The Best Episodes Directed by Alan Burnett

The Call (2)

#1 - The Call (2)

Batman Beyond Season 3 - Episode 8

Batman shows the League evidence of Superman's complicity in the death of Warhawk, but the idea is met with some resistance -- particularly from Barda, who flatly refuses to believe that Superman could be responsible, preferring instead to suspect Batman. Barda is convinced when Warhawk reappears, revealing that he didn't die in the explosion. Batman is only partly relieved, armed as he is with a kryptonite sample necessary to stop -- and kill -- Superman if he has to.

star 8.99
243 votes
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The Call (1)

#2 - The Call (1)

Batman Beyond Season 3 - Episode 7

Batman receives a little unexpected help in capturing Inque: Superman. Superman reunites with Bruce Wayne, and extends an offer to Terry to join the Justice League. When Batman's introduction to the League is met with hostility by the other members, Superman takes Batman aside and explains that he has reason to suspect a traitor in their midst; he asks him to keep his eyes and ears open. Terry reluctantly agrees, finding it difficult to spy on people he's idolized his whole life. When the League steps in to stop a mysterious attack on Metropolis, a missile explosion claims Warhawk's life. Batman is the only one to witness the event, which puts suspicion squarely on his shoulders.

star 8.84
279 votes
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World's Finest (1)

#3 - World's Finest (1)

Superman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 16

Batman travels to Metropolis when the Joker steals a solid Kryptonite statue and makes a deal with Lex Luthor to kill Superman.

star 8.61
236 votes
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World's Finest (3)

#4 - World's Finest (3)

Superman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 18

Lois ends her romance with Bruce Wayne when she discovers that he is Batman. Lex Luthor tries to end his alliance with the Joker, but the Joker turns the tables and kidnaps Lex and steals a powerful aircraft to attack Metropolis.

star 8.39
229 votes
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Two-Face (1)

#5 - Two-Face (1)

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 17

Harvey Dent, campaigning for a re-election, vows to rid Gotham of Rupert Thorne's crime and corruption. The tables turn when Thorne gets a hold of Dent's psychological records and discovers his alternate personality: the violent Big Bad Harv. Thorne attempts to blackmail Dent with this, and the following fight in Thorne's chemical plant hideout results in an explosion that scars the left side of Dent's body, despite Batman's attempts to save him.

star 8.38
567 votes
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World's Finest (2)

#6 - World's Finest (2)

Superman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 17

Lois Lane becomes romantically tied to Bruce Wayne and is kidnapped by the Joker in an attempt to lure Superman to his death.

star 8.25
225 votes
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#7 - Jimmy

Static Shock Season 2 - Episode 11

The episode starts with Richie being put into an ambulance. This is a flashback and Virgil is really in a psychiatrist's office. He is telling her how he couldn't forget something that happened. He begins the story of how he first met a kid named Jimmy. In the flashback, Virgil is late to school because of Carmendillo. When he gets there, Richie and him see Nick Connor picking on Jimmy Osgood. They feel sorry for him and later go to his house. He asks them if they want to see his dad's gun, and Virgil gets mad at him because of what happened to his mother. Jimmy later apologizes and becomes friends with Virgil and Richie. There is going to be a ""Fright Fest"" at the recreation center and lots of kids help. They create a maze inside the gym. After it is built, Jimmy overhears a conversation between Freida and Nick about how Frieda likes Jimmy. Nick sees him and chases him into the locker bay, where he shoves Jimmy into a locker. Jimmy is helped out and he runs away, crying. The next da

star 8.00
9 votes
Brave New Metropolis

#8 - Brave New Metropolis

Superman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 12

Lois stumbles into a parallel world where Superman and Lex Luthor work together as dictators of Metropolis.

star 7.89
220 votes
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A Fish Story

#9 - A Fish Story

Superman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 9

Marine animals attack Metropolis because Lex Luthor has captured Aquaman.

star 7.89
197 votes
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Rebirth (2)

#10 - Rebirth (2)

Batman Beyond Season 1 - Episode 2

Terry steals the Batsuit to pursue his father's killer, a professional bodyguard named Mr. Fixx (George Takei), whose employer, Derek Powers (Sherman Howard), the current CEO of Wayne-Powers, is secretly using the company's resources to develop a biological weapon. Bruce Wayne, discovering the theft, deactivates the suit, but when seeing the now-helpless Terry being punched out reactivates it so he can continue pursuing Fixx, and in the end Wayne appears at Terry's house to hire him as a "special assistant."

star 7.83
469 votes
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The Prometheon

#11 - The Prometheon

Superman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 3

A giant humanoid creature with incredible strength and heat-sapping abilities, falls to Earth and now threatens the planet. Superman has to fight the creature's advances and send it back into outer space.

star 7.80
198 votes
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Rebirth (1)

#12 - Rebirth (1)

Batman Beyond Season 1 - Episode 1

In 2019, Bruce Wayne, the original Batman, retires due to failing health when his rescue of a kidnapped woman nearly goes wrong and he must resort to almost using a gun—the ultimate sin in his eyes. Twenty years later in 2039, Terrence "Terry" McGinnis discovers Batman's identity after the aging Bruce Wayne helps him fight off a gang of Jokerz (street punks enamored by the original Clown Prince of Crime). After Terry's father is murdered, Terry seeks Bruce's help to avenge him.

star 7.77
589 votes
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Read My Lips

