fall Guy Season 3 - Episode 20

A drug dealer, who lost $250,000 when Colt nabbed his bail-jumping son, holds hospitalized Jody and others hostage for $1 million.

star 7.57
7 votes
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The Judgment (1)

#22 - The Judgment (1)

The Fugitive Season 4 - Episode 29

This was the series finale. In the first part, the one-armed man whom Kimble has been pursuing has been arrested for a minor crime. Lt. Gerard tries to use this to lure Kimble out into the open. A woman who knows Kimble tries to help him. Kimble tries to see if this man is the one he is looking for but someone wires a bail bondsman some money to bail him out. KImble then visits the bail bondsman but finds him dead. He then goes through his papers and is shocked to see who sent the money. He then goes to see this person but Gerard catches and takes him in. As the one-armed man hops on a train, Kimble and Gerard are making their way back.

star 7.57
14 votes
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Into Thin Air

#23 - Into Thin Air

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 - Episode 5

When a young woman leaves her ill mother in a Paris hotel room and comes back later, she finds her mother is missing, and all the hotel's employees deny she and her mother were ever there.

star 7.56
146 votes
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The Surrogate (2)

#24 - The Surrogate (2)

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 6

Stunned by the morning paper's praise for Blake's stand on conservation, Alexis takes Sean's advice, pointing out another slant to the story. Using Blake's campaign pledge of saving the acres as depriving the state of badly needed jobs, Alexis sets out to undermine his public opinion. Researching the possibility of a surrogate mother, Dana sets up a meeting for her and Adam with a prospective candidate, Karen Atkinson. All of Adam's doubts to using a surrogate vanish when he sees her. A beautiful, single mother of two gorgeous children, Dana becomes jealous of Adam's obvious interest in her. Seeking more from life than what working for Dex has to offer, Leslie accepts Alexis' job proposition. Sensing the hostility between Jeff and Fallon, Blake invites them to dinner. Sharing a terse glance, they decline his offer. Jeff retreats to the study to work on countering Alexis' viperous editorial against Blake. Working late, he gives in to Leslie's playful persuasion, accompanying her to dinn

star 7.56
9 votes
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The Vulcan Affair

#25 - The Vulcan Affair

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Season 1 - Episode 1

After a THRUSH attempt to kill Waverly is thwarted, Solo is assigned to prevent the assassination of a visiting African premier (William Marshall) at the hands of Andrew Vulcan (Fritz Weaver), and with the help of a housewife (Patricia Crowley) he learns that the premier himself is allied with THRUSH and plans to kill his two top aides (Ivan Dixon and Rupert Crosse) in a fake accident.

star 7.51
210 votes
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Hollywood Shorties

#26 - Hollywood Shorties

The Fall Guy Season 3 - Episode 10

A drug dealer needs a midget to retrieve his stash. Opening stunt: the midgets trip and "net" a man.

star 7.50
6 votes

#27 - Lariat

The Rifleman Season 2 - Episode 27

An old friend of Lucas's returns to town in the company of a shady gambler and is accused of cheating at cards.

star 7.50
9 votes
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Triggers in Leash

#28 - Triggers in Leash

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 1 - Episode 3

A cook tries everything she can think of to end a dispute between two gunmen who have sworn to kill each other.

star 7.36
171 votes
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The Warning

#29 - The Warning

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 17

Alexis waits for the right moment to crush Sean and Leslie's intimacy. Suspecting that Alexis knows about her and Sean's passionate rendezvous, Leslie vows to take Sean down with her if she loses her job. Outraged by her threat, Sean plants a venomous snake in her hotel room. Arriving just in time, he grabs the snake and holds it close to her, emphasizing his distaste for the game she is playing. Fearful that Jesse will complicate the legal procedures for taking custody of Karen's surrogate baby, Adam bribes him to leave town. Finding out about the bribe, Karen loses all faith in Jesse and his promise that he has changed. Realizing his mistake, Jesse gives the money back. After hearing Jesse tell Adam all he wants is Karen, Sean warns him to keep their bargain to make Adam's life a living hell by suing for custody of Karen's child. Despite the attempt to ignore her feelings for Jeff by putting her energies into Delta Rho, Sammy Jo can't stop herself from falling in love with him. Conce

