The Best Episodes Directed by Davis Guggenheim

Sold Under Sin

#1 - Sold Under Sin

Deadwood Season 1 - Episode 12

The U.S. Army--under General Crook a.k.a. "Custer's Avengers"--rolls into Deadwood, prompting a parade...and business solicitations from Farnum and Tolliver. Swearengen delivers a tortured soul from suffering; Bullock reacts decisively to Russell's intentions regarding Alma; Con Stapleton's new commission proves short-lived; Adams shows Clagett where his loyalties lie; and Bullock and Alma have a late-night meeting.

star 8.19
1676 votes
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Aging Bull

#2 - Aging Bull

NYPD Blue Season 3 - Episode 7

Sipowicz is annoyed when federal agents take over their investigation of the disappearance of a millionaire. Simone aids an old prizefighter friend, the guy who started him with birds, and who doesn't think he needs any help. A petty criminal from the past surfaces with information about the kidnapping, Sipowicz decides to act on it.

star 8.16
116 votes

#3 - Pilot

The Defenders (2010) Season 1 - Episode 1

Nick and Pete use whatever tactics necessary in order to defend a young man facing murder charges in a case unique to Vegas.

star 7.92
1090 votes
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Hollie and the Blowfish

#4 - Hollie and the Blowfish

NYPD Blue Season 3 - Episode 17

Simone makes contact with old snitch. Martinez and Medavoy catch a murder case involving "white magic." Russell is paired up with a "blow hard" (who also knows Andy) from the federal anti-drug unit, who's more interested in collecting overtime, than catching dealers. Simone's snitch helps to capture the drug dealers who killed a young girl with their crossfire. The "blow hard" mentions where they got their information to their suspect. Andy and Bobby both have conversations with the "blow hard" about his use of his mouth.

star 7.91
45 votes
Yes Sir, That's My Baby

#5 - Yes Sir, That's My Baby

NYPD Blue Season 4 - Episode 6

Andy and Bobby look into the death of a limo driver. A new detective joins the squad and her first case involves a man whose life is being threatened. Bobby gets the go ahead from Savino to pursue the further questioning of Henry. Diane puts it an appearance in the squad room and she can't figure how to talk to Bobby about her current assignment. Andy lodges a complaint against Geri that gets her moved upstairs and Gina downstairs. Bobby "interviews" Henry and gets the real story.

star 7.88
76 votes
Homeless for the Holidays

#6 - Homeless for the Holidays

ER Season 3 - Episode 10

Rumors sweep the ER when Kerry and Mark cloister themselves to discuss policy regarding HIV-positive employees, prompting Jeanie to publicize her illness. Charlie brings the child she has been caring for into the ER. Doug treats the cihld and feels obligated to report the child's mother for neglect. Doyle treats an abused woman, and conspires to help her escape her husband. Carter blows off an evening with Gant to spend the night with Keaton. Mark inherits a mangy dog from a patient and gives it to Rachel for Christmas. Carol and her mother host a Russian holiday celebration, to which Doug takes Charlie.

star 7.87
215 votes
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First Responders

#7 - First Responders

The Unit Season 1 - Episode 1

The Unit is a covert team of U.S. Special Forces operatives who must undertake missions around the world. The latest newcomer is Bob Brown who joins Jonas' team and they set out to rescue an airliner filled with European businessmen who have been hijacked by terrorists. Meanwhile, Bob's wife Kim is struggling with how much control the Unit has on her own personal life.

star 7.75
1224 votes
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Las Vegas v. Reid

#8 - Las Vegas v. Reid

The Defenders (2010) Season 1 - Episode 2

Nick works the system to free a single mother accused of running down a jogger; Pete helps a man who is down on his luck.

star 7.68
880 votes
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10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

#9 - 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

24 Season 1 - Episode 11

Palmer begins to form a connection between himself and Jack Bauer. Gaines meets with Drazen, the man behind the Palmer assassination plot. Drazen gives Gaines an unpleasant ultimatum that will result in the deaths of Teri and Kim. Jack's interrogation of Cofell goes awry, but he discovers another familiar face who can lead him to his family.

star 7.68
2481 votes
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#10 - Plague

Deadwood Season 1 - Episode 6

Bullock encounters native resistance in his quest to bring a murderer to justice. Swearengen presses a resentful Farnum to keep tabs on Alma and Trixie; the camp fathers pool their resources to dispatch riders after precious vaccine and build a sick tent; Cochran enlists Jane as a nurse; and Swearengen collaborates on an article appearing in the Deadwood Pioneer.

