The Best Episodes Directed by Dick Martin

It Didn't Happen One Night

#1 - It Didn't Happen One Night

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 19

Bob's friends close ranks to "protect" Emily Hartley when a handsome old flame pays her a very warm visit.

star 8.25
3 votes
Write to Privacy

#2 - Write to Privacy

Newhart Season 4 - Episode 9

Joanna and Steph are furious with Michael after they peek at his diary and find out what he really thinks of them.

star 7.86
44 votes
A Day in the Life

#3 - A Day in the Life

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 6

Bob's impulsive decision to leave town for a week is received with disastrous emotions by his patients, who seemingly can't make it without him.

star 7.80
35 votes
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Gert Rides Again

#4 - Gert Rides Again

Mama's Family Season 2 - Episode 8

Mama's cousin Gert (Imogene Coca) was once a sprited woman, but time in an old folks home has left her lifeless.

star 7.78
27 votes
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Sherry Baby

#5 - Sherry Baby

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 13

When popular sorority girl Sherry Marshall befriends Mallory to get close to Alex, Mallory brings them together in hopes of joining Pi Nu but her plan backfires. Mallory's thrilled when Sherry chooses her for a science project partner, though the snobbish girl's ulterior motive soon surfaces. Eager to join the sorority, Mallory persuades Alex to escort Sherry to the Pi Nu dance. She even agrees to his condition that she attend the dance with the adoring, nerdy Skippy Handleman.

star 7.74
19 votes
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The Last Newhart

#6 - The Last Newhart

Newhart Season 8 - Episode 24

In the midst of a town meeting, a Japanese visitor announces his intentions to purchase the entire town and turn the land into a gigantic golf course. Everyone but Dick is thrilled and sells out.

star 7.66
41 votes
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#7 - Rashomama

Mama's Family Season 2 - Episode 5

Mama is almost taken out with a cooking pot, and each family member has a different version of how it happened.

star 7.66
38 votes
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Carlin's New Suit

#8 - Carlin's New Suit

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 5

Bob deals with the amusing problems of an improbable paternity suit and a phone paging service that never pages him.

star 7.60
5 votes
I Never Killed for My Father

#9 - I Never Killed for My Father

Family Ties Season 1 - Episode 5

Sensitive, liberal Steven and his macho, conservative father, Jake, clash as usual during the elder's annual visit until Jake's startling news leads to a first effort to bridge the gap.

star 7.58
33 votes
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Amateur Night

#10 - Amateur Night

Mama's Family Season 2 - Episode 9

Vint enters a talent contest at the Bigger Jigger, only to have his career suddenly take off because of his Fred Astaire impersonation.

star 7.43
30 votes
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Easy for You to Say

#11 - Easy for You to Say

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 18

Paul Billingham—known to his radio fans as Ralph Alfalfa, the Happy Farmer—comes to Bob because of his stuttering problem. On radio, he practiced several unseen rhythmic devices to mask his problem, but a new television opportunity threatens to expose his problem with disastrous results.

star 7.33
3 votes
Candidate Larry

#12 - Candidate Larry

Newhart Season 4 - Episode 5

Larry runs for Mayor.

star 7.27
45 votes
The Heartbreak Kidd

#13 - The Heartbreak Kidd

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 18

Bob thinks that Veronica Kidd, a student trainee, has fallen in love with him.

star 7.25
4 votes
'Twas the Pie Before Christmas

#14 - 'Twas the Pie Before Christmas

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 12

Bob finds himself with unhappy and hostile patients who refuse to attend his Christmas party when they are mistakenly informed of a rate increase at the height of the Yuletide season. One patient is moved to hire a pie-throwing service.

star 7.25
4 votes
No Room at the Inn

#15 - No Room at the Inn

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 9

The inn is swamped when 24 guests are snowed in on Christmas Eve. While Kirk tries to keep the guests entertained, Dick tries to find room for a traveller named Joseph and his pregnant wife.

star 7.22
58 votes
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread and POW

#16 - A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread and POW

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 11

Stephanie and Joanna attend a poetry reading at Dartmouth where a professor has a special interest in Joanna. Dick unleashes his 'Irish temper' when said professor makes a pass at Joanna.

star 7.22
50 votes
Who Was That Masked Man?