star 7.33
6 votes
Blake Goes to Jail

#30 - Blake Goes to Jail

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 14

Blake is arrested for the murder of Ted, and a big trial comes up. The prosecutor is Jake Dunham, an old friend of Claudia and Matthew, who does not like Blake. Krystle hears about the trial and decides to come back to Blake to be with him, and then solve their problems later. Fallon is afraid and to help her father, and she lies in court. Steven tells the truth about what really happened, though.

star 7.29
38 votes
The Man in the Bottle

#31 - The Man in the Bottle

The Twilight Zone Season 2 - Episode 2

A discontented curio shop owner thinks he's finally found happiness when a genie he discovers in an old bottle grants him four wishes.

star 7.28
381 votes
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The Mirror

#32 - The Mirror

The Twilight Zone Season 3 - Episode 6

After a poor but ambitious Central American farm worker overthrows his country's tyrannical leader, he believes he sees assassins everywhere. A look in the mirror reveals his most dangerous enemy.

star 7.23
204 votes
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The Proposal

#33 - The Proposal

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 21

Dana tries desperately to convince Adam how much she wants their son. She proposes that if they were a loving couple again, the judge would find in their favor. Still hurting from her outburst in court, Adam is cold to her pleas. Out of a job and money, Leslie comes to Alexis, asking for forgiveness. Amused by her change of heart but unmoved to compassion, Alexis sends Leslie away. Waiting pensively for the judge's decision on his son's custody, Adam is stung by Jesse and Karen's in-court announcement that they are going to reconcile their marriage. Sammy Jo is caught off guard by Jeff's marriage proposal. Turning to Krystle for advice, she is blunt in reminding Sammy Jo how uncomfortable their marriage would be for the family. Unable to tolerate Adam's abuse, Dana firmly places the blame on him for their failing marriage. Dana leaves Adam, making Jesse and Karen probable winners in their custody suit. Sean returns to Alexis' apartment to kill her, but sneaks out when Dex arrives to co

star 7.18
33 votes
The Dinner Party

#34 - The Dinner Party

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 5

Blake apologizes to Walter and Matthew about their fight at the wedding and asks Matthew to come back to his old job. He also invites them to a dinner party at the mansion. During the dinner, many things happen; Steven and Claudia meet and get along really well, Matthew has a long talk with Krystle and tells her that he's still in love with her, and Cecil and Fallon start realizing their plans. Cecil offers to help Blake and Fallon starts hitting on Jeff.

star 7.15
80 votes

#35 - Focus

Dynasty Season 7 - Episode 3

Krystle lays unconscious in her hospital room, a victim of Phil Thorpe's crusade for revenge. Blake attributes the attempted murder to Alexis and vows to kill her if Krystle fails to pull through. Despite their lustful romance, Clay informs Sammy Jo he is not ready for a commitment. As Krystle makes a speedy recovery, Dominique, in a selfless display of trust, offers Blake a 50 million dollar loan to free him from Alexis' crushing debt. Alexis threatens the Assistant D.A. with her power of the press if he doesn't prosecute Blake. Phill Thorpe gains access to Krystle's suite and threatens her with murder in retribution against Blake, but her composure and compassion persuades him to give up his maniacal scheme. Threatened by Alexis' power, the D.A. determines the La Mirage fire as arson and Blake as the prime suspect.

star 7.14
35 votes
The Secret

#36 - The Secret

Dynasty Season 7 - Episode 9

Caress continues her relentless extortion of Emily Fallmont, who turns to Blake, her only hope. Sammy Jo is hurt by Clay's suggestion of an abortion. Danny's nursery school teacher, Claire Prentice, shows Steven some of Danny's drawings--drawings that reveal a deeply troubled little boy. Clay shows up at Sammy Jo's door and proposes a Las Vegas wedding. Alexis uses the information she requested on Michael Culhane to expose his charade to Amanda. He pleads with Amanda to believe his love for her is real, confessing he loaned the money to her father and promising to never use it against him--as long as she keeps the information secret. Suffering from the pressure of Caress' blackmailing schemes, Emily goes to Buck with the truth that she was with Ben the night of Blake's mother's death. Fleeing from Buck's drunken, verbal abuse, Emily runs blindly in front of a speeding taxi, throwing her apparently lifeless body to the pavement.