star 7.66
1910 votes
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#11 - Pilot

Numb3rs Season 1 - Episode 1

To help capture a serial rapist-turned-killer, FBI Special Agent Don Eppes recruits his genius brother Charlie, who uses a mathematical equation to identify the killer's point of origin by working back from the crime scene locations.

star 7.62
1152 votes
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Deep Water

#12 - Deep Water

Deadwood Season 1 - Episode 2

As suspicions arise that "road agents" may have been the true perpetrators of the massacre, Swearengen takes a special interest in the health of its sole survivor, a young girl ministered to by the unlikely team of Doc Cochran and Calamity Jane. Meanwhile, Bullock and Star attempt to buy property from Swearengen, who suspects an alliance between Hickok and these hardware boys. At the Grand Central Hotel, Brom Garret rethinks his recent investment, while his wife Alma medicates her anxieties. And as a confrontation brews over the young survivor, Hickok asks Bullock to cover his back in a tension filled poker game.

star 7.61
2490 votes
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Reconnoitering the Rim

#13 - Reconnoitering the Rim

Deadwood Season 1 - Episode 3

Competition arrives for Swearengen in the form of the Bella Union, a new gambling outfit from Chicago operated by savvy Cy Tolliver, Madame Joanie Stubbs and gaming guru Eddie Sawyer. Hickok puts up precious collateral in a poker game with McCall; Bullock and Star strike a deal with Swearengen on a lot for their store and, with help from Hickok and Utter, set to building; Brom threatens Swearengen with The Pinkertons before he and Dan Dority are dispatched to reconnoiter his claim.

star 7.59
2216 votes
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Poor Substitutes

#14 - Poor Substitutes

Party of Five Season 2 - Episode 13

After a woman mistakes Sarah for someone else's daughter, she decides to try to find her birth mother. They find her on the list and Bailey calls her behind Sarah's back. He meets her. She's an actress and she tells him that she doesn't want to meet her. Bailey tells Sarah that the woman in the list is not her mother, killing her hopes. Charlie tries to teach Owen how to poop in the potter so he can go to pre-school. Claudia is shocked when she finds out that Kristen is dating a guy. She tries to make Kristen come back to the family, but Kristen tells her that she has to move on. Justin's friend Allison comes from England to visit him. At first, Julia is jealous, but then they really get along. Allison comes on to Julia, who later reveals her secret. Julia advises Allison not to run away from her problems.

star 7.56
16 votes
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The Prophecy

#15 - The Prophecy

Alias Season 1 - Episode 16

Sydney is tested by the DSR to discover her mysterious link to a chilling 500-year-old picture and prophecy foretold in a Rambaldi manuscript. Meanwhile, after uncovering the identity of the rogue group leader, "The Man," Sloane learns through fellow Alliance of Twelve member Edward Poole that a close friend may be in cahoots with the enemy.

star 7.56
761 votes
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9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

#16 - 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.

24 Season 1 - Episode 10

Teri manages to call CTU using a stolen cell phone. She and Jack have an emotional conversation, but her signal dies before the call can be traced. Nina and Tony find themselves facing a new boss, Alberta Green, as they continue to secretly help Jack. Palmer's political associates begin to sweat as Carl plans to take serious action against Keith's therapist. Jack uncovers a new name from the key card that may lead him to Gaines.

star 7.53
2501 votes

#17 - Coyotes

The Shield Season 2 - Episode 10

When Lanie's report on the Barn is leaked to the press, everyone suddenly fears for their jobs, including David who's mentioned as the reason for most of the problems. Gilroy skips bail and winds up on Vic's doorstep looking for help, so while Vic and Shane deal with him Lemonhead is forced to show the newest member of the Strike Team the ropes. Meanwhile Claudette faces some of her own demons as she and Dutch try to uncover the culprit behind a possible robbery/homicide and Danny comes to a startling realization.

star 7.40
1201 votes
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Tenants (Pilot)

#18 - Tenants (Pilot)

Melrose Place (2009) Season 1 - Episode 1

In the updated version of the popular 1990s series, landlady Sydney Andrews has made herself into the a central figure in the lives of all her tenants, especially David Breck, the son of her ex, Dr. Michael Mancini. Other tenents include publicist Ella Simms; Auggie Kirkpatrick, a sous chef; Lauren Yung, a medical student; and Jonah Miller, an aspiring filmmaker.

star 6.78
194 votes
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