The BEST episodes directed by Alastair Reid

Tales of the City (3)
27 votes

#1 - Tales of the City (3)

Tales of the City - Season 1 - Episode 3

Mary Ann joins Vincent on the crisis switchboard; is confronted by DeDe and encounters the strange Norman Neal Williams. Anna takes Mona to "Beach Blanket Babylon". Edgar tells Anna he is dying. Mona's ex lover, D'orothea returns to town and wants to rekindle an old romance. DeDe escapes to a fat farm. Michael "Mouse" wins the Mr Endup Contest and ends up losing Jon.

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Tales of the City (5)
21 votes

#2 - Tales of the City (5)

Tales of the City - Season 1 - Episode 5

Norman investigates Anna madrigal's past. Edgar is blackmailed. Michael and Brian go off in the night searching for a good time. Anna tells Edgar her secret.

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Tales of the City (6)
26 votes

#3 - Tales of the City (6)

Tales of the City - Season 1 - Episode 6

Mrs Madrigal throws a Christmas party for her ""family"", Mona finds out the truth about D'or; Mary Ann finds out the truth about Norman. Mona moves back into Barbary Lane. Mary Ann tells Michael what happened with Norman and Anna Madigal lays a joint on Edgar's new grave.

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The Dead of Jericho
390 votes

#4 - The Dead of Jericho

Inspector Morse - Season 1 - Episode 1

Morse is passed over for promotion and gets a new working partner in the shape of Lewis, who is not sure what to make of his new boss. Their first case together is a murder, when Anne Staveley, who was Morse's friend in a choral society, is found hanged in her house in the Jericho area of Oxford. The death looks like suicide, but Morse has his own reasons for treating the case as a murder investigation. A parking ticket and Oedipus the King, by Sophocles, come to his assistance.

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Tales of the City (4)
23 votes

#5 - Tales of the City (4)

Tales of the City - Season 1 - Episode 4

Michael's parents visit San Francisco. Anna Madrigal and Edgar's romance blossoms. Mary Ann and Norman go trick-or-treating. Mona moves out of 28 Barbary Lane to be with her old lover. DeDe is blackmailed by Carson Callas

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The Wolvercote Tongue
171 votes

#6 - The Wolvercote Tongue

Inspector Morse - Season 2 - Episode 1

Laura Poindexter, a rich American tourist, dies in the Randolph Hotel, Oxford, apparently from a heart attack, but Morse suspects foul play. Laura was due to return a historic jewel to an Oxford museum, and it has gone missing. Then Dr Kemp, who is a womanizing historian, dies of a fall, Lucy Downes is crushed to death in a telephone box, and Dr Kemp's widow appears to take a fatal overdose of Paracetomol.Morse believes the deaths are all linked.

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Tales of the City (1)
65 votes

#7 - Tales of the City (1)

Tales of the City - Season 1 - Episode 1

Mary Ann Singleton makes her vacation in San Francisco permanent, and after a brief stay with her friend Connie, she is welcomed by her new ""family"" at 28 Barbary Lane. It's not long before Mary Ann finds herself seduced by her new boss's son, Beachamp. Michael ""Mouse"" Tolliver returns to 28 Barbary Lane to live with his friend Mona Ramsey.

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Tales of the City (2)
58 votes

#8 - Tales of the City (2)

Tales of the City - Season 1 - Episode 2

The Characters continue their emotional, social and sexual meandering: Beauchamp and Mary Ann; Brian and Connie and then Hillary; DeDe and the grocery boy; Michael and Chuck and then Jon Fielding. Edgar and Anna trade a joint for a kite and Mona trades her job for her pride. Mrs Madrigal helps Edgar in a time of need. Mary Ann contemplates leaving San Francisco.

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16 votes

#9 - Taste

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 2 - Episode 7

Richard Pratt, a famous middle-aged wine connoisseur, is having dinner with the Schofields for the third time. Twice before, he has won a case of wine from Mike Schofield by correctly identifying the claret served with dinner. This time, Pratt wishes to increase the stakes - he offers his London house and his place in the country against the hand in marriage of the Schofields' teenage daughter, Louise. And Schofield (who is sure he has found a wine no one could identify) persuades Louise to agree to the bet. After all, this wine is unguessable...

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