The BEST episodes directed by Anthony Lawrence

Inger, My Love
13 votes

#1 - Inger, My Love

Bonanza - Season 3 - Episode 29

Ben indulges in a nostalgic reverie about Hoss's deceased mother. Having worked his way west to Galesburg, IL., Ben is befriended by a girl named Inger, the fiancee of the tavern owner who gave him a job.

A Bullet For McGarrett
11 votes

#2 - A Bullet For McGarrett

Hawaii Five-O - Season 2 - Episode 6

A university professor, Dr. Paul Farrar, is using hypnosis to programme students into becoming assassins. McGarrett uses a policewoman as bait for Dr. Farrar, but the plan goes wrong and her life is put in danger.

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The Deception
131 votes

#3 - The Deception

Planet of the Apes - Season 1 - Episode 8

When the guys try to track down the apes who are framing humans for crimes in a small community, Fauna, a blind female ape, falls in love with Burke while believing him to be a chimpanzee.

Marie, My Love
12 votes

#4 - Marie, My Love

Bonanza - Season 4 - Episode 20

When Cochise falls on Joe, Ben cannot help but remember that is how Marie Cartwright was killed. He thinks back to meeting her in New Orleans in a rather confusing story not quite in synch with details discussed in "The First Born".

45 votes

#5 - Phoenix

Gunsmoke - Season 17 - Episode 2

After convict wants to kill a man he has never seen before after he gets out of prison.