The Best Episodes Directed by Catherine Millar


#1 - Hurricane

Flipper (1995) Season 4 - Episode 9

A hurricane is headed towards Bal Harbour.

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Episode 503

#2 - Episode 503

Prisoner: Cell Block H Season 6 - Episode 87

Joyce is feeling the pressure of governorship when trying to handle many jobs at once. Reb seems to make a good impression on the women, saying not much will change from what Myra did, but the wolf in sheep's clothing is just beginning to emerge...Frank is hauled off to solitary after Geoff and Matt say he was the one who punched officer Bailey in the fight. While in solitary, he gets his first taste of the Wentworth women, groping Pixie. Sam is discovered to have a different name and her mother has been traced. Meg's mental state is in tatters after the news of Phil's death and blocks out everyone, even Ann. Reb's plans to get rid of Len are put into action, using Lou as bait. Reb's offer for drugs in the prison leave Myra red faced and some of the women happy, except Marlene, who falls ill after she is slipped coke in some buscuits.

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Episode 504

#3 - Episode 504

Prisoner: Cell Block H Season 6 - Episode 88

Ann realises that she must agree to let the men and women mix, or Joan will be appointed Governor. Marlene is believed to have been poisoned but ann thinks something more sinister is happening. Lou regrets agreeing to be the bait for Len, and tells Reb she won't be helping her, but Reb says otherwise. The Sarah Higgins murder case is being dropped. New prisoner 'Jane Doe' arrives at Wentworth, refusing to say a word, holding a prayer book for comfort. Meg agrees to see a counsellor for her troubles and reveals the pregnancy was caused by rape. Reb's lies are spread everywhere, she blames Lou for the dope slipped to Marlene. Geoff is openly sick of Frank's treatement of Matt and gives him a blow to the stomach to hammer the message to him. The men and the new prisoner are finally brought into with the women, Myra shunning Geoff, Frank fraternising with every woman and Lou taunting the new arrival.

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Episode 511

#4 - Episode 511

Prisoner: Cell Block H Season 7 - Episode 6

Len is promptly framed for Pixie's rape and he is shifted off to another prison, as a prisoner. Sam requests a visit to her mother but it is rejected. Dennis returns after his suspension is lifted. A fight erupts between Matt and Frank as Frank gives Matt the details of how he raped Pixie.

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Episode 512

#5 - Episode 512

Prisoner: Cell Block H Season 7 - Episode 7

Sam considers escaping to see her mother. Marlene cops it good and sweet from Lexie after a reaction about her mother, who was a prostitute. With Myra away, Lou takes over as top dog, showing everyone who's boss, including Joan. Bobbie is told to get ready for some shocking news by the governor...

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Episode 82

#6 - Episode 82

Heartbreak High Season 4 - Episode 17

Mr. Summers announces a new Creative Marketing Project which sees the kids pair up to create and market environmentally friendly products from their original ideas. While Matt and Bolton push their "Bolton's Beads", Danielle markets Declan's repackaged musical talents, while Katerina's perfume endeavour fizzles. Meanwhile, Stassy and Allie's project is threatened by Stassy's father's steadfast refusal to allow his daughter to work after school or go to the final presentations at the Shark Pool. Stassy goes behind her father's back to attend the presentations but when he finds out (her picture was in the newspaper), their heated argument culminates in Stassy leaving home.

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Episode 75

#7 - Episode 75

Heartbreak High Season 4 - Episode 10

Danielle is disgusted when she and Declan stumble upon Matt and Stassy secretly kissing in the school gym. She wrestles with her conscience - she should tell her best friend Allie but is stopped by Declan who thinks they should mind their own business. Stassy has come to the bitter realisation that her moment with Matt was simply a diversion for him and that he is still in love with Allie. She is even more humiliated when she is asked to interpret Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" which reflects with bitter irony her own life. With pressure coming from all angles Stassy is bound to crack, but where will that leave Matt & Allie? When June Dyson's son Gary makes an unexpected visit he and Bolton forge an unlikely friendship. However, Bolton finds himself in the middle of a family feud and it seems that he could be the one to fix it.

