The Best Episodes Directed by Andy De Emmony

Are You Right There, Father Ted?

#1 - Are You Right There, Father Ted?

Father Ted Season 3 - Episode 1

Ted finally escapes to a new posting at Castlelawn Parochial House, Dublin, with civilised company and frequent jaunts to Paris. Unfortunately a slight misunderstanding over some expenses sends Ted back to his old compadres on the island. After a spot of lad's housecleaning results in Ted being mistakenly tarred as a racist, Ted holds a celebration of Chinese culture to clear his name (though 'Kung Fu Fighting' might not have been an inspired choice of soundtrack). Just when it looks like a happy ending might be in store, a mix-up over some soft furnishings and Nazi memorabilia leaves the Chinese community with a sweet'n'sour taste in the mouth.

star 8.62
427 votes
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Kicking Bishop Brennan Up The Arse

#2 - Kicking Bishop Brennan Up The Arse

Father Ted Season 3 - Episode 6

A lost bet with Dick Byrne means Ted has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse. On cue, Len arrives with PA Father Jessup, the world's most sarcastic priest. Elaborate preparations, a camera, a skirting board, a set of watercolours and some psychological warfare on Ted's part ensure a successful outcome... or do they?

star 8.61
255 votes
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We Don't Want Your Suburban Safari

#3 - We Don't Want Your Suburban Safari

Our Zoo Season 1 - Episode 3

The family confront a barrage of hostility from the residents of Upton.

star 8.60
43 votes
Going to America

#4 - Going to America

Father Ted Season 3 - Episode 8

Ted performs a genuinely unselfish act, and is rewarded with the offer of a parish in California - his wildest dreams come true. However, parting from his long-time companions at the Parochial House proves tricky. Unless Ted can break the news of his departure tactfully to Dougal, Jack and Mrs Doyle, he won't be going to America...

star 8.35
361 votes
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Speed 3

#5 - Speed 3

Father Ted Season 3 - Episode 3

Ted and Dougal turn detective to discover who's behind the bumper crop of hairy babies on Craggy Island. However when justice is done on the culprit he takes a terrible revenge. Dougal's moonlighting stint as island milkman is marred by a bomb set to go off if the milk float drops below 4 mph. Does 'The Poseidon Adventure' hold the key to his rescue, or would Father Jack's pet brick come in more useful?

star 8.30
487 votes
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Man Eaters

#6 - Man Eaters

Our Zoo Season 1 - Episode 2

George attempts to rescue two Himalayan black bears from a cave in Matlock.

star 8.28
50 votes
Welcome to Our Zoo

#7 - Welcome to Our Zoo

Our Zoo Season 1 - Episode 1

George attempts to build his dream - a zoo without bars.

star 8.27
55 votes
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Cracking a Killer's Code, Part 2

#8 - Cracking a Killer's Code, Part 2

The Bletchley Circle Season 1 - Episode 2

As Susan and the other Bletchley women close in on the murderer of the five girls, a shocking discovery calls their theories into question and forces them to set a dangerous trap - a trap that puts one of them in even greater danger.

star 8.27
431 votes
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Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep

#9 - Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep

Father Ted Season 3 - Episode 2

Ted gets mixed up in a web of intrigue and double-cross when he bets the Parochial House heating budget on Chris, the burping sheep. The lads bring Chris to stay at the house in an attempt to improve his chances at 'King of the Sheep 98', but can Ted quell his burping in time for the great day?

star 8.26
342 votes
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Night of the Nearly Dead

#10 - Night of the Nearly Dead

Father Ted Season 3 - Episode 7

Jumper-wearing pop sensation Eoin McLove comes to visit. Unfortunately his presence leads hundreds of infatuated middle-aged ladies to surround the house, and the usual hilarious mix-ups ensue. But McLove's easy-going stage persona masks a terrible secret..

star 8.20
264 votes
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#11 - Legion

Red Dwarf Season 6 - Episode 2

The crew stumble on an abandoned space station and board it hoping to get some supplies. A man named Legion appears and offers each of them everything they ever wanted in the world but only if they remain on the space station forever, making the Dwarfers suspect that Legion is not at all what he seems.

