The BEST episodes directed by Blair Treu

Shell Shocked
16 votes

#1 - Shell Shocked

Power Rangers - Season 6 - Episode 4

Astronema detours to New York City, where she turns the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into her obediant slaves. The heroic crimefighters gain the trust of the Space Rangers when they aid them in battle and are invited to the Megaship, where they plot to deliver the Rangers, and their vessel, right into to Astronema's hands! But Andros, who has trust issues to begin with, doesn't quite buy their timely appearances. Can this team-up be turned around for good?

Satellite Search
12 votes

#2 - Satellite Search

Power Rangers - Season 6 - Episode 6

When a NASADA satellite containing important data discs is shot down in deep space, the Rangers are sent by Commander Norquist to retrieve them, believing the discs may contain clues to Zordon's whereabouts. But Astronema and her gang are also on the trail, wanting to make sure the discs are never recovered. Searching on a volcanic planet for them, the Rangers end up ambushed and overwhelmed by the Quantrons Now captive and left to be eaten by the giant Clawhammer creature, can Alpha 6 pilot the Astro Megazord in combat against Clawhammer, or will the Rangers perish in the heat?

The Lights of Orion
12 votes

#3 - The Lights of Orion

Power Rangers - Season 7 - Episode 6

Trakeena & Furio discover the Lights Of Orion, a powerful and ancient source of energy, have come to Terra Venture. Only one who is "chosen" can release them, so they reveal to the Rangers they have Mike captive, and intend to use him to free the lights! Leo desperately tries to save the brother he thought he'd lost, but in doing so might just give the villains just what they desire.

Silent Sleep
11 votes

#4 - Silent Sleep

Power Rangers - Season 7 - Episode 11

The Chillyfish monster puts Terra Venture on ice, trying to freeze the Lights Of Orion out of hiding, and thus putting everyone to sleep via the wave of cold. Leo manages to avoid slumberland, thanks to Mike's dogtags. Upon noticing the animals on the colony are immune to the freeze-darts, he tries to wrangle a very wild and stubborn horse he's had problems getting along with prior in an effort to keep up with the equally horse-riding Chillyfish. Meanwhile, Magna Defender uses the situation to seek out the Orion lights himself.

13 votes

#5 - Homesick

Power Rangers - Season 7 - Episode 5

A young boy named Matthew is discovered to have stowed away on Terra Venture, and desires nothing but to return to Earth, even resorting to sabotage. He strikes up a bond with Damon, who also has a family he misses back home. When the Gasser monster puts the entire space colony to sleep to allow Furio to take over the vessel, it's Matthew to the rescue. The Rangers have their hands full, first with Stingwingers flanking Terra Venture in outer space, which they deal with using their new Jet Jammer vehicles, and then with Gasser, whose sleep gas ends up turning the Galactabeasts to stone! Is this the end for Terra Venture, or is there a Megazordic secret ability within the Rangers' recently-aquired Transdaggers?

The Song of Confusion
11 votes

#6 - The Song of Confusion

Power Rangers - Season 5 - Episode 36

Amateur musicians Cassie, and her pal Vicki, decide to go for their dreams and plan to start a full fledged band. They hold an open audition, which even Bulk & Skull try out at, which leads to their witnessing a performance by a preexisting band known as Crash & the Creeps. Cassie joins them, while Vicki gets the cold shoulder, and their hit song, "Confusion", gets into the heads of everyone in Angel Grove. Of course, it's all a hypnotism plot by Divatox, as Crash and his Creeps are actually a band of monsters in disguise! Can Cassie quell her ego, and the Rangers get the tune out of their heads, before the world is dominated by mindless rock music?

Stitch Witchery
38 votes

#7 - Stitch Witchery

Power Rangers - Season 5 - Episode 20

Ashley is excited when she gets a job working with an extravagant fashion designer. She's unaware, though, that the designer, Delisha Enevil, is actually a monster of Divatox's. Ashley's ugly plaid jackets are mass produced by Piranahtron overnight. But the jackets are infused with the monster's magic, making anyone who wears them cruel, greedy, and evil. It's bad enough with all of the Rangers, sans Ashley, put them on, but when Blue Senturion gets tricked into one, he soon goes on another rampage, this time including a jacket-clad Robo Racer! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull, back to humans but invisible, get mischievous around Angel Grove and the Juice Bar.

