The BEST episodes directed by Amyn Kaderali

The Spear
1436 votes

#1 - The Spear

Supernatural - Season 14 - Episode 9

Sam and Dean enlist the help of their pal Garth to gain inside information on what Michael may be planning. The brothers split up to each go after weapons that can aid in their fight against the Archangel, but this may be a fight our heroes cannot win.

Sucker Punch
180 votes

#2 - Sucker Punch

Walker - Season 2 - Episode 9

When he hears that Serano is out on bail, Dan panics and asks Liam for help. Liam doesn't trust Dan but Dan makes him a tempting offer that would put Serano behind bars for good. There is just a small catch - Liam can't tell Walker what's going on. Meanwhile, Geri decides to have an open mic night at the Side Step and encourages August to hit the stage.

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Who Will You Be?
319 votes

#3 - Who Will You Be?

The Resident - Season 5 - Episode 7

A new group of interns start their first day with Devon at Chastain. Kit and Bell try to convince Conrad to come back to Chastain. The Raptor's mother ends up back in the ER. Leela and Padma deal with an unexpected visit from their parents.

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Mint Condition
1519 votes

#4 - Mint Condition

Supernatural - Season 14 - Episode 4

Dean continues to struggle. Meanwhile, Sam must think fast when action figures come to life, and our heroes find themselves living in a real-life horror movie.

Where Do We Go From Here?
203 votes

#5 - Where Do We Go From Here?

Walker - Season 2 - Episode 7

Things are still tense between Walker and Liam after Liam called in a false warrant on Dan Miller. However, things take a turn for the worse when Captain James informs the brothers that Serano's lawyers are using Liam's mistake as a way to set the criminal free, putting the entire Walker family in danger.

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Other Woman
593 votes

#6 - Other Woman

Charmed (2018) - Season 1 - Episode 5

Mel is worried about Niko’s safety, so Mel and Harry come up with a plan to protect her, but Mel will need her sisters’ help. Maggie notices that Macy is upset about her situation with Galvin, so she offers to do some recon with her, but they discover that things might not be exactly what they seem. Meanwhile, Maggie’s sorority sister Lucy turns to her for some help, but Maggie struggles with telling her the truth because it could jeopardize her sorority future.

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Ladies Drink Free
139 votes

#7 - Ladies Drink Free

Supernatural - Season 12 - Episode 16

Sam and Dean let Mick Davies tag along on a case as they search for a werewolf. The three men run into Claire Novak, also working the hunt. However, the reunion is short lived after Claire is bitten and the brothers race to find a way to help her before she turns.

The Flock
1469 votes

#8 - The Flock

The 100 - Season 7 - Episode 9

Murphy and Indra must defuse a tense situation. Old friends make new allegiances.

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Bar None
366 votes

#9 - Bar None

Walker - Season 1 - Episode 6

When Geri decides to sell the bar, it throws Walker for a loop. With so many memories attached to the bar, he asks Geri to reconsider and reminds her of all the good times they've had there with Emily and Hoyt. Meanwhile, Micki is shocked when her mother drops in unexpectedly.

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Drag Me Away (From You)
905 votes

#10 - Drag Me Away (From You)

Supernatural - Season 15 - Episode 16

Sam and Dean are asked to investigate the murder of a childhood friend, calling them back to a motel from their past and perplexing the brothers with a case they thought was solved a long time ago.

112 votes

#11 - Breakdown

Supernatural - Season 13 - Episode 11

Donna calls Sam and Dean for help after her niece, Wendy, goes missing. The three hunters discover Wendy was kidnapped by a man who sells human parts to monsters in a grotesque online auction and race to save her before it is too late.

Destiny's Child
0 votes

#12 - Destiny's Child

Supernatural - Season 15 - Episode 13

A search for the one thing that may give the Winchesters an edge against God leads Sam and Dean to Jo’s door and to a secret that may have died with Ruby. Meanwhile, Castiel asks Jack to do the unthinkable to help the brothers in their quest.