The Best Episodes Directed by Boyd Kirkland

Perchance to Dream

#1 - Perchance to Dream

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 26

Bruce Wayne wakes up one morning to find that his life is completely upside-down: his parents are alive, the Batcave doesn't exist, Alfred does not remember Robin, and he is engaged to Selina Kyle. However, it doesn't mean that Batman isn't still around, and Bruce starts to wonder what has happened, especially after seeing the characteristics of a dream (such as book and newspaper prints not making sense) inside this new life.

star 8.68
430 votes
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His Silicon Soul

#2 - His Silicon Soul

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 43

When a Batman impersonator appears in Gotham City, the real Batman deduces that Karl Rossum is somehow involved and confronts the inventor. The other Batman, a duplicate, then shows up and a battle between the two takes place. After the duplicate Batman escapes, it begins its campaign to recreate H.A.R.D.A.C.'s goals of a robotic society.

star 8.58
348 votes
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I Am the Night

#3 - I Am the Night

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 34

On the anniversary of the death of Bruce's parents, Batman accompanies Leslie Thompkins to Crime Alley to place roses on the spot where they were gunned down. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon is on stakeout to arrest James "The Jazzman" Peake during a drug smuggling ring. Batman had promised to be there, but arrives late to find a gun battle going on. He helps defeat the gangsters and arrest the Jazzman, but at a high cost—Gordon is severely wounded. The incident traumatizes Batman, and he decides to give up crime-fighting, despite the Jazzman escaping prison to carry out his personal vendetta against Gordon (who had sent him to prison six years before).

star 8.50
460 votes
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Shadow Dance

#4 - Shadow Dance

X-Men: Evolution Season 2 - Episode 13

Forge is working on a device that will enhance Kurt's teleportation powers.

star 8.36
67 votes
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Shadow of the Bat (1)

#5 - Shadow of the Bat (1)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 1

When Commissioner Gordon is framed for taking bribes from Rupert Thorne, his daughter Barbara pleads with Batman to show up at a rally being put on in the commissioner's behalf. But when Batman disappears after finding the person behind the frame-up, Barbara takes the law into her own hands as Batgirl.

star 8.36
309 votes
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Foresight (3)

#6 - Foresight (3)

Wolverine and the X-Men Season 1 - Episode 26

The Inner Circle manage to draw the Phoenix out of Jean Grey but it proves to be more powerful than anyone could have imagined. Now Cyclops, Emma Frost and the rest of the X-Men must find a way to stop it before it destroys the world! Plus, the future X-Men begin their assault on Mastermold and the Sentinels!

star 8.30
136 votes
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Beware the Gray Ghost

#7 - Beware the Gray Ghost

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 32

Simon Trent, an actor best known for his past role as "The Gray Ghost", is on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to his declining career. To save himself, he sells off all of his Gray Ghost merchandise. Immediately afterwards, a series of crimes related to the old show begin to occur. Batman, having himself been inspired partly by the show to become the crimefighter he now is, goes to Trent for help, and they team up to put an end to the crimes. In this episode, the voice of Simon Trent is none other than Adam West, the man who played Batman in the 1960's version of Batman

star 8.28
549 votes
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House and Garden

#8 - House and Garden

Batman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 6

Poison Ivy appears to have gone straight and become suburban homemaker, nevertheless Batman suspects her of a series of plant based crimes in Gotham City.

star 8.21
172 votes
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Winter Soldier

#9 - Winter Soldier

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 21

Captain America ponders the mystery of the Winter Soldier and enlists Nick Fury's aid to find him when the Red Skull escapes from prison and massive robots - the Sleepers - arise as part of a contingency plan by the founder of HYDRA to destroy Washington, D.C.

star 8.08
405 votes
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Nothing to Fear

#10 - Nothing to Fear

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 10

Batman encounters the Scarecrow and attempts to foil his scheme to burn down Gotham University, but in the process is exposed to the Scarecrow's fear gas, and is forced to face his own guilt over the deaths of his parents.

star 8.04
423 votes
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Appointment in Crime Alley

