The BEST episodes directed by Charlie Bean

Speed Demon
23 votes

#1 - Speed Demon

The Powerpuff Girls - Season 2 - Episode 23

After a long week of school the girls' get a long weekend to go to the Bahamas. Buttercup dares them to race home and when they do they travel 50 years into the future.

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The Renegade (1)
910 votes

#2 - The Renegade (1)

Tron: Uprising - Season 1 - Episode 1

In the premiere episode, "The Renegade Part 1," Beck's training with Tron is interrupted when he's captured by a Recognizer patrol and sent to the Coliseum to fight in the games. There Beck meets a fellow prisoner Cutler, a fierce warrior program who has been inspired by The Renegade's actions. Recharged by their shared passion for freedom, Beck and Cutler fight their way out of the deadly disc games. Meanwhile, Zed and Mara head out for night on the town, but run into trouble when an enchanted Zed is lured away by Perl (voiced by Kate Mara), a program from the wrong side of the tracks.

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Buy One, Get One Free
2 votes

#3 - Buy One, Get One Free

What a Cartoon - Season 1 - Episode 33

A man named Reilly gets a cat named Flinch in order to impress a female cat lover named Sofie and threatens the cat that if there is a scratch on anything while he's away, he will send him to the violin factory. It won't be easy when Sophie leaves Flinch a feline playmate named Fix that ends up wrecking everything.

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The Renegade (2)
900 votes

#4 - The Renegade (2)

Tron: Uprising - Season 1 - Episode 2

While Mara works with Zed to get the Chief's rare bike back, Beck must figure out a way to release his friend from a death sentence and allow the resistance to begin again with recruiting.

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The Two Faces of Squidward
133 votes

#5 - The Two Faces of Squidward

SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 5 - Episode 33

Squidward is rushed to the hospital when SpongeBob accidentally slams the door on Squidward's face.

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Cootie Gras
22 votes

#6 - Cootie Gras

The Powerpuff Girls - Season 2 - Episode 18

Harry Pitt has the cooties and everyone in Pokey Oaks are avoiding him including the Powerpuff Girls.

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Imaginary Fiend
25 votes

#7 - Imaginary Fiend

The Powerpuff Girls - Season 2 - Episode 17

A new kid at Pokey Oaks named Mike Believe is very unpopular with his classmates, so he creates an imaginary friend for himself who turns out to be an imaginary fiend.

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Film Flam
31 votes

#8 - Film Flam

The Powerpuff Girls - Season 4 - Episode 1

A sleazy director comes to Townsville to make a movie about the Powerpuff Girls.

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Mojo Jonesin'
19 votes

#9 - Mojo Jonesin'

The Powerpuff Girls - Season 2 - Episode 24

The kids at Pokey Oaks really like The Powerpuff Girls, so Mojo gives a few kids a dose of chemical X.

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