star 7.14
35 votes

#37 - Revenge

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) Season 1 - Episode 1

A professor spurns the legal system to seek revenge on the man who raped his wife.

star 7.14
43 votes
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The Man

#38 - The Man

Dynasty Season 6 - Episode 4

Jason imposes a one-week deadline for Blake to decide on the pipeline proposition. Claudia heads to San Francisco to think about her relationship with Adam. Alexis turns to both Blake and Jason for help in rescuing King Galen. While riding with Miles, Fallon is surprised to learn she is an excellent horsewoman. Under the guise of a business trip, Adam tracks down Claudia for a romantic reunion in San Francisco. In Los Angeles, Constance Colby stuns Jeff--and enrages Jason--by awarding her nephew 50% of Colby Enterprises, worth over $500 million. When Krystle makes a surprise visit to Sammy Jo's apartment, Rita, who now appears to be Krystle's double following plastic surgery, hides in the bedroom. Jonathan Lake of the State Department tells Dominique they've met before--when she saved his life in Paris.

star 7.12
34 votes
The Beating

#39 - The Beating

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 11

Jeff comes home after being in the Middle East, but he and Fallon have lots of arguments. Steven decides to get some more education and to start working for Blake, and he moves to his own apartment. Blake finds out about Michael's relationship with Fallon and hires some people to beat him up. Lindsay finds out everything about her mother's affair, which is still going on.

star 7.10
69 votes
The Announcement

#40 - The Announcement

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 4

Blake asks Steven to be his campaign manager. He is deeply disappointed when Steven declines his offer, expressing no interest in exposing his private life to public scrutiny. Attributing Jeff and Fallon's intimacy with Blake to their giving him grandchildren, Adam continues to pressure Dana into starting a family. Alone, following Alexis' surprise catered dinner, Sean Rowan carefully studies an old news clip of Blake's custody trial for Steven's son, Danny. Alexis is hounded by a reporter, Rebecca Payne, from an unscrupulous tabloid. Rebecca is seeking a comment on Alexis' recent decline in support for her gubernatorial candidacy. Sammy Jo is saddened by the realization that her and Steven's relationship will never have the closeness she has longed for. Taking up Alexis offer of a place to stay, Sean Rowan shows up at her Carlton hotel suite. Giving in to lust, they are drawn together in heated passion. Jeff is surprised by Blake's request to have him as his campaign manager. Intrigue

star 7.09
32 votes
The Testing

#41 - The Testing

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 8

Forced to divest interests in Denver-Carrington to avoid conflict with his political career, Blake struggles to decide who in the family will assume power. Upset that Jeff told Blake of her alien encounter, Fallon bitterly rejects Jeff's request to accompany him to New York. Taking advantage of Jeff's vulnerability, Leslie shows up on board the Carrington jet. She flies with him to New York under the pretext of doing business for Alexis. Taking Dex's advice to call Jeff in an effort to save their marriage, Fallon is devastated when Leslie answers the phone. Blake walks in on Steven as he is reprimanding Josh Harris for his declining performance on the field. Impressed, Blake makes note of Steven's decisiveness in handling the situation. Sammy Jo is confused by her lingering feelings for Steven and her yearning feelings for Josh. Showing up at Josh's apartment, she is torn whether to stay the night. Soon after Sammy Jo leaves, Skip Maitland, the original quarterback for the Monarchs, sh

