The Best Episodes Directed by Craig David Wallace

The Grey-cation

#1 - The Grey-cation

Good Witch Season 5 - Episode 7

Martha and her husband, Tom, visit Grey House. Cassie and Sam realize that they still have some things to learn about one another. Donovan's overbearing mother complicates his and Abigail's relationship. Grace and Luke go on their first date.

star 8.05
141 votes
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The Treasure

#2 - The Treasure

Good Witch Season 5 - Episode 8

Cassie encourages Sam to keep his eyes open for mysteries to unlock, just as Martha unearths a long lost town charter with a hidden treasure map. Vincent heads out in search of the treasure, leading to an unexpected competition with another treasure seeker. Grace is hurt when she learns that Luke had been spying on Abigail for his aunt Donovan's mother, Dotty. Abigail continues to spar with her, until a crisis makes her reassess her relationship with Donovan. Meanwhile, Adam helps Stephanie with the launch of her food truck.

star 8.01
135 votes
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Brother’s Keeper

#3 - Brother’s Keeper

Murdoch Mysteries Season 12 - Episode 7

When Watts kills a man in self-defense and Murdoch uncovers the victim’s criminal past, questions surround Watts’ story.

star 7.88
173 votes
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Isn't That a Paradox?

#4 - Isn't That a Paradox?

Dark Matter Season 3 - Episode 9

When the Blink Drive self activates during a diagnostic, the Raza and its crew are transported through space and time.

star 7.87
3018 votes
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#5 - Rescue

Freakish Season 2 - Episode 9

Barrett and Grover discover a disturbing conspiracy. Those trapped in the fallout shelter might have found an escape route.

star 7.63
129 votes
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#6 - Haters

Freakish Season 2 - Episode 7

Barrett reveals shocking information to Grover that forever changes him. Violet must contend with new friends and new enemies.

star 7.48
128 votes
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#7 - Turning

Freakish Season 2 - Episode 10

The situation with the intruders reaches a boiling point. Violet puts herself in a dangerous position to save the others.

star 7.34
122 votes
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Sir. Sir? Sir!!!

#8 - Sir. Sir? Sir!!!

Murdoch Mysteries Season 12 - Episode 6

Murdoch investigates an astronomical phenomenon with a strange impact on his colleagues’ behaviour and dire implications for Toronto.

star 7.19
187 votes