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Barbarians at the Gate

#8 - Barbarians at the Gate

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 22

The explorers are caught in the middle of a war between Tribue, with gunpowder in toe, and Drakul and his barbaric raiders. One of them will be lost, possibly forever, when this battle reaches its cliffhanger!

star 8.74
68 votes
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Episode 90

#9 - Episode 90

Heartbreak High Season 4 - Episode 25

With his parents making plans to divorce, Charlie falls into the clutches of a cult, the "Deliverance Movement". Katerina asks Stassy for her help (she was very briefly involved with them) to get Charlie out, and along with Matt, Bolton, and Declan, they rescue Charlie from the cult's commune. Helen is irked by Roberto's laissez-faire attitude towards their impending 20th anniversary and petty jealousies about one another's coworkers only add to the Bordino's domestic dilemmas. Feeling squeezed out by Matt's arrival at the warehouse, Danielle asks Declan about the possibility of moving in with him and his mother. Declan turns her down stating that his mother would feel embarrassed but Danielle quickly realises that Declan is not telling her the truth.

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Reaching Home

#10 - Reaching Home

A Place To Call Home Season 6 - Episode 10

The 1950s come to an end at Ash Park, bringing with it love, forgiveness and acceptance for the Bligh family.

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70 votes
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Lie Deep

#11 - Lie Deep

A Place To Call Home Season 5 - Episode 11

Frank and Roy discover an inebriated Jack still suffering from Sir Richard's public humiliation of him. Henry and Sarah prepare for an autopsy, and Sarah begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Meanwhile, Anna and Henry find comfort in each other.

star 8.33
100 votes
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In Memoriam

#12 - In Memoriam

A Place To Call Home Season 5 - Episode 12

The Bligh family must deal with some deep ethical questions. The family must now make a decision: do they reveal the truth, or do they remain quiet and keep Sir Richard safely out of their lives?

star 8.26
111 votes
The Beast Within

#13 - The Beast Within

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 10

While out in the jungle, Malone is hit in the neck with a poisoned dart and dies. A shaman, Lento, heals him and Malone is brought back to life, but Lento has been driven mad. He is sentenced to die by his village, but Malone rescues him. Summerlee is kept captive and will die unless Malone, Roxton and Challenger can bring Lento back. Lento leads them a merry chase, having booby-trapped the jungle, but the men do eventually catch up to him , and he is killed. In the meantime, back at the treehouse, Veronica and Marguerite have had a huge fight, and wind up down an old well, with a hungry dinosaur waiting for them above and snakes, water and each other, in the hole!

star 8.23
69 votes
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The Chosen One

#14 - The Chosen One

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 21

Teenage Gideon and his mentor Davos are on a mission to fulfill the boy's destiny of leading his tribe of Moya out of the bondage of the evil Goths. Roxton and Marguerite come upon them, just as Davos is fatally wounded in a Goth attack. Before he dies, Davos charges Roxton with ensuring Gideon and the ""Star of Hope"" quarterstaff he carries, reach their destination. What they discover is that Gideon has been taken from his parents as a child, raised by monks, and chosen to lead his people from the isolated caves where they have hidden for a generation. The time has come for him to take his rightful place... but he has been betrayed, his mentor murdered. Roxton resolves to escort the boy back to his people. Marguerite reluctantly goes along. The trio meets up with Gideon's brother Lucas and they reach the Moyan elders. Unfortunately, they discover the Goths won't rest until the Moyans and their friends are dead. At the Treehouse, Malone bonds with a woman named Kaya who kisses him ...

star 8.16
95 votes
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Out of Time

