The Best Episodes Directed by Alan Kirschenbaum

Worst in Show

#1 - Worst in Show

Yes, Dear Season 1 - Episode 23

Kim agrees to let Jimmy keep his childhood dog at the house, against Greg's wishes. So Greg buys a go-kart, against Kim's wishes.

star 8.00
20 votes
Big Brother-in-Law

#2 - Big Brother-in-Law

Yes, Dear Season 4 - Episode 5

When Jimmy gets accepted as a contestant on Big Brother, the thought of him and Christine having enough money to get their own place makes Greg takes drastic measures to see to it that Jimmy wins.

star 7.83
18 votes

#3 - In-Laws

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1 - Episode 8

When Ray's upper class in-laws come for a visit, he begs his parents to be nice to them and accept their differences even though their lifestyles are worlds apart. Ray admits to his parents that he doesn't always see eye-to-eye with Debra's folks but manages to fake it and he'd like his parents to do the same when they all go out and try to have a family dinner. The request, however, proves to be a tall order for Frank and Marie.

star 7.75
564 votes
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Win, Lose or Draw

#4 - Win, Lose or Draw

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1 - Episode 9

Ray gets tired of being treated like a kid at his father's poker game, so he ignores his father's advice and ends up losing all his money. Debra wants Ray to act like a mature adult and ask Frank for his money back, but Ray is too stubborn. Meanwhile, it turns out that Frank was only trying to teach Ray a lesson - that you can always go to your father and he'll make everything okay.

star 7.74
482 votes
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Christine's Journey

#5 - Christine's Journey

Yes, Dear Season 2 - Episode 2

The Warners and the Hughes invite the neighbors, Rob and Wendy, and their kids over. Greg decides to join a gym after seeing Rob give rocket ship rides to Sam, because he's too exhausted to give them to Sam himself. But Greg has no idea what to do at the gym and contemplates hiring a personal trainer, which Jimmy thinks is a waste of money. So he volunteers to personally train Greg himself. Christine, meanwhile, thinks about taking Logan out of day care because she's bored. Kim instead convinces Christine to go down to a temp agency and get a part-time job that she's qualified for -- passing out teeny-weeny samples at the supermarket. Jimmy loves Christine's new job -- especially the free lunch part -- but Christine hates it so much she quits, and tries her luck again at the temp. This time she gets an even worse job, and quits it too. Jimmy overworks Greg so much that he's ready to quit working out himself, until Jimmy confesses that he's only been ""helping"" Greg to avoid taking care

star 7.44
25 votes