star 7.09
33 votes
The Warning

#42 - The Warning

Dynasty Season 6 - Episode 27

Determined to find the identity of the mystery woman Ben was in bed with the night of his mother's death, Caress begins to solve the mystery. When she witnesses a secret rendezvous between Emily and Ben, her suspicions are proven. In a desperate attempt to raise the money for the leveraged buy-out of Colby Co, Blake temporarily relinquishes control of Krystle Holdings to Bob Ashrnore in exchange for a 100 million dollar loan. The demise of Blake's empire continues when Bob Ashrnore places a congratulatory call to Ben, celebrating their successful coup over the unsuspecting Blake. As Ben's plot to ruin his brother unfolds, Alexis prepares to present the Chinese government with falsified records showing Blake to be cheating them of royalties from the China Sea leases. Claudia threatens to reveal Adam's power of attorney over Denver-Carrington unless the title to the oil well stolen from her is returned.

star 7.09
35 votes
Death Ship

#43 - Death Ship

The Twilight Zone Season 4 - Episode 6

A three-man spacecraft lands on a planet only to discover the wreckage of a spacecraft identical to their own. Two of the crew are convinced that they are dead, but the captain refuses to see the truth.

star 7.08
175 votes
The Lily Dallas Story

#44 - The Lily Dallas Story

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 21

April 11, 1932. Millionaire building contractor Thomas B. Randall is the target of a kidnapping; he is throwing a party right now. Intruding on his estate that night are: ex-bootlegger and now gang leader George ""Blackie"" Dallas, Pete Appleby (former torpedo for the Purple Gang), Marty Stoke (bank heist expert) and Jiggs (ex-heavyweight boxer and now strongarm man). The gang kills a security guard, and kidnaps Randall-- and they warn his family and guests not to call the police, or he gets it. They drive away. The mastermind behind this is George Dallas' ambitious wife, Lily Dallas; she pushed the small-time hood into committing ever more dangerous crimes-- with bigger takes and bigger risks. Lily is only recently out of prison, where she served 5 years for armed robbery-- Lily masterminded bank jobs which netted over $1-million, long since spent. Lily had a good teacher: Jack ""Legs"" Diamond. Ness and his men are on the case. They find the abandoned getaway car; the crooks obvi

star 7.06
31 votes
The Siege (2)

#45 - The Siege (2)

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 2

Dex is rushed to the hospital while a search party scrambles to locate the missing Carringtons, who are being held captive in a bunkhouse. Fear of the deranged Matthew forces Krystle to pretend that she still has feelings for him. Fallon's extraterrestrial experience in the desert confounds Jeff. Adam's plans to have a child surprise Dana on their honeymoon. Steven stabs Matthew in self-defense and the family's ordeal is over.

star 7.06
35 votes
Deadly Honeymoon

#46 - Deadly Honeymoon

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) Season 1 - Episode 20

Following a whirlwind courtship, a new bride fears her luck's run out when she learns that her doctor husband has heavy gambling debts and two deceased formor wives who were heavily insured.

star 7.03
34 votes
Death Is the Door Prize

#47 - Death Is the Door Prize

The Fugitive Season 4 - Episode 2

Kimble visits an enclosed plaza in the heart of the city. Due to a misunderstanding, on-site security mistakes him for someone else and gives chase. Thinking they are on to him, Richard tries to jump a fence but is caught by a guard, and has to punch him out to get away. A lady working at a camera store lets him stay at her place (in the plaza), while he rests and heals. To complicate things more, Kimble's earlier visit to the video store was caught on video tape, and someone who sees the tape recognizes him. Kimble's visit also coincides with an accidental shooting inside of a storage room, so the police are at the plaza, investigating.

star 7.00
2 votes
The Victory

#48 - The Victory

Dynasty Season 7 - Episode 1

Moments from death under Blake's powerful grip, Alexis' life is spared as Krystle is able to restrain Blake's lethal temper, but not before he vows to regain the Carrington mansion. As searing flames ravage La Mirage, Amanda is rescued from the suffocating smoke by Michael Culhane, a nemesis from the Carrington's past. Phil Thorpe accuses Blake of being responsible for the death of his wife, a victim of the fire. A news crew is quick to tape the bereaved man's inflammatory remarks. The La Mirage blaze claims the life of Claudia. Ben receives a mysterious call from a female acquaintance. Unwilling to share in her mother's ""triumph"", Amanda flees to live with Blake. Upon seeing news clips of the La Mirage fire, Alexis begins to form an unscrupulous scheme, and Blake is the unwitting prey. Her plot unfolds as the Denver Mirror acquires a new publisher and a new headline for the morning edition--BLAKE CARRINGTON ACCUSED OF ARSON-MURDER!

