The BEST episodes directed by Cortney Carrillo

Hitchcock & Scully
2433 votes

#1 - Hitchcock & Scully

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 6 - Episode 2

Jake and Charles investigate a case of Hitchcock and Scully’s from the 1980s. Amy’s uniformed officers and Terry’s detectives fight over limited resources.

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A Tale of Two Bandits
2174 votes

#2 - A Tale of Two Bandits

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 6 - Episode 5

Terry believes the Pontiac Bandit is stealing cars again, but Jake is convinced his friend wouldn’t do that. The rest of the squad fight to keep Shaw’s a police bar after some firemen stake their claim to it.

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Farnsby & B
425 votes

#3 - Farnsby & B

Ghosts (US) - Season 1 - Episode 18

As Sam and Jay await the arrival of their first official B&B guests, they face obstacles triggered by a Norse curse placed upon them by Thorfinn. Also, Isaac takes a huge, centuries-in-the-making step in his personal life.

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1923 votes

#4 - Manhunter

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 7 - Episode 1

Jake leads a manhunt after an assassination attempt on a city councilor. Holt adjusts to his new position as a uniformed officer.

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The Cookout
15 votes

#5 - The Cookout

Primo - Season 1 - Episode 2

A long-held family secret gets exposed at the annual Gonzales Family Labor Day Barbecue. Fireworks and a crossbow are also involved.

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The Good Ones
1610 votes

#6 - The Good Ones

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 8 - Episode 1

Amy returns from maternity leave. Jake and Rosa work a difficult case.

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