star 8.11
717 votes
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Cracking a Killer's Code, Part 3

#12 - Cracking a Killer's Code, Part 3

The Bletchley Circle Season 1 - Episode 3

Thrown into a chilling confrontation with the murderer they have so brilliantly tracked down, Susan and the other Bletchley women become locked into a ever more dangerous game of cat and mouse that leads to a seemingly inescapable conclusion.

star 8.03
392 votes
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Out of Time

#13 - Out of Time

Red Dwarf Season 6 - Episode 6

After Rimmer conducts a "morale-meeting", the crew find a cloud of fog from an imploded supernova and have no choice but to go through it. They get some bad turbulence, and Lister is injured revealing that he is an android! Kryten is angry that Lister is a lesser model then he and orders him to do all the work and even gives it to him for not having used a setsquare to cut the sandwiches. They find out they were in an unreality pocket, and Lister is indeed human. More of these unreality pockets pass until they decide to go into stasis until they get through the fog. In the centre of the fog they find a Space Corps derelict which is capable of time travel. They take the time drive and hook it up to Starbug's engines. After testing the time drive they are disappointed to find that although they can travel to any time in history, they are still in deep space, no closer to Earth than they were before. They return to their own time to find a future version of themselves. They invite them on board, but everyone except Kryten is sealed in the hold. Lister rigs a camera to see what's going on and he sees that Kryten is wearing a toupee, Rimmer is getting fat and the Cat is bald; but worst of all, Lister himself is just a brain in a jar! He continues to watch the meeting and finds out that their future selves are not only fat, bald and bodiless, but are souped-up snobs, who can never compliment anything, who've socialised all the most evil figures of history (Hitler, Louis XIV, Goering, the Hapsburgs, etc.), and lived in the height of luxury. Now they need help recalibrating the time drive so they can continue with their lifestyles. Lister is horribly dismayed to find out this, so the three blast open the hold, and head down to kick them out of the ship, refusing to fix the time drive. The future crew, deciding they are better off dead than to live without the time drive, stranded in space, attack the present crew. Lister, Cat and Kryten are killed, so Rimmer decides t

star 8.00
711 votes
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Cracking a Killer's Code, Part 1

#14 - Cracking a Killer's Code, Part 1

The Bletchley Circle Season 1 - Episode 1

When Susan Gray spots a hidden pattern in a series of murders, she tries to inform the police. But when they and her husband insist she forget her theory Susan enlists her wartime friends to try and track down the murderer.

star 7.96
440 votes
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Emohawk: Polymorph II

#15 - Emohawk: Polymorph II

Red Dwarf Season 6 - Episode 4

A Space Corps Law Enforcement Vessel chases Starbug and the crew make a crash landing on a GELF planet. They go in search of a vital ship part and come across a village who have the part but the price is for Lister to marry the chief's daughter. Lister reluctantly does so but on his wedding night, does a runner back to Starbug. The chief takes this as an insult and releases his pet Emohawk, a smaller polymorph (see Polymorph) on them. The Emohawk hides on Starbug and attacks Rimmer and Cat, taking Rimmer's bitterness and the Cat's cool; turning them into Ace Rimmer (see Dimension Jump) and Dwayne Dibbley (see Back to Reality). Ace, with his new personality, decides to save the day and locks Kryten and Lister in the hold so they will be safe while he and Dwayne go after the Emohawk. They eventually track it down and freeze it, forcing it to release their emotions and turning them back to normal.

star 7.94
634 votes
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Episode 4

#16 - Episode 4

The Last Kingdom Season 3 - Episode 4

Uhtred turns his attention to Aethelflaed's plight. Alfred forces Edward to face his duty. Ragnar's army marches but traitors emerge from within.

star 7.94
855 votes
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#17 - Rimmerworld