#17 - Who Was That Masked Man?

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 4

Bob is puzzled when his henpecked patient, Mr. Petersen, asserts himself with far-reaching consequences.

star 7.18
34 votes
Don't Worry Be Pregnant

#18 - Don't Worry Be Pregnant

Newhart Season 8 - Episode 1

Michael and a pregnant Stephanie return from a six-month cruise totally unprepared for parenthood.

star 7.17
35 votes
Out With the New, Inn With the Old

#19 - Out With the New, Inn With the Old

Newhart Season 3 - Episode 19

George is upset when Dick and Harley Estin try to remodel the garage so it looks like the carriage house it was originally built as several centuries ago. Joanna hosts a rummage sale.

star 7.17
41 votes
Miss Stephanie

#20 - Miss Stephanie

Newhart Season 3 - Episode 4

Larry misinterprets a comment by Stephanie and makes her the object of his undying love.

star 7.17
48 votes
Shallow Throat

#21 - Shallow Throat

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 9

At first, Bob is thrilled when a nontalkative patient named Mr. Twillmer finally opens up after being told that anything he might say will be held in the strictest confidence. His joy is short-lived when Twillmer confesses to grand larceny.

star 7.17
5 votes
What Makes Dick Run

#22 - What Makes Dick Run

Newhart Season 3 - Episode 22

Dick and his crew have VITA fever when the local broadcasting awards, the VITAs, are scheduled to be announced. Dick, inspired by a puppet show put on by Larry and the boys for an ailing Stephanie, decides to jazz up his act to win a VITA nomination.

star 7.15
40 votes
This Blood's For You

#23 - This Blood's For You

Newhart Season 7 - Episode 3

Stephanie is horrified to discover that a blood transfusion following an emergency appendectomy came from Darryl.

star 7.15
34 votes
Would You Buy a Used Car From This Handyman?

#24 - Would You Buy a Used Car From This Handyman?

Newhart Season 6 - Episode 16

George decides to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a used car salesman.

star 7.14
35 votes
I Came, I Saw, I Sat

#25 - I Came, I Saw, I Sat

Newhart Season 7 - Episode 6

Dick's father visits the inn and, to Dick's consternation, resists all Dick's efforts to entertain him.

star 7.13
38 votes
The Looks of Love

#26 - The Looks of Love

Newhart Season 2 - Episode 9

Kirk helms a singles club in the hopes of finding the perfect girlfriend.

star 7.13
46 votes
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Malling in Love Again

#27 - Malling in Love Again

Newhart Season 7 - Episode 22

Michael and Stephanie conduct personal interviews at the mall and realize that they're perfect together after all.

star 7.13
39 votes
Utley Exposed

#28 - Utley Exposed

Newhart Season 8 - Episode 4

An episode of Vermont Today on 'Hidden Shame' nets a surprise guest when George admits to a childish prank.

star 7.12
33 votes
My Husband, My Peasant

#29 - My Husband, My Peasant

Newhart Season 8 - Episode 23

Society bluebloods Scooter Drake and his new wife Libby drop by with a child of their own, apparently superior to baby Steph in every way. Michael and Stephanie decide to divorce due to Michael's peasant heritage.

star 7.12
33 votes
The Perfect Match

#30 - The Perfect Match

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 7

Leslie's high school sweetheart returns from far off places to ask for her hand in marriage, to Kirk's obvious displeasure.

star 7.12
58 votes
George and the Old Maid

#31 - George and the Old Maid

Newhart Season 7 - Episode 10

The Inn's old maid, Madelyn Stone, returns after a 25 year absence to answer George's marriage proposal. Stephanie competes with Madelyn.

star 7.11
35 votes
Much Ado About Mitch

#32 - Much Ado About Mitch

Newhart Season 4 - Episode 11

George joins a Big Brother program and is dismayed when his young protege Mitch is awestruck by Dick's fast paced lifestyle. Michael and Stephanie use a Oujia board.

star 7.11
44 votes
Draw Partner

#33 - Draw Partner

Newhart Season 6 - Episode 20

Dick gets a chance to work with his favorite illustrator, Corinne Denby, while George & Joanna eagerly await the Inn's 5,000th guest.