star 7.00
10 votes
The Mission

#49 - The Mission

Dynasty Season 7 - Episode 7

Blake and Dex go over plans to break Caress out of prison and return her to Denver. This would present Blake with a weapon to use against his brother's treachery. Despite Ben's pleas to regain her trust, Alexis is keen to his selfish motives and plays Ben's deceptions to her own advantage. Sammy Jo is pregnant with Clay's baby and hopes to start a family. She warns Steven that if she bought a farm on which to raise a family, and with Clay as a husband, no court would deny her custody of Danny. Dana confesses her love to Adam. He feigns affection in return and acquire her promise to help him obtain information from Blake's secret files. Alexis learns of Blake's bold venture and immediately sets out to discredit his efforts. She publishes a headline proclaiming ""The Crater"" project as a risky speculation, causing Blake to lose vital investors. Dex and Clay Fallmont blast Caress out of her prison cell and return her to Denver. The D.A. refuses to prosecute Ben without proof he kidnapped C

star 7.00
9 votes
The Reunion

#50 - The Reunion

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 17

star 7.00
1 votes
The Runaways

#51 - The Runaways

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 19

star 7.00
1 votes
Everybody Pays the Fare

#52 - Everybody Pays the Fare

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 20

star 7.00
1 votes
Think Mink

#53 - Think Mink

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 21

star 7.00
2 votes
Big Bad Charlie

#54 - Big Bad Charlie

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 23

star 7.00
2 votes
Guns and Brothers

#55 - Guns and Brothers

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 24

star 7.00
1 votes
The Sublet

#56 - The Sublet

Dynasty Season 7 - Episode 25

Blake and Krystle wait helplessly as an all-points-bulletin is put out for Sarah and Krystina. Adam betrays Alexis' trust by tipping Neal McVane off to her and Dirk Maurier's stock buyout of Trouvitle Industries. Hiding out in a leased apartment, Sarah convinces herself Krystina is her little girl. Krystina, missing her family and home, refuses to take her heart medicine, resulting in a dangerous risk of rejecting her new heart. Having reaped the benefits of three very successful oil wells, Nick Kimball jets Dominique off to San Francisco for dinner, and caps the evening off with a proposal of marriage. In a drunken haze, Adam wanders the streets looking for the abuse he feels he deserves. Krystle finds an address circled in the newspaper. At the apartment, Krystle persuades Sarah to open the door, reuniting mother and daughter.

star 6.97
33 votes
The Affair

#57 - The Affair

Dynasty Season 7 - Episode 27

Blake is stunned by Buck Fallmont's claim that Clay may be Ben's son. Concerned for Clay and Leslie's well being, Blake tells Clay the shocking news. Hoping to reunite her mother and father, Jackie asks Nick to stay away from Dominique. When her efforts fail, Jackie makes plans to return to her father. Krystle attempts to bring Sarah to face the reality of her baby's death by bringing her to the gravesite. The realization proves painful for both Sarah and Krystle, as Sarah is finally able to accept the tragic loss of her baby. Fearing that Ben may be his father, Clay confides in Leslie the possibility that they may be brother and sister. Leslie responds with rage towards Ben for not telling her sooner. Gavin Maurier treats Alexis to an unusual date on the back of a motorcycle, which leaves Alexis intrigued by the mysterious and younger Maurier. Krystle is angered to find a workman lingering after the completion of alterations for Adam and Dana's wedding. As surprisingly as the man appe

