The BEST episodes directed by David Hasselhoff

Come Fly with Me
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#1 - Come Fly with Me

Baywatch - Season 9 - Episode 13

While Alex and Mitch are walking down the beach, they get a distress call. When they arrrive to the scene, a lot of people are coming out of the water holding their stomachs. Mitch thinks that the water has been polluted and immediately closes the beach. But the water is not polluted. It was just a hot dog vendor who sold bad hot dogs. At headquarters when they are taking care of the victims, Newmie answers the phone and when Mitch picks up the phone he is surprised to hear Tanner's voice. But the phone call is cut off. Later Tanner calls again and asks Mitch to pick him up. He gives him the address. Mitch arrive to the trailer and finds Blake on the floor and Tanner tied up on the bed. Also in the trailer are some mice and some snakes. Mitch takes Tanner with him, but before they leave, Blake wakes up for a little moment. He is awake long enough to see Mitch. Later during the evening when Tanner has cleaned himself up, Alex arrives and tells Mitch that he might have gotten himself int

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