The Best Episodes Directed by Adam Sanderson


#1 - Boom

Absentia Season 2 - Episode 7

Emily and Cal venture off the grid as they track Rex Wolfe deep into lawless territory. Back in the States, Nick struggles to swallow a massive lie.

star 7.61
271 votes
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#2 - Cover

Absentia Season 2 - Episode 6

Emily and Cal travel to Moldova to track down the Fentanyl Killer - a task that proves to be more dangerous than anticipated. Meanwhile, Nick is given an order that challenges his moral code.

star 7.56
270 votes
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#3 - Bolo

Absentia Season 2 - Episode 5

While investigating the home of the most recent Fentanyl Killer victim, Emily obtains a critical piece of evidence. Meanwhile, Nick's work with a high-profile prisoner turns deadly.

star 7.53
281 votes
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