The BEST TV3 (ES) Shows

The top 5 shows on TV3 (ES)


#1 - Merlí

Merlí is a Spanish television series produced by the Catalan channel TV3 about a philosophy teacher of the same name who encourages students to think freely using unorthodox methods.

star 8.80
1,309 votes
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If I Hadn't Met You

#2 - If I Hadn't Met You

Eduard, a husband and father who loses his family in a tragic accident, travels to parallel universes to seek a better fate for his beloved wife.

star 7.71
79 votes
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#3 - Cites

In the 21st Century, when dating has become a matter of texting, smartphone apps and virtual experiences, couples that have met via the internet go on a series of first dates.

star 7.69
125 votes
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Welcome to the Family (2018)

#4 - Welcome to the Family (2018)

When an evicted single mom's estranged father dies, she and his second wife cover up his death after learning they've been written out of his will.

star 7.55
67 votes
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The Hockey Girls

#5 - The Hockey Girls

Seven young roller hockey players and their new coach will fight to save the female section of Club Pati Minerva, while trying to find their place, both inside and outside the team.

star 7.51
43 votes
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