The BEST Telefe Shows

The top 4 shows on Telefe

The Pretenders

#1 - The Pretenders

The Pretenders consists of a team of four associates who run a "simulation" business, solving the problems and the needs of their clients by staging simulacros (simulations). The simulations are aimed at confusing whoever is giving their clients a problem (bosses, criminals, husbands, wives, unscrupulous businessmen, etc), thus helping the client come on top of the situation. The underlying philosophy used by the team was that sometimes what's legal is not fair, and sometimes what's fair is not legal.

star 9.42
422 votes
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Almost Angels

#2 - Almost Angels

Casi Ángeles (lit. meaning Almost Angels) is an argentine live-action tv series about a group of orphans who are exploited and forced into robbery by the orphanage director, Bartolomé Bedoya Aguero. However, Bartolomé is running low on cash and in order to receive the inheritance of his dead aunt there are two conditions he must meet: keep the orphanage running and make his younger sister Malvina get married. Her current boyfriend, Nicolas Bauer, arrives to the Bedoya Aguero mansion after getting engaged to her, accompanied by his son Cristobal and a savage named Mogli.

star 8.80
204 votes
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Historia de un clan

#3 - Historia de un clan

The Puccio are, in appearance, a family like any other. However, their house is actually the center of the sinister operations of a clan that gets their wealth by kidnapping and collecting cash by demanding a ransom.

star 8.68
130 votes
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Casados con Hijos

#4 - Casados con Hijos

Casados con Hijos is the Argentine re-make of American television series Married... with Children. It was made in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Telefe and Sony Pictures, during 2005 and 2006. This television series follows the Argento family and their lives.

star 8.52
408 votes
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