The BEST episodes directed by Brian Levant

Sarah Steps Out
10 votes

#1 - Sarah Steps Out

Charles in Charge - Season 3 - Episode 13

Charles convinces Ellen to allow Adam to stay up and watch television all night, let Jamie streak her hair and allow Sarah to go on her first unchaperoned date. After one scary movie Adam ends up hiding in the closet, Jamie's hair turns out orange, blue and wild, and Sarah chooses to go out with the same shady character who sold Charles and Buddy overpriced tickets to an important playoff game. Concerned that Sarah will fall prey to this fast-talking boy, Charles and Buddy disrupt the movie theater where Gary (Scott Grimes) and Sarah are on their date, with their hilariously clumsy spying attempts. When a peeved Sarah assures Charles that her date is a gentleman, Charles has a heart-to-heart with him about the value of friends and the importance of "being yourself." Much to Charles' relief, Gary becomes likable, Adam comes out of his hiding place and Jamie fixes her hair.

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Eddie's Dead
72 votes

#2 - Eddie's Dead

Grounded for Life - Season 1 - Episode 9

Sean (Donal Logue) tries to keep Eddie (Kevin Corrigan) from hitting on a woman (guest star Julie Claire) Claudia (Megyn Price) is consoling after a break-up.

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Bad Boy
6 votes

#3 - Bad Boy

Charles in Charge - Season 4 - Episode 25

Charles tutors an ex-con.

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Jefferson Airplane
14 votes

#4 - Jefferson Airplane

The Jeffersons - Season 3 - Episode 15

Louise is fed up with George's workaholic attitude and urges him to get a hobby. However, the hobby he chooses has her worried sick, he's decided to take up flying.

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The Poker Game
723 votes

#5 - The Poker Game

Married... with Children - Season 1 - Episode 8

Al invites Steve to play poker, but Steve ends up losing his paycheck to Al. Afraid to tell Marcy the truth, Steve tries to convince Peggy to give him the check back.

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Southern Crossing
11 votes

#6 - Southern Crossing

Happy Days - Season 9 - Episode 13

After seeing reports on television, Al feels compelled to visit the South to take part in an upcoming freedom march. Fonzie, concerned for his friend's well-being, decides to go with him. Meanwhile, the Cunningham's television set is broken, and, while it is away being repaired, Howard suffers withdrawal symptoms.