#11 - Appointment in Crime Alley

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 12

Roland Daggett, with the help of two explosive experts, Crocker and Nitro, plans to destroy the infamous Crime Alley (while making it look like an underground accident) and use the land to expand his business empire, even if it means killing the residents or forcing them to abandon their homes.

star 8.04
457 votes
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Turn of the Rogue

#12 - Turn of the Rogue

X-Men: Evolution Season 1 - Episode 7

Scott and Rogue end up on a geology club field trip together. Scott tries to be friendly to her, but it turns out Mystique has other plans...

star 7.99
88 votes
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Harley and Ivy

#13 - Harley and Ivy

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 47

When the Joker fires Harley, she tries going on a crime spree of her own, joining up with Poison Ivy, and the two become Gotham's Queens of Crime, much to Joker's fury.

star 7.93
294 votes
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Secret Invasion

#14 - Secret Invasion

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 12

The Skrulls have invaded the entire Earth, and Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor lead an attack on the aliens.

star 7.93
550 votes
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Joker's Favor

#15 - Joker's Favor

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 7

After Charlie Collins accidentally curses at the Joker on the road for bumping him, the Clown Prince of Crime corners him and intimidates him into doing him a "small favor". Two years pass, and the Joker finally decides how to use Charlie: to sneak a bomb into Gotham University, where Commissioner Gordon is to give a speech at an award ceremony. Charlie, who merely has to open the door, is skeptical at first, but for the sake of his family, he reluctantly decides to obey. But is the Joker really the type to let someone who insulted him live?

star 7.87
506 votes
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Nightmare in Red

#16 - Nightmare in Red

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 9

When S.H.I.E.L.D. is attacked by the Hulk, the Avengers rush to the scene. When they arrive, the rampaging Hulk is RED! The hunt is on for Bruce Banner as the Avengers try and unravel the mystery of 'Who is the Red Hulk?'

star 7.86
631 votes
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Second Chance

#17 - Second Chance

Batman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 2

Harvey Dent (Two-Face) is kidnapped by a mysterious villian before he has an operation that will restore his face.

star 7.82
237 votes
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Operation Galactic Storm

#18 - Operation Galactic Storm

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 24

The Kree attempt to create a wormhole connecting our solar system with their galaxy, which will consequently destroy the Sun and all life on Earth - just as Kang the Conqueror predicted. The Avengers and Captain Marvel head into space to stop it, but will they be in time?

star 7.81
394 votes
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Make 'em Laugh

#19 - Make 'em Laugh

Batman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 7

Batman and Robin investigate a string of crimes committed by a group of famous comedians brainwashed by the Joker.

star 7.77
154 votes
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Read My Lips

#20 - Read My Lips

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 59

Batman discovers that A brand new gang has made its debut committing the slickest crimes ever, thanks to the gang leader, Scarface. It's up to Batman to stop Scarface and his "dummy", the Ventriloquist. new crime czar is a wooden dummy manipulated by a mild mannered man with a split personality.

star 7.76
190 votes
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Welcome to the Kree Empire

#21 - Welcome to the Kree Empire

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 4

An alien warrior race known as the Kree visits Earth to make a final decision regarding whether to add Earth to the ever-expanding Kree empire or obliterate it.

star 7.73
672 votes
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Code of Conduct

#22 - Code of Conduct

Wolverine and the X-Men Season 1 - Episode 17

To regain his honor, Silver Samurai captures the X-Men and attacks Wolverine.

star 7.72
110 votes
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#23 - Yellowjacket

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 18

A mysterious explosion seemingly kills Hank in his college laboratory, but as the Avengers and their friends mourn the loss of their fallen comrade-in-arms, a fearless new vigilante - endowed with the same powers and technology as Ant-Man/Giant-Man and Wasp and calling himself "Yellowjacket" - begins taking out the members of the Serpent Society.

star 7.71
510 votes
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It's Never Too Late

#24 - It's Never Too Late

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 6

A mob war between crime bosses Rupert Thorne and Arnold Stromwell is nearing its end, and comes to a climax when Stromwell is set up to be killed in an exploding restaurant by Thorne. Batman saves him at the last moment, and persuades Stromwell to use his fall into disgrace to help him bring Thorne in, mostly for the sakes of his wife, his ill son and his estranged brother, as well as his own.