#15 - Out of Time

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 8

Roxton, Marguerite and Malone are mapping a series of caves, trying to find one that leads off the plateau without much luck. Marguerite, all the while, has been gathering gleaming gemstones in her backpack. At least she will not go back empty handed. A fog begins to fill the air around them...dense...deep fog. From out of the mist forms take shape: cloaked figures and eerie rock formations, encircling a stone slab. They find themselves surrounded by Druid-like figures who swarm over Marguerite. Roxton tries desperately to protect her, but she is torn from his grasp. The two men are restrained and Marguerite is carried away and deposited on the stone slab. It turns out that Marguerite figures in an ancient prophecy and that her fate has finally caught up with her, here. What it means, she must discover for herself, but it involves retrieving a sacred jemstone. She, along with Roxton and Malone, must go through several obstacles like headhunters and a leap of faith to accomplish Marguer

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100 votes
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A Higher Court

#16 - A Higher Court

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 10

Franky's parole hearing is brought forward. Under the pump and certain that Ferguson is planning to ambush her chances, Franky offends former lover Kim, who retaliates by planting drugs, in the form of heroin-filled balloons, in Franky's cell. Faced with an imminent cell toss, Franky has no option but to swallow the evidence. So Franky fronts the parole board, under-prepared, and with a gutful of heroin that may just kill her. But Ferguson has a surprise planned, and just when it seems parole might be possible. Meanwhile, Doreen faces an agonising choice. Does she keep her baby in prison with her? Or does she ask her sister to take care of Joshua, and get him out of Ferguson's reach for good?

star 8.11
517 votes
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Cave of Fear

#17 - Cave of Fear

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 5

Challenger, Malone and Veronica are searching for sulfur, in order to make more gunpowder, when they walk into a burial ground. They are attacked by warriors in black and white paint who capture Challenger. That night the group sneaks into the warriors' find Challenger sitting quietly and drinking tea with a beautiful blonde woman named Cassandra. She and her husband had been part of an early expedition, also stranded and found by the warriors tribe twelve years ago; they were soon made king and queen there. She tells our group that going onto the burial grounds was considered taboo, and for this Challenger would have to remain captive for life. The only way they can save him is by going to the Cave of Fear and retrieving her husband's bones for burial. They set off, but soon discover why the cave is avoided ~ it's walls are covered in a hallucinogenic fungus, wtih a really nasty additional effect. It drives those affected to suicide - which Cassandra apparently knew when

star 8.05
105 votes
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Demons of the Dark

#18 - Demons of the Dark

A Place To Call Home Season 5 - Episode 6

Sarah is plunged into a dark place and must confront the demons of her past. Larry is taught a valuable lesson and is redeemed. Anna and Carolyn realise that Regina may deserve their trust.

star 8.04
120 votes
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Knives Out

#19 - Knives Out

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 3

Franky's under fire. With her supply cut and her powerbase decimated, she's on her own when prisoners come after her to claim what they're owed. Bridget identifies Franky as someone she could really help, but Franky refuses to engage, venting her frustration by trashing the Education Unit. Meanwhile Bea is concerned at the police interest in Will, and shocked when he makes a startling confession.

star 8.02
507 votes
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Dead Air

#20 - Dead Air

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 2 - Episode 11

There's a new wireless in the Fisher household, but there's a murder on the airwaves. Dot suffers the realisation that she doesn't want to relinquish working for Miss Fisher when she marries.

star 8.01
141 votes
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Episode 62

#21 - Episode 62

Heartbreak High Season 3 - Episode 10

Tim gets Jodie a record deal but Con is left on the outside looking in when the company assigns her a new manager. Katerina pushes herself in preparation for her audition for a national dance company. Steve gets an opportunity to work at a local newspaper but his first assignment goes badly forcing his editor to use his damning pictures of Tim as part of a story on the fallen singer. As his friends fill out their university forms, Matt contemplates what he wants to do with his life. Rivers tries using Katerina to make Sam jealous.