#13 - Read My Lips

Batman: The Animated Series Season 1 - Episode 59

Batman discovers that A brand new gang has made its debut committing the slickest crimes ever, thanks to the gang leader, Scarface. It's up to Batman to stop Scarface and his "dummy", the Ventriloquist. new crime czar is a wooden dummy manipulated by a mild mannered man with a split personality.

star 7.72
201 votes
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Earth Mover

#14 - Earth Mover

Batman Beyond Season 2 - Episode 2

Terry's friend Jackie, the foster daughter of wealthy industrialist Bill Wallace, is being stalked by a creature that can reform itself out of the earth and control the earth around it. When an attack reveals canisters of radioactive toxic waste from underground, Batman tries to find the connection between the creatures, Wallace, and Jackie's late father, Wallace's former partner.

star 7.68
300 votes
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Riddler's Reform

#15 - Riddler's Reform

Batman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 3

The Riddler appears to have gone straight when he develops a new and successful puzzle based toy.

star 7.66
294 votes
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Time Out of Joint

#16 - Time Out of Joint

Batman: The Animated Series Season 3 - Episode 5

The Clock King plots against Mayor Hill after he steals an invention that allows him to travel at super speed.

star 7.62
288 votes
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#17 - Mudslide

Batman: The Animated Series Season 2 - Episode 3

A female scientist helps Clayface when his body begins to disintegrate.

star 7.61
268 votes
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The Terrible Trio

#18 - The Terrible Trio

Batman: The Animated Series Season 4 - Episode 1

Batman tracks three wealthy playboys who commit crimes out of boredom.

star 7.42
262 votes
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Power Outage

#19 - Power Outage

Static Shock Season 4 - Episode 13

After Kangor suddenly loses his powers, Ebon and his crew find out that it's from inhaling Dr. Todd's cure. Soon, every bang baby in Dakota (even Static and Gear) begin to revert back, but Ebon tries to stop this from happening. Ebon and his crew plan to steal what's left of the bang baby gas that was used in making the cure to stage another Big Bang before everyone's cured.

star 7.33
9 votes

#20 - Aftershock

Static Shock Season 1 - Episode 2

Metahumans are everywhere and most of them are doing crimes. Virgil begins to fight crime as Static, but when the bully ""F-Stop"" comes back as a metahuman himself, able to control fire, Virgil tries to beat him once and for all. ""F-Stop"" renames himself Hotstreak. Virgil also learns that Alva and the Mayor were responsible for the gas that caused the mutations, but needs to prove it. He sneaks into Alva's office to get proof, but has to fight off one of Alva's henchmen to get it. Later, as he fights Hotstreak again, the disk gets destroyed with all of Alva's information on it. Static powers up and finally beats Hotstreak.

star 7.29
63 votes
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#21 - Gear

Static Shock Season 3 - Episode 2

The episode opens with Richie showing Static his latest invention: A high tech surveillance robot called Backpack. They are interrupted when Ebon and his gang escape from jail and Static goes after them. Richie goes with him to watch and Ebon recognizes him and thinks he has something to do with Static. He has his gang follow Richie around town. In the meantime Richie has become so smart he passes all his classes with ease and says it feels like his brain is on fire with new inventions. Virgil thinks he had a delayed reaction to the Big Bang and Richie isn't happy at first. He wants a cool power like super strength. After tailing Richie around, Ebon thinks Virgil is Static and kidnaps him. Improvising a costume Richie goes after them using his inventions. Virgil is in a padded cell and starts to break out using his powers but thinks it might be a trap set by Ebon - so he waits until he knows what going on. Ebon is watching Virgil on a tv monitor. Richie uses Backpack to create a

star 6.71
7 votes
The New Kid

#22 - The New Kid

Static Shock Season 1 - Episode 6

Virgil's dad and Principal agree that he is too smart to stay in Dakota High school. With the help of a scholarship, they send him to an advanced Science and Technology school, where he meets geeky bullies who turn out to be upperclassmen and his teachers. All the other students are a snore except Daisy, who is beautiful and funny, and helps Virgil with his projects. They work on a new prototype program that absorbs electricity. Virgil hands it over to his teachers who use it for a giant robot that rampages the city. The robot belongs to Edwin Alva and the school is funded by him. Alva tells the teachers the prototype had better stop Static, the bane of his existence, but Virgil and Daisy sneak in and overhear everything. The teachers see them and they run away, only to have the giant robot attack them. Virgil changes into Static and he fights off the robot he helped build, eventually defeating it by knowing its weak spot. Back at his old high school, Virgil is happy to discover that D

star 6.45
51 votes
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#23 - Showtime

Static Shock Season 3 - Episode 8

After defeating Puff and Onyx, Static and Gear notice a billboard advertising a new show called ""Heros"" staring Static Shock. Static visits the office of film producer Rast and tells him he doesn't want to star in any movie. But Rast convinces him that kids need a role model and Static agrees. Rast, who is a rude and arrogant boss with his staff, tells Static that Gear wasn't in the movie but Static says that Gear is his partner and argues for it. Static and Gear go on patrol with 2 helicopters flying with them wherever they go. A criminal by the name of Starburst breaks into a bank and Static and Gear try to stop him. Their powers have no effect on him and Rast is furious saying they looked bad in filming. Gear lets Static fight Starburst because it seems his powers are similar to Static's.

star 6.00
6 votes