The Best Episodes Directed by Anne Wheeler

Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper

#1 - Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper

Anne with an E Season 2 - Episode 7

Cole accompanies the girls to Aunt Josephine's for a lavish party filled with surprises. Back at home, Marilla's health takes a worrisome turn.

star 8.60
256 votes
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What Can Stop the Determined Heart

#2 - What Can Stop the Determined Heart

Anne with an E Season 3 - Episode 3

Mary's continued sickness raises alarm in the Blythe/Lacroix home and throughout Avonlea, and the community must come together in new ways to respond.

star 8.53
235 votes
A Secret Which I Desired to Divine

#3 - A Secret Which I Desired to Divine

Anne with an E Season 3 - Episode 1

As Anne's sixteenth birthday approaches, she finds herself longing to know more about her lineage, which strains her relationship with Matthew and Marilla.

star 8.22
257 votes
Forest Through the Trees

#4 - Forest Through the Trees

Chesapeake Shores Season 2 - Episode 8

Away from the distraction of technology, Abby and Trace talk about their past and the future during a camping getaway; Nell, Mick and Thomas try to work out their differences in person; Bree has trouble resisting the charms of her new suitor.

star 8.00
244 votes
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Huxley, We Have a Problem

#5 - Huxley, We Have a Problem

Endgame Season 1 - Episode 9

When Balagan’s oldest friend, the larger than life Russian cosmonaut Oleg Olesky, comes to the Huxley, he brings more than the party. About to pilot the first private space tourism rocket ship, Oleg is there with Chase Galactic as they announce their maiden launch. When the head engineer, Randall, falls from the roof of the hotel, Oleg is the prime suspect. With his only alibi being the fact he was with his boss’s wife, which she denies, Oleg pleads for Balagan’s help. Balagan eventually figures out the true motive for Randall’s murder – and the real murderer.

star 7.89
528 votes
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Second Chances

#6 - Second Chances

Chesapeake Shores Season 1 - Episode 7

Trace makes a confession regarding why he left Nashville. Meanwhile, Megan confronts Mick about past mistakes responsible for pushing her away; and Abby learns the truth about the fraud investigation from a surprising source.

star 7.88
356 votes
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Georgia on My Mind

#7 - Georgia on My Mind

Chesapeake Shores Season 1 - Episode 6

Kevin's fiancée arrives in town, surprising the O'Briens; Abby gets tangled in a fraud investigations; Trace receives bad news about the water-house property he covets.

star 7.85
350 votes
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The Cage

#8 - The Cage

Strange Empire Season 1 - Episode 10

With the mine in ruins, Slotter's depravity reaches new depths as the camp struggles to save the last surviving miners trapped underground.

star 7.82
61 votes
Reversal of Fortune

#9 - Reversal of Fortune

Reign (2013) Season 2 - Episode 18

Mary finds herself becoming the temporary leader of France. Bash sees a face from the past in the village.

star 7.80
606 votes
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All Our Yesterdays

#10 - All Our Yesterdays

Chesapeake Shores Season 2 - Episode 7

Mick receives damaging information about Thomas, and considers whether to use it in their town hall debate; Jess plans a special meal to win David over; Bree fears moving forward with her new admirer.

star 7.79
253 votes
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#11 - Armistice

Bomb Girls Season 1 - Episode 5

Loirna is asked to speak at the Armistice Day ceremony; James discovers some of Gladys' letters; Vera is forced to make a tough choice.

star 7.66
246 votes
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It Happened One Fight

#12 - It Happened One Fight

Private Eyes Season 3 - Episode 9

Angie and Shade investigate the mysterious collapse of Zoe's Cousin.

star 7.66
201 votes
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The Conroy Curse

#13 - The Conroy Curse

Private Eyes Season 3 - Episode 8

Deputy Conroy needs help with a murder case.

star 7.64
197 votes
The Caffeine Hit

#14 - The Caffeine Hit

Endgame Season 1 - Episode 3

A well-dressed man wakes up on the sidewalk with no shoes, no wallet, and no memory. The only thing in his pocket is a receipt that leads him to the Huxley Hotel. Remembering nothing but how much he loves his wife, the man hires Balagan to find her and to help him rediscover his identity. While uncovering the truth of the amnesiac’s complicated life, Balagan battles with Pippa over the investigation into Rosemary’s murder.

star 7.53
622 votes
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The Other Side of Summer

#15 - The Other Side of Summer

Endgame Season 1 - Episode 4

Swallowing his pride, Hugo asks Balagan for help. Walt, Hugo’s police mentor, is retiring, but one unsolved case still haunts him. Twenty years ago, a teen girl disappeared and Walt is convinced her ex-boyfriend, Stephen, killed her. But because the girl’s body was never found, Walt could never charge Stephen. Now with Balagan’s help, Hugo hopes to find the one piece of evidence that will put Stephen behind bars before Walt takes matters into his own hands. Pippa comes to Balagan with some startling news in Rosemary’s case: the police have finally arrested a suspect.

star 7.51
475 votes
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Elements of Surprise

#16 - Elements of Surprise

Bomb Girls Season 1 - Episode 6

Set against the attack on Pearl Harbor. Gladys's (Jodi Balfour) secret job is exposed, while Lorna (Meg Tilly) grapples with a possible pregnancy and Kate (Charlotte Hegele) struggles to stand up to the return of her manipulative father.

star 7.43
213 votes
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The Money Shot

#17 - The Money Shot

Private Eyes Season 1 - Episode 3

When a multi-million dollar racehorse goes missing, Shade and Angie head to the track to find answers, and encounter unexpected complications along the way.

star 7.43
509 votes
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Everything in Moderation

#18 - Everything in Moderation

Remedy Season 2 - Episode 7

When a peculiar woman turns up at Beth-H complaining of a migraine, Allen quickly discovers there is much more going on with her than a headache and he’ll need to employ all of his ID (Infectious Diseases) skill in the ER. Mel reattaches a reluctant construction worker’s severed hand while also contemplating what Cutler’s move to Dallas means for her. A patient of Sandy’s is refusing to eat, and Griffin’s misguided effort to help nearly leads to disaster.

star 7.23
56 votes
The Thump Parade

#19 - The Thump Parade

Cracked (2013) Season 1 - Episode 8

The team uses a former hockey player as an agent to catch a criminal; Leo assists with a murder investigation

star 7.13
329 votes
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