star 8.00
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Episode 91

#22 - Episode 91

Heartbreak High Season 4 - Episode 26

With HSC exams just a few short days away, Bolton rallies his classmates to make their Muck-Up Day an event to remember. Events however go horribly wrong when a fire breaks out in the school computer lab and Dyson eyes Matt as her prime suspect — and threatens to withdraw the entire class's HSC eligibility unless the culprit comes forward. Fortunately, while reviewing the video Charlie made of the days events, Katerina spots the real perpetrator (he's an old friend of Matt's who was kicked out of school and returned to settle the score) and Matt is exonerated. Charlie proposes to Katerina, but after her acceptance, they both begin to have second thoughts about the commitment and decide to put off their nuptials — much to Roberto's delight. The gang decide to create a time capsule to mark the year's end, and after burying it, Danielle announces to her friends that she's decided to take a reporter's job offered to her by a television station in Wollongong.

star 8.00
2 votes
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Slayer's Return

#23 - Slayer's Return

Beastmaster Season 3 - Episode 7

Dar embarks on a mission to save a wolf named Slayer and destroy King Rolan, a grotesque ancient monster who seeks rebirth through Zuraya's child.

star 8.00
3 votes
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The Pirate's Curse

#24 - The Pirate's Curse

The Lost World Season 2 - Episode 19

Marguerite and Roxton are enjoying an intimate moment, when suddenly the earth moves! They find themselves sprawled in the bottom of a pit, with a pirate's skeleton and his cursed treasure chest filled with a fortune in booty. Unimpressed by a little curse, Marguerite takes it to the Treehouse. Challenger and Malone find the pirate's journal, and decide to unravel his story. Traveling to the described inland sea, they are ambushed by pirate descendant Pappin, who seizes the journal. He sends his men to find the treasure, then shackles Malone in a tidal cave, leaving Challenger tied up in his shack

star 7.98
43 votes
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Liars, Guns and Money (3): Plan B

#25 - Liars, Guns and Money (3): Plan B

Farscape Season 2 - Episode 21

Crichton turns himself over to Scorpius in order to free Jothee. With all the mercenaries now aboard Moya, the crew form a plan to rescue Crichton and destroy the depository.

star 7.96
998 votes
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Do Not Go Gently

#26 - Do Not Go Gently

A Place To Call Home Season 5 - Episode 5

Jack and Henry butt heads about informing Douglas of his prognosis. In Canberra, Sarah attends a political function and experiences a post traumatic stress episode.

star 7.95
113 votes
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Time after Time

#27 - Time after Time

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 16

Though the explorers find a gateway that can transport them back home, following them are enemies: one who doesn't want them to return, and one who does but wants them to bring a deadly virus with them.

star 7.94
67 votes
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Death on the Vine

#28 - Death on the Vine

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Season 2 - Episode 10

When Phryne arrives at an idyllic vineyard to investigate a suspicious death, hostile townsfolk do everything they can to drive her out of town, and Hugh prepares for a perfect proposal.

star 7.91
140 votes
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#29 - Resurrection

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 19

After days of searching the mountains for a pass off the plateau, Roxton and Marguerite are camped for the night when they are taken by surprise by Norse warriors. Roxton is run through with a sword by the leader, Ursula. As he sinks to his knees, Marguerite is hauled off by the raiders. Near death, Roxton is visited by a mystical young boy named Osric, who offers a deal. Osric will restore Roxton's life so he can save Marguerite. However, there is a catch. Roxton agrees to the deal and Marguerite is saved. It turns out that Osric is the soul of evil who has been imprisoned on the Lost World. He reappears and gleefully informs Roxton that he must murder Bergen, an old man with a long-standing hold over the boys' manipulative intentions. Roxton refuses to kill the old man, but Osric has many deadly ways to get what he wants. Meanwhile, Malone and Veronica must defend their Treehouse from a band of cutthroats who will stop at nothing to take it from them.

