The BEST episodes directed by Colin Gilbert

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#1 - Swottin

Still Game - Season 3 - Episode 2

Jack and Vic feel their lives have become routine to the point of redundancy. Does salvation lie in Glasgow University's course in Medicial Proficiency, or will the lure of a 75p pint be too much? Meanwhile, Boaby's losing customers and can't get his hole in a barrel of fannies. Can a quiz night and a lovely new barmaid be the answer to both problems?

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#2 - Buntin'

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 8

Navid finds Pete 'the Jakey', Craiglang's answer to Barny Gumball, has been letting himself go, lately. It seems he's been going through the shopkeeper's rubbish for food. Is it, in fact, a giant rat, or is Pete plumbing every further depths of scabbydom? But soon he's seen in The Clansman clean-shaven and wearing a brand new suit. Has someone died, or is Pete suddenly involved in top-secret affairs of the state?

Who's the Daddy
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#3 - Who's the Daddy

Still Game - Season 4 - Episode 6

A story involving three men and a baby. The trouble is, the baby wants to knock down the Clansman Bar.

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#4 - Dug

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 9

Isa's unwelcome husband returns once more. Jack and Victor have a major falling-out: Victor's son John is as distant and uncaring as ever, while Jack has warm tears in his eyes when his daughter Mary in Canada sends him a video tape of her and the weans. Things are compounded when Jack is invited to fly out to Canada to visit. Will Victor end up on the plane, or have our boys finally had enough of one another? And Winston agrees to pose as Isa's fiancé in order to ward off her husband - but how far is he willing to go to maintain the illusion?

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Kill Wullie
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#5 - Kill Wullie

Still Game - Season 4 - Episode 1

Jack and Victor aren't sure what to make of it when one of their pals takes up with a woman half his age.

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#6 - Oot

Still Game - Season 3 - Episode 5

Archie (Sylvester McCoy), an old friend of J & V's, finally has to leave the place where he has been secluded for nearly half a century, never going outside. Now the council are knocking his place down, but are Jack and Victor the best guides to the new century? Winston is experimenting with turning his house into a cinema. Looks like the Towering Inferno's on at Osprey Heights...

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#7 - Ring

Still Game - Season 4 - Episode 4

Tam finally does the decent thing. He doesn't buy a pint; he decides to get married.

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#8 - Wireless

Still Game - Season 4 - Episode 2

Jack and Victor take up residence in the hospital as DJs. Navid, however, is about to encounter a more pressing problem.

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#9 - Doacters

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 3

Winston and Tam become love rivals over a gentle, lovely lady at the local library. But which one will win the fair lady's heart? Meanwhile, Jack and Victor are feeling depressed, and there's a new drug on trial at the health centre. They rehearse their scripts for when they get there to convince the doctor, but Jack's 'I'm depressed' face looks more like 'I'm constipated'.

Big Yin
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#10 - Big Yin

Still Game - Season 3 - Episode 4

The Neds (hooligans) begin a reign of terror in Craiglang. Jack and Victor contact an old friend to come to town and take matters in his giant-sized hands. If they can just keep him away from the Midori... Meanwhile, Winston's taking up a valued place at the local supermarket and suddenly finds that Craiglang has become a fair model for Sing Sing...

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#11 - Hatch

Still Game - Season 4 - Episode 5

Jack and Victor are fed up of Isa's constant prying, but the plan they hatch causes shock waves across Craiglang.

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Dial a Bus
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#12 - Dial a Bus

Still Game - Season 4 - Episode 3

Jack and Victor succumb to the lure of the Dial-A-Bus, but this one doesn't stop where they expected.

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#13 - Cairds

Still Game - Season 3 - Episode 3

Boaby bars Jack & Vic & Co. from the Clansman. Turning Osprey Heights into a mini Las Vegas, Tam wins Joe's motor-wheelchair. However, plans are afoot to win it back, while Winston's feud with the bookies reaches a hilarious climax...

173 votes

#14 - Scran

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 6

The workies on the new building site are generating a lot of money for Craiglang's local economy - all of it flowing into the dubious hands of Vince Gallagher the Clydeside poisoner! Winston has a plan to take things into his own hands. With a major boost of Navid's shop being free while he's away on holiday, a turf war begins. There can be only one winner.

171 votes

#15 - Tappin'

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 5

Craiglang has never had it so good; everyone's suddenly come into money. There's rumours of a money-dealer newly arrived in Craiglang. Even Jack and Victor decide to get in on the action by buying stock market shares from Navid at the corner shop. Winston and Tam renew their feud with the local Neds, and decide the only way to solve things is to challenge them to a championship gold tournament: winner takes course!

144 votes

#16 - Brief

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 4

Jack and Victor club together to out-bid Manky Franky to win themselves Danny's old motor. But their new freedom comes at a price, and will Tam, at long last, finally get his come-uppance?

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#17 - Aff

Still Game - Season 3 - Episode 6

For once Winston's complaint to the social office is genuine, and now has a foot that can stun even the most heartless of people into abject silence. Meanwhile, Jack devises a scheme to finally get the attention of his estranged son in Johannesburg. But things go wrong when he actually turns up to see his 'sick' father. Will things come to a climax, or will father and son remain more distant than ever?

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#18 - Cuts

Rab C Nesbitt - Season 10 - Episode 3

Jamesie's philandering ways finally catch up with him when he learns he is about to become a father - and when he comes clean to Ella, she performs a spot of amateur surgery on her unfaithful husband. Meanwhile, Rab ends up in the next hospital bed to his friend after an accident with the cake knife at Peaches' birthday party.