star 7.69
570 votes
Joker's Wild

#25 - Joker's Wild

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 42

Cameron Kaiser builds a Casino Hotel modeled after the Joker, called the Joker's Wild. The Joker sees this on the news, and, enraged, escapes from Arkham again, with one thought on his mind: destroying the casino, unaware that this is exactly what Kaiser wants him to do as part of an insurance claim.

star 7.69
240 votes
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Emperor Stark

#26 - Emperor Stark

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 19

The Vision awakens after a month of repairs to find that Tony Stark and his fellow Avengers have taken over the world. With the whole planet turned against him, the Vision must get to the bottom of Tony Stark's 'utopia' - only to discover an unlikely figure to be the true power behind the Avengers' throne. Based on the 1987 Marvel graphic novel Emperor Doom (albeit with a different cast).

star 7.67
491 votes
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The Lion and the Unicorn

#27 - The Lion and the Unicorn

Batman: The Animated Series Season 4 - Episode 5

Alfred, a former British spy, is called into duty and becomes of the target of the Red Claw.

star 7.66
330 votes
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Michael Korvac

#28 - Michael Korvac

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 6

An extraterrestrial being named Michael Korvac seeks the Avengers' protection from "villains" who turn out to be the Guardians of the Galaxy. As the Avengers fight the Guardians to keep Korvac safe, they are unaware that they are protecting the wrong person.

star 7.66
645 votes
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Pretty Poison

#29 - Pretty Poison

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 9

When District Attorney Harvey Dent collapses after a meal with Bruce Wayne and his fiancee Pamela Isley, it transpires that he has been poisoned. Batman must find the culprit and discover an antidote before Dent's time runs out.

star 7.56
517 votes
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#30 - Catwalk

Batman: The Animated Series Season 4 - Episode 3

Catwoman's attempt to go straight runs into problems when she is enticed into one last job by the Ventriloquist.

star 7.55
281 votes
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Hindsight (1)

#31 - Hindsight (1)

Wolverine and the X-Men Season 1 - Episode 1

A mysterious explosion destroys the X-Mansion right on the moment Wolverine was leaving. Professor X and Jean Grey are missing and perhaps gone for good causing the X-Men to disband. However, one year later, Anti-Mutant hunts Wolverine, and arrest a family that helped him, making him go after them with the help of Beast. Inside the jail, they free all the mutants, including Dust, Boom Boom and Pyro. In the end, Wolverine decides to find the others X-Men and fight the Anti-Mutants.

star 7.54
435 votes
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Alone Against A.I.M.

#32 - Alone Against A.I.M.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 - Episode 2

An armorless Iron Man fights A.I.M.'s latest creation, the Technovore, while A.I.M. goes up against Captain America, Black Panther, and War Machine in an effort to steal the armored avenger's armor.

star 7.52
674 votes
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#33 - Sideshow

Batman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 7

When pursuing the escaped convict Killer Croc, Batman encounters a small group of sideshow freaks who apparently trust Croc more than Batman.

star 7.52
163 votes
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Cat Scratch Fever

#34 - Cat Scratch Fever

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 33

Batman must stop Roland Daggett's plan to release a viral plague designed by Professor Milo into Gotham by way of its stray cat population. The case gains new urgency when Catwoman becomes infected with the virus during her search for her missing cat, Isis.

star 7.27
281 votes
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Terror in the Sky

#35 - Terror in the Sky

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 37

When a man-sized bat ransacks Gotham harbor, Batman suspects that Dr. Kirk Langstrom is up to his old tricks, taking the Man-Bat formula again. Batman isn't the only one. Kirk's wife, Francine, is so distrustful of her husband that she decides to leave him. After further investigation, Batman discovers that this Man-Bat is not Kirk, but someone else.

star 7.26
265 votes
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The Forgotten

#36 - The Forgotten

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 23

While investigating the disappearances of Gotham's homeless in an undercover disguise, Bruce Wayne is kidnapped. Imprisoned in a chain gang mining camp and suffering from amnesia, will he be able to escape and free the rest of the prisoners?

star 7.23
303 votes
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