star 7.91
70 votes
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Boys in the Yard

#30 - Boys in the Yard

Wentworth Season 2 - Episode 3

Following the failure of Harry to avenge their daughter’s death, Bea hatches a daring plot to lure Brayden Holt to the jail.

star 7.90
520 votes
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#31 - Birthright

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 18

Deep in the jungle, Marguerite, Challenger and Malone come upon a half-buried, mummified corpse. They are shocked when it shows signs of life. They learn the would-be corpse, Ramses, is Egyptian royalty. He weaves a tale about a wonderful kingdom with untold riches and how he was to become king. He then enlists our heroes in a plan to reclaim the throne he says has been stolen from him by his sister, Nefertiti. After agreeing to help, the three discover there is more to the dispute than Ramses is revealing. He rules with an iron fist, enslaving his former enemies. He blinds his sister, and leave her to die. Marguerite, Challenger and Malone help her escape. The adventurers decide they must defeat Ramses by convincing the true heir, Nefertiti, to accept the responsibility of rule, and helping her regain control. Meanwhile, Summerlee is relentlessly pursued by a T-Rex after she mistakenly believes him responsible for the death of her babies. Roxton and Veronica must help their friend or

star 7.90
68 votes
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The Danger Within

#32 - The Danger Within

Wentworth Season 2 - Episode 4

Simmo warns Bea of an impending hit against her by the Holts, in retaliation for her attack on Brayden. With the induction of three new prisoners into Wentworth, Bea is jumping at shadows, not sure from which of them will attack.

star 7.88
534 votes
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Darkness and Light

#33 - Darkness and Light

A Place To Call Home Season 6 - Episode 3

Dawn's funeral brings healing for some, while the consequences of Henry's accident brings soul-searching for others.

star 7.88
72 votes
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Dead Man's Hill

#34 - Dead Man's Hill

The Lost World Season 3 - Episode 7

When Roxton happens upon a hangman's noose dangling from a lonely tree in the jungle, he's suddenly transported back to the American West where he finds himself at the end of the rope. Facing him is Challenger, but in this world he's known as Sheriff Jack Challenger, a cruel lawman who neither recognizes Roxton nor listens to his plea of innocence. Saved by a rancher's widow, Roxton begins a strange journey to clear his name and find his way back to the Lost World. Along the way he runs into all of his friends but none of them recognize him -- Malone is a cold-hearted gunslinger, Veronica runs the local saloon and trading post, and Marguerite is the beautiful widow who saved Roxton's life. As Roxton struggles to make sense of it all, he is drawn to a final showdown in the saloon, where he must face his friends in a deadly shootout.

star 7.87
69 votes
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Freak Show

#35 - Freak Show

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 9

Amid further allegations she manipulated Jodie Spiteri to horrifically self-harm, Ferguson angles to remove her most ardent accuser, Bridget Westfall. The arrival of Doreen's newborn heralds dark times for mother and child. Meanwhile, Bea finds herself at her lowest ebb as she realises the toll the war against Ferguson is having on those closest to her. Nearing the point of stepping down as top dog, she is thrown a lifeline from an unlikely ally. Finally, after much agonising, Vera is unable to deny to herself the truth about Ferguson.

star 7.86
467 votes
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Righteous Acts

#36 - Righteous Acts

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 4

After being slotted for an aggressive confrontation with Ferguson, Liz's world is rocked with the arrival of a new prisoner. Franky has commenced her sessions with Bridget, and in a candid moment admits to a desire for revenge against Bea. When Bea is shivved in the yard, Franky comes under suspicion, but Bea quickly realises Jodie, freshly released from the Slot where she was terrorised by Ferguson, was behind the attack at the Governor's behest.

star 7.85
506 votes
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My Three Crichtons

#37 - My Three Crichtons

Farscape Season 2 - Episode 10

A strange globe appears on Moya, sucking in Crichton and duplicating him creating two additional people. One who is a de-evolved 'cave man' and another who has increased mental ability.

star 7.82
895 votes
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Abo Imo Pectore

#38 - Abo Imo Pectore

Harrow Season 2 - Episode 1

[From the Deepest Chest] Harrow recovers from a near-fatal shooting and returns immediately to work, investigating the tragic puzzle of a young mother's psychotic episode while trying to figure out who shot him.

star 7.80
343 votes
Liars, Guns and Money (2): With Friends Like These...

