The BEST episodes directed by Andrew Denton

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#1 - MasterChef

Gruen - Season 3 - Episode 3

How do you Sell? Exploring how advertising sells MasterChef and how MasterChef sells you. Raking in cash through ad sales, product placement and merchandising. The Pitch: Western Australia should become it's own country Ad Crunch: Analysing a provocative World Wildlife Fund ad, what does this piece of communication acheive and how effective is it.

3D Television
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#2 - 3D Television

Gruen - Season 3 - Episode 5

How do you Sell Televisions? The biggest purchase most people will make after a house and car how do they get you to buy their brand? The Pitch: Urine Ad of the week: McDonalds introduction of the Mighty Angus and the Gand Angus campaine was their most successful launch. What made sale increase to the tune of an extra $2 million a week?

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Cleaning Products
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#3 - Cleaning Products

Gruen - Season 3 - Episode 1

How do you Sell? Exploring the techniques and tactics agencies use to sell their Cleaning Products. The Pitch: Save the Blobfish Ad of the week: An indepth discussion of how the Government and Mining Industry have tried to sway public oppinion through their advertising.

The World Cup
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#4 - The World Cup

Gruen - Season 3 - Episode 2

How do you Sell? Adidas vs Nike, talking about the techniques and tactics agencies have used to sell their products in and around the World Cup. Time Tunnel:From 1981 hello sexy Nix. The Pitch: Visit Asbestos Ad Crunch: An indepth discussion of Daniel Cox's ad to help make people wear seatbelts, how does this film work and what makes it so affective.

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#5 - Deodorant

Gruen - Season 3 - Episode 4

Endorse Me: Kevin Rudd How do you Sell? A journey into advertising's armpit, the claims and solutions agencies use for the problems you just realised you had. Debating Deodorant advertising. The Pitch: Oil spills Ad of the week: Analysing the award winning Old Spice ad.