The Phantom Phenomenon
39 votes

#8 - The Phantom Phenomenon

Power Rangers - Season 5 - Episode 23

A spaceship arrives on Earth, and with it, the Phantom Ranger, a strange warrior in black armor with the power of invisibility and a penchant for showing up to save the day in the nick of time. His motives are a mystery to both the sides of good and evil. When Justin's pal Nico discovers Phantom Ranger's spaceship's hidden location, it gives Divatox's forces the opening to attack the new arrival when he least expects it. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take jobs as security guards, first for a bank, then for the local gold mine. Guess what two places Divatox's forces choose to loot today?

Double Duty
11 votes

#9 - Double Duty

Power Rangers - Season 7 - Episode 7

Kendrix discovers she's identical to a movie star on Terra Venture, Carolyn Picketts. They switch places for the filming of a movie, when Carolyn, snobbish and lazy, pretends to be injured. But the actress/model learns a lesson in humility and perseverance by observing Kendrix, who fights through her own injuries to save her from the Wisewizard monster, who's seeking the Lights Of Orion within cameras all over the space station.

Never Stop Searching
16 votes

#10 - Never Stop Searching

Power Rangers - Season 6 - Episode 5

Carlos stumbles upon Andros watching a video of himself as a child, with his young sister, when she was kidnapped by an unknown creature. Soon, a life-form reading appears on Andros' home world of KO-35, which he assumes is maybe his long lost sister Karone, but what actually awaits him is an ambush by Ecliptor. When this leads to Carlos being injured by following him there, Andros quickly learns the best way to get through his guilt is by relying in others. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are led to a watermelon patch by Prof. Phenomenus, who convinces them it's a breeding ground for aliens.

Cassie's Best Friend
9 votes

#11 - Cassie's Best Friend

Power Rangers - Season 5 - Episode 38

Cassie's uncannily smart dog Jetson is transformed into a human following a misfire by Divatox's latest monster, Mr. Goorific. Bulk & Skull are hired to help find the missing dog. In human form, Jetson, calling himself Jethro, helps Cassie cope with the loss of her canine best friend and does his best to cheer her up. But with the monster and Elgar's repaired Terrorzord on the horizon, that happiness could be short lived...

The Accident
9 votes

#12 - The Accident

Power Rangers - Season 5 - Episode 37

Carlos accidentally injures a fellow teen while playing soccer. He takes this mistake to heart, especially when he's accused of having done it on purpose. When Elgar's evil Terrorzord is unleashed on the city, can Carlos overcome his self-doubts and aid the Rangers against it? Or will Blue Senturion take one for the team? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take jobs as water delievery boys.

The Wheel of Fate
38 votes

#13 - The Wheel of Fate

Power Rangers - Season 5 - Episode 21

Divatox sets her sights on two legendary living cars, having her Dreadfeather monster free them from their eons-long hiding space in an asteroid belt. The vehicles, Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, take off to Earth, where they encounter TJ & Justin, becoming fast friends with the pair. But Divatox and company aren't about to give up on these powerful machines, and the chase is on! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take the job of trying to slow and stop cars near a construction site. Add not-yet-dried cement to the mix, and you've got a hilarious situation.

The Blue Crush
10 votes

#14 - The Blue Crush

Power Rangers - Season 7 - Episode 8

While spending the day at the local skating rink filming Commander Stanton's daughter for his busy boss, Kai spots a girl named Hannah, and immediately falls for her in more ways than one. But his attempts to get closer to her grows complicated, when he's led to believe that she's getting married. When the alleged groom is threatened by a falling power line, will Kai set aside his jealousy to save his life? Meanwhile, the Quakemaker spews spikes into the ground on Terra Venture, attempting to shake loose the Lights of Orion via massive colony-quakes. If Furio fails in this attempt, he's role as Scorpius' General is over!