#39 - Liars, Guns and Money (2): With Friends Like These...

Farscape Season 2 - Episode 20

Scorpius buys the slaves containing D'Argo's son before D'Argo can. Some of the crew leave Moya in search of mercenaries to rescue Jothee. Meanwhile back on Moya, the stolen money has turned into metal eating spiders that begin to consume Moya.

star 7.78
961 votes
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Against the Tide

#40 - Against the Tide

A Place To Call Home Season 6 - Episode 4

Will Sarah, George and Jack's investigation into Henry's accident lead to another tragedy?

star 7.75
76 votes
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The Impostors

#41 - The Impostors

The Lost World Season 3 - Episode 17

Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite take Finn to a cave where one year earlier a blinding light opened a doorway to another reality. Once inside, the explorers witness an eerie apparition of a man Finn recognizes and fears. But when Finn races from the cave, the three figures who follow are not her friends-they're Kayle, Una, and Rixxel, three demons who have taken the place of Challenger, Roxton, and Marguerite. If the demons can remain on the Plateau for two days, they will permanently replace the explorers, and Kayle will be free to bring chaos and destruction to the world. In the final deadly showdown between Finn and the demons, Finn must make the decision of her life-save the future or save her friends. Until an unexpected sacrifice changes everything…

star 7.72
71 votes
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Losing Time

#42 - Losing Time

Farscape Season 3 - Episode 9

The crew of Moya start blacking out and missing portions of time. Pilot becomes inhabited by another entity who needs to 'taste' each crew member to determine if they too are being inhabited.

star 7.71
829 votes
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Life Longs for Itself

#43 - Life Longs for Itself

A Place To Call Home Season 6 - Episode 9

Sarah challenges Jack to communicate with Carolyn. Anna gives birth, bringing joy to the family but can it also bring healing to her parents? Olivia returns with unexpected news.

star 7.64
70 votes
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Audere Est Facere

#44 - Audere Est Facere

Harrow Season 2 - Episode 2

[To Dare Is to Do] Harrow investigates the death of two base jumpers while Fern deals with the fallout of her arrest on serious drug allegations.

star 7.61
300 votes
The Girl Who Waited

#45 - The Girl Who Waited

Wentworth Season 1 - Episode 3

Bea is caught up in the brutal rivalry between Franky and Jacs while Erica struggles to gain the support of the officers.

star 7.61
668 votes
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Episode 6

#46 - Episode 6

The Secrets She Keeps Season 1 - Episode 6

Agatha is on the run with Baby Rory. Will Meghan get her baby boy back?

star 7.57
67 votes
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The Things We Do

#47 - The Things We Do

Wentworth Season 1 - Episode 4

After Toni forces her daughter Kaiya to smuggle heroin into the prison, she is harassed by the women and her daughter goes into cardiac arrest. Doreen and Boomer conspire over home brew that has been fermenting for months. Bea begins to doubt whether she can take on Jacs after Jacs threatens the life of Debbie. Liz is told that her parole is being looked over and she organises an afternoon for the ladies to talk about their problems. We discover that Liz is an alcoholic and after drinking all the home brew and reveals her story - she killed her mother-in-law. Erica and Vera butt heads over the running of the prison. Will continues his search for Meg's killer and discovers Matt and Meg had a peculiar relationship.

star 7.54
598 votes
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Episode 2