187 votes

#19 - Waddin'

Still Game - Season 1 - Episode 5

Navid is giving out invitations to what promises to be the wedding of the year in Craiglang. They're as rare and desired as Willy Wonka's golden tickets - so why don't Jack and Victor have one? And what are they to do when an old friend - and notorious tapper - 'dies', and the chance to slip back a few items presents itself?

209 votes

#20 - Cauld

Still Game - Season 1 - Episode 3

Winter arrives in Craiglang with a vengeance. Jack and Victor find an old friend of theirs drops dead of the cold - is it time to take part in Winston's nerfarious scheme to steal 'leccy?

210 votes

#21 - Faimly

Still Game - Season 1 - Episode 2

Victor's son John calls from Jo'burg and is planning a visit. Is he, as Jack says, setting himself up for a fall? When John leaves an unclear message on the phone, they enlist the help of their mate with superhuman hearing, Shug, to help out. Meanwhile Winston's embroiled in a war over gigot chops; and is Glasgow city station the paradise Jack remembers?

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#22 - Hoaliday

Still Game - Season 3 - Episode 1

Jack and Victor kick off series 3 in an opening episode that picks up where the last episode of series 2 left off - the boys are flying to Canada to visit Jack's family. The boys are having a time of it - with a belated dose of jetlag - and take in the marvels of Gutbusters, Niagra Falls, Ice Hockey and tacky souvenirs. Soon the time looms for them to come home - or is it? And, back in Craiglang, there's a new man in Isa's life...

5 votes

#23 - Fugue

Rab C Nesbitt - Season 10 - Episode 2

The bottom falls out of the cleaning business, so Mary and Ella put their singing talents to good use by forming a girl band - and after a successful first gig, they set their sights on winning Govan's Got Talent. Meanwhile, Rab and Jamesie set themselves up as `Hunks for Hire', sexy male cleaners for bored housewives - and a misleading advert means they get plenty of interest.

165 votes

#24 - Shooglies

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 7

After an unusually expensive meal, Jack and Victor decide to take a literal trip down memory lane, when they visit a new exhibition in the city centre dedicated to the Glasgow of their childhood. They meet an old friend, Frank McCallum. But is he all that he appears to be?

186 votes

#25 - Scones

Still Game - Season 1 - Episode 6

Tam, the tapping king of Craiglang, has fallen on his feet with his latest win: a lifetime's free supply of film tickets and confectionary. Not to be outdone, our boys set out to win a slogan competition. Meanwhile, an old face from Isa's past returns...

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#26 - Gairden

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 1

The Neds have colonised the local park and Jack and Victor aren't happy about it. Winston decides to take matters into his own hands. Things aren't helped by the fact that their old pal Ronnie is in the loony bin, so they pose as his brothers to secure his release. But will they make it in time, and will auld Ronnie be up to the challenge of sanity?

191 votes

#27 - Courtin'

Still Game - Season 1 - Episode 4

Jack realises how long it's been since his wife died and starts to find new love with a lovely woman in the city centre. But to win the fair lady's heart, a double date is in order. What will Victor do when he sees Barbara's sister, and what will he do when it turns out that all isn't as it seems with Barbara?

285 votes

#28 - Flittin'

Still Game - Season 1 - Episode 1

Jack and Victor: together again, for the first time! The problem is Jack's having problems with his neighbours, and Victor's neighbour rolls over and joins the choir invisible. Will the DHSS listen to Robbie Burns, or will our heroes be kept apart? And as for What the Vicar saw...

187 votes

#29 - Wummin

Still Game - Season 2 - Episode 2

Winston, a lifetime expert at fiddling the DHSS, takes his game one step-up, in the form of pretty home-helper Mrs. Begg . Our boys are quickly smitten. But can Winston keep up the pretence for long? Meanwhile, Jack and Victor now got their newly-widowed friend, Bert Finlay, to worry about. He's not managing: he walks around town like a jakie and can't even boil an egg for himself. A situation horribly familiar to both the boys, they decide to make sure to do right by their old friend before it's too late.

31 votes

#30 - Role

Rab C Nesbitt - Season 10 - Episode 5

Peaches chooses Rab as her role model for a school project, but when he recognises her teacher as a fellow member of his self-help group, he wonders how he can live up to her expectations when Miss Carruth knows he likes more than a tipple. Jamesie hits 60 and starts a much-needed business venture - a crack den for OAPs.

8 votes

#31 - Broke

Rab C Nesbitt - Season 10 - Episode 1

When Rab returns home he finds out that Mary has kidnapped the government minister for work as revenge for losing her job. The couple have no idea what to do next when and after a full-scale siege develops, they are believed to be terrorists.

32 votes

#32 - Fight

Rab C Nesbitt - Season 10 - Episode 4

The drop-in centre falls victim to council cuts, so Rab fights back, but when a spot on local radio and a meeting with the council leader amount to nothing, he feels it is time for a grand public gesture - burning himself at the stake. As the string-vested hero prepares to become Govan's answer to Joan of Arc, Mary wastes no time in getting herself a new flame as she considers starting an affair with one of her cleaning clients.

31 votes

#33 - Stool

Rab C Nesbitt - Season 10 - Episode 6

The new minister arrives at Rab's church with two serious drawbacks - she is a woman and English.