star 6.97
32 votes
The Garage

#58 - The Garage

Dynasty Season 7 - Episode 21

The Carrington family gathers to offer Krystina a joyous welcoming on her arrival home. Dirk Maurier, an arrogant California real estate baron, sets his sights on one of Denver's most prestigious assets, Alexis Colby. As Sarah Curtis' grief deepens, Blake and Krystle are unsuccessful in contacting her to express their concern. Convinced that he is truly not a Carrington, Adam is forced to choke back the irony, as Blake forgives him for all his malicious past deeds and welcomes him back as his son and heir. Krystle flies to Wyoming and discovers Sarah, unconscious in a garage full of exhaust, apparently having attempted suicide. To make amends for their rocky start, Leslie and Clay have a night on the town. Neil McVane demands an invite to Alexis' party and makes an unwelcome impression.. Upon Krystle's insistence, Sarah moves in to the Carrington mansion. Her presence near Krystina affects Blake with a looming uneasiness.

star 6.94
32 votes
The Siege (1)

#59 - The Siege (1)

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 1

Still held captive by the deranged Matthew Blaisdel, Blake and his family wait helplessly as Blaisdel's obsession for Krystle grows dangerously stronger. Witnessing Alexis' car plunge into the river, a handsome and mysterious stranger rescues her from the rushing current. Unaware of the tragedies that face their family, Adam and Dana are on their private jet, en route to their honeymoon paradise. Alone in her bedroom, Blaisdel takes Krystle and reminds her of their past love .for each other, promising things will be that way once again. Fallon's car is found abandoned in the desert. Receiving word of his wife's disappearance, Jeff rushes to the scene. Searching several miles from the car, Jeff finds her unconscious by the side of the road. Allowed to leave the mansion to secure a fortune in cash for Blaisdel's trip back to Peru, Blake overpowers his guard and goes for help. Determined to thank her mysterious rescuer, Alexis finds the man she feels indebted to, but is dismayed by his ca

star 6.91
34 votes
Summit Meeting (2)

#60 - Summit Meeting (2)

The Invaders Season 2 - Episode 10

In the conclusion of a two-part episode, Vincent must defuse an experimental rocket that if ignited will destroy all heads of state gathered at a world summit meeting.

star 6.88
8 votes
Summit Meeting (1)

#61 - Summit Meeting (1)

The Invaders Season 2 - Episode 9

In Part I of this two-part episode, Vincent uncovers a diabolical alien plot to destroy all of the world's leaders.

star 6.83
6 votes
The Surrogate (1)

#62 - The Surrogate (1)

Dynasty Season 8 - Episode 5

Intrigued by Sean's mysterious interludes during the day, Alexis hires a private investigator, Mr. Hess, to follow her enigmatic lover. But when he catches Hess spying on him, Sean returns to Alexis, informing her of his decision to leave Denver. Pleading with him to stay, Alexis offers him a job. Tortured by a secret from her past explaining her inability to bear children, Dana struggles about whether to tell Adam, and risk losing his love. Jeff accepts Blake's request to be his campaign manager, after learning Fallon has sent for L.B. Detained at Blake's fundraiser, Jeff cancels his and Fallon's reconciliation dinner further weakening their fragile marriage. Alexis commits Colbyco to fight Blake's proposal of saving valuable timberland as a national park, depriving her of a resource for her newspaper. Accepting Alexis' job offer, Sean asserts Adam's involvement is a conflict of interest, persuading her to let him take over control of the matter. Steven asks Blake to sell him the Denv

star 6.79
33 votes
The Twenty-Four Karat Plague

#63 - The Twenty-Four Karat Plague

The Streets of San Francisco Season 2 - Episode 9

Four men plan to heist radioactive gold over a poker game. Then find out that it is mixed with Uranium.The man smelting and forming the planchets gets radiation poisoning and it goes down hill for them fast.

star 6.71
7 votes
The Silent Knife

#64 - The Silent Knife

The Rifleman Season 3 - Episode 13

Lucas and Mark try to persuade a persecuted young mute to return stolen money.

star 6.71
6 votes
Dead Ringer

#65 - Dead Ringer

The Fall Guy Season 5 - Episode 1

Colt is sent after a jumper and then discovers his quarry has entered an Elvis Presley impersonator contest and merged with the crowd.