#48 - Episode 2

The Secrets She Keeps Season 1 - Episode 2

Meghan's explosive secret comes to light. With Meghan's due date brought forward, Agatha must step up her plans.

star 7.53
76 votes
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Ut Biberent Quoniam Esse Nollent

#49 - Ut Biberent Quoniam Esse Nollent

Harrow Season 3 - Episode 5

[Let Them Drink, Since They Won't Eat] As Harrow's attempts to reconnect with his son are frustrated, Fern and James grow closer. The baffling deaths of two teens sharpen Harrow's concern for his own children.

star 7.49
181 votes
Episode 5

#50 - Episode 5

The Secrets She Keeps Season 1 - Episode 5

At a vigil for Baby Ben, Meghan and Agatha come face-to-face. Agatha panics over Baby Rory's deteriorating health.

star 7.37
70 votes
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Ne Puero Gladium

#51 - Ne Puero Gladium

Harrow Season 3 - Episode 6

[Don't Give a Sword to a Boy] While pressure mounts on Harrow to stop defending his son James, two baffling deaths demand all his wit and courage to solve—before another life is lost.

star 7.33
172 votes
Episode 1

#52 - Episode 1

The Secrets She Keeps Season 1 - Episode 1

Heavily pregnant supermarket shelf-stacker Agatha is obsessed with Meghan Shaughnessy's seemingly perfect life. But is there more to her covetous gaze than simply admiration?

star 7.28
93 votes
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Unnatural Selection

#53 - Unnatural Selection

The Lost World Season 1 - Episode 15

Challenger, Roxton, and Veronica come upon an old friend of Challengers, who resembles the sadistic ""creator"" Dr. Moreau. Elsewhere, Summerlee, Malone, and Marguerite meet an elderly woman who has a radio headset.

star 6.77
69 votes
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Episode 61

#54 - Episode 61

Heartbreak High Season 3 - Episode 9

Jodie's infatuation with singer/songerwriter Tim Beckett is shaken when the self-confessed alcoholic starts drinking again. Katerina convinces Deloraine to let her sell healthier food to the students but her upstart effort is challenged by competition from Con's hot dog stand. Andrew confronts Sam about her past affair with Peter and confesses his own jealousy. Allie feels like she's being shut out by her friends because of her involvement with Matt.

star 5.00
2 votes
Episode 126

#55 - Episode 126

Heartbreak High Season 5 - Episode 35

Anita and Drazic are back together but Hilary is adamant the relationship can't happen! When Anita threatens to leave home Hilary decides to confront Drazic, reminding him that their relationship violates his probation. Will Hilary's actions drive a wedge between her and Anita or is a compromise to be found? In the aftermath of the break-up Charlie announces that he is moving out of the Scheppers. He seems to be emotionally stable, but Melanie becomes suspicious of his state of mind when he turns up to school tired and unkempt and generally acting strangely. Mai, estranged from her family, is stunned when her father, who lives in Hong Kong, turns up unannounced. Katerina convinces her that family is important and Mai agrees to meet with him. Will she be disappointed once again?

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Episode 127

#56 - Episode 127

Heartbreak High Season 5 - Episode 36

Anita has had it with Drazic. She has long known that he can be a boorish yobbo, but when he insults a blind guest teacher, she has finally had enough. Anita makes it clear that she will have nothing more to with Drazic until he learns to be more sympathetic and empathetic with the people he so happily persecutes in everyday life. Drazic is in quandary — how can he show Anita that he is suddenly a more sensitive and caring guy? The answer is in a pair of blacked-out sunglasses. Drazic decides to "blind" for a day. He thinks it will be easy, but he is in for a shock. Over at the Black household, Melanie and Charlie are about to become more than just good friends and flatmates. After a night on the town celebrating their success in a science test, Hartley High's two biggest nerds find nirvana in one another's arms. In the course of a photographic assignment for art class, Katerina happens to get some candid snaps of Ryan in his swimming costume. At first it looks like she has scored the

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