The Best Episodes Directed by Alan Tudyk

Found and Lost

#1 - Found and Lost

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 12

The cast of Spectrum (save for the late Bruise Camp Bell) has a reunion at Jack Moore's house, where they watch the lost episode and consider whether to do the Spectrum movie. Jack's pulled over by a cop, who's luckily a huge fan.

star 7.85
215 votes
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Voiced Over

#2 - Voiced Over

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 8

Wray’s role is downgraded during a video game gig. Milo Ventimiglia convinces Wray to attend a comic book store opening in his absence.

star 7.83
232 votes
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Too Much Closure for Comfort

#3 - Too Much Closure for Comfort

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 13

During the reunion, Wray has a one on one with each of his Spectrum co-stars and realizes how much doing the movie means to them. Also, his militant co-star Stutter, who still holds an old grudge against Wray, exacts his cheesy revenge.

star 7.79
218 votes
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Doll Faced

#4 - Doll Faced

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 7

Wray and Louise make-out-ish in a blue police box. Hearts and more break over dinner and it’s revealed that Wray Wray is getting action. Leslie, Sean and Bobbie work out their own issues.

star 7.71
242 votes
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Sinking Feelings

#5 - Sinking Feelings

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 9

Wray meets Jack Moore's new assistant Faith and she informs him Jack wants to make a spectrum movie much to Wray's disappointment.

star 7.70
224 votes
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A Fluid Thing

#6 - A Fluid Thing

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 6

Bobbie’s “levy” is cresting under the tempest of Leslie Jordan and Sean Maher’s attention. Wray gets an action figure, “Wray Wray”, and learns the love you can only feel as a father.

star 7.70
253 votes
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Gum Drop

#7 - Gum Drop

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 6

It’s a tough room at the auditions for Doctor Cop Lawyer, casting director brings him in just before lunch, everyone is distracted, the social media team should be in diapers, and Diego Alfonzo is video conferencing in with a poor connection.

star 7.66
163 votes
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Thank You for Your Service

#8 - Thank You for Your Service

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 10

Michael Dorn and Kevin Gevioux host a panel on racism in animation with Wray. Wray is an equal opportunity bigot. The military rescues Wray from himself.

star 7.64
223 votes
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Baby Boom

#9 - Baby Boom

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 5

Wray meets the girl of his dreams and knocks her off her feet. Bobbie competes in a cosplay contest judged by the amorous Leslie Jordan and Sean Maher.

star 7.64
259 votes
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What Goes Up

#10 - What Goes Up

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 1

Jack Moore meets with his agents to find his movie career is on the rocks. Wray isn't sure how to tell Jack he's dating Faith, Jack's assistant.

star 7.60
204 votes
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I'm with Stupid

#11 - I'm with Stupid

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 8

The Long Con boiler room traps more and more convention goers behind its self-locking door, providing Lou Ferrigno a cast for Of Mice and Men: The Musical.

star 7.60
141 votes
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New Deal, No Deal

#12 - New Deal, No Deal

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 2

Wray admits to Jack that he isn’t interested in climbing back into the Spectrum cockpit. Jack promises Wray an audition for Doctor Cop Lawyer if he agrees to do the movie.

star 7.59
194 votes
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Them's the Breaks

#13 - Them's the Breaks

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 3

After firing his agents, Wray is forced to hire Bobbie to negotiate a cereal commercial on his behalf. Faith decides to get her shit in order.

star 7.57
187 votes
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Full Release

#14 - Full Release

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 11

Spectrum's creator leaks the lost episode of the show and breaks the Internet. Bobbie, Wray and his 90-year-old roommate and former stuntman-for-actresses, Dale, watch it together.

star 7.52
218 votes
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Back to the Past

#15 - Back to the Past

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 9

The cast of Spectrum reunites at Shock-A-Con and Jack asks Wray to keep an eye on them while he finishes securing financing for the Spectrum movie.

star 7.51
140 votes
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Cash Poor

#16 - Cash Poor

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 2

Wray meets his convention assistant, Karen, who is a machine, a machine, a soft serve machine. Wray signs autographs for his fans and agrees to work on his audition scenes with his manager Bobby.

star 7.47
345 votes
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#17 - Stalled

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 1

Wray Nerely experiences an unusual fan interaction in the airport men’s room and after accepting some timely advice from Sean Astin, is almost ejected from his flight by Air Marshall Cahoots.

star 7.46
434 votes
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Retarding It All Up

#18 - Retarding It All Up

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 4

The morning after the VIP party Wray discovers that he recorded and sent in his audition during his drug and alcohol fueled blackout. Wray insults the fans and apologizes only insulting them more. A handicapped mob forms and gives pursuit. Sean Astin gets bourbon balled.

star 7.46
262 votes
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Behind the Lines

#19 - Behind the Lines

Con Man Season 1 - Episode 3

Bobbie tries to help Wray with his audition. Bobbie hinders more than helps. Mocap-king Jerry Lansing pushes pain killers on Wray. Wray feels no pain at the VIP party.

star 7.45
299 votes
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A Small Step for Manly

#20 - A Small Step for Manly

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 4

Wray shoots a commercial to impress the director of Doctor Cop Lawyer, Diego Alfonso. Against the warnings of the Stunt Coordinator, Wray decides to perform his own stunts.

star 7.45
175 votes
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Pin Cushion

#21 - Pin Cushion

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 7

Wray heads to the Long Con to help build awareness for Spectrum: The Movie, but ends up locked in the boiler room with Lou Ferrigno.

star 7.41
148 votes
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Dick Lansing

#22 - Dick Lansing

Con Man Season 2 - Episode 5

Diego Alfonso invites Wray to audition for the role of Doctor Cop Lawyer sidekick, Dick Trimmings. Initially Wray is put off by the offer, but regroups and decides to become the best character actor he can be. To do so, he seeks the assistance of his old friend, the 2nd best Mocap artist in the world, Jerry Lansing.

star 7.22
167 votes
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