star 6.67
3 votes
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Bite of the Wasp

#66 - Bite of the Wasp

The Fall Guy Season 3 - Episode 15

They set up a sting to catch a politician who is extorting money from a movie producer.

star 6.57
7 votes
Don't Kill the Sparrows

#67 - Don't Kill the Sparrows

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 14

star 6.50
2 votes
The Illustrator

#68 - The Illustrator

The Rifleman Season 3 - Episode 12

Lucas encourages a drunken artist charged with murder to use his talents to identify the true killer.

star 6.44
8 votes
A Passage for Trumpet

#69 - A Passage for Trumpet

The Twilight Zone Season 1 - Episode 32

A trumpet player who's convinced he'll never amount to anything attempts suicide and finds himself in a world where no one can hear or see him.

star 6.35
371 votes
The Underground Court

#70 - The Underground Court

The Untouchables Season 2 - Episode 18

September 8, 1934. A cruise ship from Cuba to New Jersey has caught fire. There are over 300 passengers on board; some of the passengers and crew are jumping overboard to avoid the flames. Ness and his men, on assignment in New Jersey, speed to get there when the ship docks; Ness has an arrest warrant for Valentine Ferrar, racketeer and founder of the Big Syndicate. Valentine Ferrar had been in Cuba, picking up a million bucks collection money for the Syndicate. Ness is told by a ship's official that Ferrar has drowned-- but the eyewitness was not reliable, it was his sidekick Inky Beggs, who has just left for New York. Actually, Inky is being taken for a ride by 2 hoods to deliver him to The Underground Court in Manhattan. Inky tells his story to Judge Foley and the other members of the court. He tells them truthfully that Ferrar jumped into the water with a million bucks in his money belt; but he lies about Ferrar drowning. Judge Foley lets Inky go, but has him tailed. Inky

star 6.13
30 votes
Playin' Police

#71 - Playin' Police

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 25

star 0.00
0 votes
The Sky Is Falling

#72 - The Sky Is Falling

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 4

Baretta tries to save a teen-age male prostitute who is being pursued by a killer after witnessing a friend's murder.

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Who Can Make the Sun Shine?

#73 - Who Can Make the Sun Shine?

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 8

His concern for an elderly amnesiac interferes with Baretta's investigation of a schoolyard drug pusher who is responsible for several overdose deaths.

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0 votes
All That Shatters

#74 - All That Shatters

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 9

War veterans are being blamed for a series of bombings that are actually the work of a wheelchair-bound bomber who is attacking buildings and transportation systems without handicap access.

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Hot Horse

#75 - Hot Horse

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 11

Two elderly neighbors of Baretta's steal a million-dollar racehorse back from the thief who originally took it, then hide it in their apartment until they can claim the reward.

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0 votes
I'll Take You to Lunch

#76 - I'll Take You to Lunch

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 13

When his friend Billy is one of the hostages taken by robbers trapped at a roadside tavern, Baretta tries to negotiate a deal between them and a sheriff who is unwilling to concede anything because of his political situation.

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The Marker

#77 - The Marker

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 16

Family loyalty compels a friend of Baretta's to agree to kill the man who assaulted an aging mobster's daughter.

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0 votes
The Stone Conspiracy

#78 - The Stone Conspiracy

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 17

On temporary duty with the vice squad, Baretta learns that his partner is taking bribes, and is ordered by his boss to investigate the other officers on the squad as well.

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0 votes
The Gadjo

#79 - The Gadjo

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 20

Baretta's young partner is ostracised by his Gypsy family for refusing to perform an atonement ceremony after accidentally killing his younger brother during a robbery.

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0 votes

#80 - Barney

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 21

Baretta goes undercover as a trucker to help the daughter of a murdered newspaperman pursue the hijackers who killed her father when he got too close.

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The Bundle

#81 - The Bundle

Baretta Season 4 - Episode 24

Two actresses, one of whom is Rooster's cousin, are in fear for their lives after a murder allows them to make off with $50,000 in stolen money.

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