The Best Episodes Directed by Antonia Bird

Don't Like Mondays

#1 - Don't Like Mondays

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 59

PC Edwards and PC Smith are called to a disturbance at a local bank, where they are surprised to find Tosh Lines' wife and children causing a commotion as there is no money left in their account. Edwards makes a discrete call to Sgt. Peters, who suggests to Tosh that he head down to the bank and sort things out. As PC Ramsey and WPC Ackland also arrive, the bank is raided by an armed gang. Tosh Lines arrives and charges towards the bank, but as PC Ramsey runs to stop him, he is shot in the chest by one of the robbers. Ch. Insp. Conway negotiates with the gang as armed PT17 officers surround the building. Sgt. Cryer offers to drive the getaway car, but disconnects the ignition when he leaves it at the bank entrance. PC Smith and the other hostages are released, but PC Edwards is taken hostage. He manages to makes a run for it and the PT17 officers open fire on the car.

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Absolute Conviction

#2 - Absolute Conviction

Inspector Morse Season 6 - Episode 4

Morse and Lewis investigate the affairs of three people in prison for fraud, when one of them is murdered, and they are surprised by what they find at HMP Farnleigh, an open prison. Then someone tries to kill one of the two surviving fraudsters.

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Fort Apache - Sun Hill

#3 - Fort Apache - Sun Hill

The Bill Season 5 - Episode 42

Industrial dispute by prison officers put pressure on the holding cells. Roache is not happy that a murder suspect is mixing with other prisoners. The prisoners in one of the cells are caught smoking grass smuggled in a cup of coffee. A prisoner in another cell alledges rape. Roache's suspect punches him and tries to make his escape after tying Roache up. Melvin lets in a Chief Super from the Yard so he can check the books and the collator's office, upseting Reg in the process. Turns out to be bogus and there to spring Roache's suspect. Ramsey and yorkie are watching two suspects who change their car. Yorkie doesn't think they can handle it on their own but Ramsey thinks he is still in the CID and can. Egg smuggling of Peregine Falcons is what is going on.

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Episode 2

#4 - Episode 2

Spooks Season 4 - Episode 2

Zafar and Adam race against the clock to uncover the latest bomb. As a new ultimatum is issued and Tash mysteriously disapears, the team is forced to deal with the possibility of a mole within their own organisation.

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Episode 1

#5 - Episode 1

Spooks Season 4 - Episode 1

When a devastating bomb explodes in central London, causing multiple deaths, a terrorist group with a hatred for human life claim responsibility. With their leader facing extradition, the bombers announce that crippling attacks will be launched at ten hour intervals until he is released.

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#6 - 1985-07-09

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 41

Andy and Debbie find a new way to advertise the “Save Our Square” campaign. Sue decides to go back to work and Lou settles in at Kath and Pete’s. There is more speculation about Lofty and Michelle and everyone but Ethel thinks Willy is on the nose. Ali prepares for the funeral and Angie, who is struggling to stick to her decision, gets a bit of a culture shock. Lofty gets another “new look” compliments of Michelle.

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#7 - 1985-07-11

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 42

The funeral goes ahead with everyone but Sue paying their respects. Michelle is on a money drive. Den’s not sure he likes Angie’s new life choice and Arthur gets on his high horse with Michelle. Saeed takes advantage of having Naima to himself again.

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#8 - 1985-07-30

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 47

Michelle is still feeling hard done by, but things start to look up. Saeed gets a taste of politics. Mary is not coping. Den gives some good advice to Michelle, that he doesn’t follow himself. Naima and Saeed’s happiness is interrupted. Sue is still on auto-pilot and Ali turns to Lou for help in desperation. Kelvin and Ian start work on their business and Arthur gets an idea that could keep him busy. Pauline has some very important news but can’t get anyone to listen.

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#9 - 1985-08-01

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 48

Everyone is excited about the latest arrival at Walford. Sue keeps trying to pretend everything is OK. Naima tells Deb about the note. Only Dot is pleased about the latest news in the Gazette. Den is back to his old ways and an epidemic appears to be sweeping Walford. Ethel goes all out for her date. Dr Legg tries out an idea to try to get through to Sue.

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#10 - 1985-08-20

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 53

Nick is hanging around annoying everyone else while Detective Sergeant Quick hangs around watching him. Kelvin gets his school results. Den takes a stand that infuriates Dot - who is upset generally at the attitudes of others towards Nick. Angie arrives home unexpectedly.

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#11 - 1985-08-22

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 54

Michelle is depressed. Kelvin, Lofty and Ian have more problems with their knitting business. Sharon continues to sexually harass (and terrify) Lofty. DS Quick upsets Dot when he pays her another visit. Angie overhears Den talking to his mistress on the phone.

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#12 - 1985-10-29

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 73

Ethel arrives at 11am, 2 hours early for the Christening, because she wrote down 2 one's instead of 1 one. Ali is dancing & flirting with Deb, when Andy cuts in, and Sue, who has seen the way Ali was behaving, asks him if he's enjoying himself.

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#13 - 1985-10-31

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 74

It’s Halloween. Sharon’s attempts at playing practical jokes keep missing the mark. Simon starts work. Dot asks Tony for help. Deb stustuns Andy with some news, but is more shocked by his reaction.

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#14 - 1985-11-19

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 79

Ian prepares for the big fight, and gets some extra training from Simon. Mary is starting to feel uncomfortable about Annie’s babysitter. Arthur tries his hand at playing private detective. Nick pushes his luck with Pete. Lou’s health becomes a concern. Mary tells Dot a home truth about Nick.

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#15 - 1985-11-21

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 80

Debbie thinks she knows who her obscene caller is. The plan to catch Nick out is put into action. Ian has his big fight, but does he stand a chance? Andy keeps up the pressure on Debbie.

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#16 - 1985-12-10

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 85

A former resident returns to Walford and solves a mystery for Deb. Angie and the car are worse for wear in the morning. Dot is feeling abandoned. Annie gets some new clothes.

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#17 - 1985-12-12

EastEnders Season 1 - Episode 86

Preparations for Lou’s return continue, and provide some entertainment. More money seems to have gone missing at the Vic. More of Saeed’s activities are revealed. Ethel gets into the Christmas spirit.

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