star 7.11
37 votes
Twenty Year Itch

#34 - Twenty Year Itch

Newhart Season 3 - Episode 2

Joanna has a date, set 20 years earlier, with a former beau in New York. A jealous Dick tags along. An awful trumpet player serenades the inn while he prepares for an audition.

star 7.10
49 votes
Child in Charge

#35 - Child in Charge

Newhart Season 8 - Episode 15

Stephanie's parents buy WPIV for baby Stephanie. Dick refuses to pander to the child, forcing baby Steph to cancel Vermont Today in the middle of an interview with George McGovern.

star 7.09
35 votes
The Senator's Wife Was Indiscreet

#36 - The Senator's Wife Was Indiscreet

Newhart Season 1 - Episode 10

A U.S. Senator's wife checks into the inn and holds a press conference to announce she's divorcing her inattentive husband.

star 7.07
55 votes
Good Lord Loudon

#37 - Good Lord Loudon

Newhart Season 8 - Episode 7

A cash-strapped visiting dignitary makes Dick a royal Lord. After hearing of his good fortune, the townspeople's opinion of Dick jumps up a notch.

star 7.06
32 votes
The Nice Man Cometh

#38 - The Nice Man Cometh

Newhart Season 7 - Episode 14

Dick is picked to be the sidekick for a new late night talk show hosted by an abrasive man who has it in for Dick.

star 7.05
38 votes
The Prodigal Darryl

#39 - The Prodigal Darryl

Newhart Season 3 - Episode 21

Darryl runs off after he and his brother's win a contest for writing the best commerical jingle, netting them $30,000. Dick, Larry & the remaining Darryl search for the missing brother. Meanwhile, Joanna decorates the inn in Christmas decor for a Christmas card photo.

star 7.05
44 votes
Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter

#40 - Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter

Newhart Season 4 - Episode 20

On a lark, Dick submits his newest book to his publisher under the pseudonym he used when he first started writing, Dwight Schmidlapp, only to find it rejected. Dick sinks into a funk when he realizes he's 'coasting' in his writing career.

star 7.04
46 votes
Poor Reception

#41 - Poor Reception

Newhart Season 3 - Episode 7

After Michael is roped into hiring Stephanie as WPIV's receptionist, he can't bring himself to fire her. Meanwhile, Joanna hires Harley Estin as a temporary maid.

star 7.00
41 votes
Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up?

#42 - Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up?

Newhart Season 4 - Episode 18

Dick is thrilled when a production company expresses interest in making 'How to be a Plumber' into a video. His elation quickly dissipates when the producers decide to recast 'Dick Loudon' because of Dick's shifty eyes and stammer.

star 7.00
43 votes
The Big Uneasy

#43 - The Big Uneasy

Newhart Season 6 - Episode 19

Michael is tempted by a television executive during a conference in New Orleans.

star 7.00
38 votes
Seein' Double

#44 - Seein' Double

Newhart Season 8 - Episode 16

Michael announces plans to spice up WPIV's lineup with a new sitcom, Seein' Double starring Stephanie as identical twins Judy and Jody, with Dick as their crotchety widowed father.

star 6.82
34 votes
Desperate Sessions

#45 - Desperate Sessions

The Bob Newhart Show Season 5 - Episode 21

Bob is held hostage in his office by a friendly bank robber.

star 6.60
4 votes
Model Dearest

#46 - Model Dearest

Sledge Hammer! Season 2 - Episode 14

Dori poses as a model to get the dirt on a white slavery ring.

star 6.56
41 votes
Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?

#47 - Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came?

Sledge Hammer! Season 2 - Episode 16

To investigate the death of a prominent businessman, Sledge joins a weekend war gaming organization.

star 6.56
43 votes
The Secret of My Excess

#48 - The Secret of My Excess

Sledge Hammer! Season 2 - Episode 17

Sledge tries to find the whereabouts of a woman for the Governor.

star 6.41
39 votes
Grand Delusion

#49 - Grand Delusion

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 11

Bob and Emily celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a dream flight into the fantasy of being married to different partners.

star 6.33
2 votes
My Son the Comedian

#50 - My Son the Comedian

The Bob Newhart Show Season 6 - Episode 7

It's no laughing matter for Howard when his 12 year old son Howie announces he's leaving home to become a comedian.

star 5.75
3 votes