Red Dwarf Season 6 - Episode 5

The gang come across the simulant ship they nearly destroyed in Gunmen of the Apocalypse and decide to board the ship and loot it for supplies despite the fact that a loud noise would cause it to disintegrate. They find a time and matter transporter on board and take it with them. One of the simulants is still alive and attacks them. Rimmer, always the brave, jumps in an escape pod but when it releases the ship begins to fall apart. The rest of the crew use the transporter to get back to Starbug and track the pod which is heading down to a planet. Unfortunately, the pod goes through a worm hole on its way causing Rimmer to be on a completely different time stream than Starbug. When he reaches the planet, Rimmer uses technology from the pod to create a woman in his image, but no matter how many times he tries all he can do is clone himself. When Starbug reaches the planet on the normal time stream, 600 years have passed on the planet and the Rimmer clones have taken over, banishing the original Rimmer to a dungeon. The others are captured and also thrown in the dungeon because they are 'different'. They find their Rimmer and use the teleporter to escape but end up on Starbug 2 weeks in the future where they learn that something terrible has happened to Lister...

star 7.89
545 votes
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#18 - Psirens

Red Dwarf Season 6 - Episode 1

Red Dwarf is stolen from the crew and they are forced to survive on Starbug. They go into deep sleep and are revived 200 years later when there is a chance to recapture the ship. In order to gain more ground on Red Dwarf they try to go through an asteroid belt but find that it is inhabited by alien beings called Psirens who use mind control to lure their victims and then suck out their brains.

star 7.85
640 votes
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Episode 3

#19 - Episode 3

The Last Kingdom Season 3 - Episode 3

Bloodhair and Aethelwold try to coax Uhtred into their alliance against Alfred. Fearing for her life, Aethelflaed turns to Father Beocca for aid.

star 7.80
871 votes
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Gunmen of the Apocalypse

#20 - Gunmen of the Apocalypse

Red Dwarf Season 6 - Episode 3

The gang is attacked by a simulant ship who upgrade Starbug with laser cannons and defensive shields and then force them to play a game of 'cat and mouse'. The crew decide not to flee but to stay and fight which stuns the simulants. Before their ship is crippled by Starbugs new offensive weapons, the simulants upload a killer virus into the navicomp. Kryten then transfers the virus to his CPU in an attempt to eradicate it. The gang watch on a virtual reality screen as Kryten's search for an antidote is manifested as a western setting where Kryten is a sheriff who has to fight the four horsemen of the Apocalypse - Death, War, Pestilence and Famine.

star 7.75
634 votes
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2. Win Some, Lose Some

#21 - 2. Win Some, Lose Some

Stan Lee's Lucky Man Season 1 - Episode 2

Following a lucky escape, Harry and his partner Suri are in hot pursuit of the man they suspect is responsible for Lau’s murder. But with time quickly running out before he flees the country, Harry takes a major risk.

star 7.61
1216 votes
Episode 3

#22 - Episode 3

The Nest Season 1 - Episode 3

Tormented by what he now knows about Kaya, Dan is faced with an impossible decision. Emily starts to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Can Dan protect her from the truth?

star 7.60
78 votes
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Episode 2

#23 - Episode 2

The Nest Season 1 - Episode 2

Tensions reach breaking point between Kaya, Dan and Emily. When Kaya loses control, Dan questions what he really knows about the girl he has invited into his home.

star 7.57
76 votes
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Episode 1

#24 - Episode 1

The Nest Season 1 - Episode 1

Two sides of Glasgow collide when a teenage girl makes a pact with a wealthy couple.

star 7.40
94 votes
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1. More Yang Than Yin

#25 - 1. More Yang Than Yin

Stan Lee's Lucky Man Season 1 - Episode 1

Down-on-his-luck detective Harry Clayton’s fortunes start to change after a chance encounter with a mysterious woman. When Soho casino boss Freddie Lau is murdered, Harry begins to investigate. But it quickly becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.

star 7.36
1664 votes
The Duke's Tracheotomy

#26 - The Duke's Tracheotomy

Quacks Season 1 - Episode 1

Robert is a domineering, showman surgeon - a rock star of his age - who is almost as brilliant as he thinks he is. He can pack out an operating theatre and take off a leg in 92 seconds. But after a botched amputation, Robert is put under pressure by the royal physician, Dr Hendrick. So John, a drug-addled dentist who is trying to create the world's first anaesthetic, convinces Robert to use potentially lethal ether in a prestigious and pioneering operation.

star 7.35
211 votes