The Sky At Night

#1 - Cosmic Debris

Season 2008 - Episode 1

Patrick Moore investigates comet tails, meteorites and asteroids and discovers the terrible consequences of a cosmic collision with the Earth.

#2 - Voyager's Grand Tour

Season 1989 - Episode 13

A summary of all the information sent back by Voyager 2 on its journey through the Solar System

#3 - Light Fantastic

Season 2009 - Episode 1

This first Sky at Night of 2009 is a celebration of the humble (and Hubble) telescope, which is now 400 years old. It all began with Galileo . . . or did it? Patrick Moore furrows his brow over the news that an Englishman may have invented the first. Over the last 50 years Patrick has visited almost all of the worlds large telescopes, and there is some archive footage of some of these visits. Meanwhile, Chris Lintott visits some mighty examples in the USA, and astronaut Jeff Hoffman describes how he repaired the Hubble Space Telescope. Preparations are underway in NASA's watertanks for the next repair/update mission, which NASA hopes to be the last, because the next space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to succeed it. In a unique visite we get to see how 10m glass mirrors are cast and polished under the Arizona Wildcats Football stadium, and talks about the future of Extremely Large Telescopes.

#4 - Lord of the Rings

Season 2005 - Episode 1

The Cassini spacecraft has been at Saturn for six months. Patrick also discusses Cassini's probe Huygens, which will be sent to Titan on Christmas Day.

#5 - Hot Stuff

Season 2003 - Episode 1

The Sun and recent eclipse from Australia.

#6 - Other Solar Systems

Season 2012 - Episode 1

We now know there are other solar systems far away in space, but are they like ours and is there life on these strange worlds? Sir Patrick Moore goes on the quest for little green men.

#7 - Is There Anybody Out There?

Season 1999 - Episode 1

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

#8 - Arend-Roland Comet

Season 1957 - Episode 1

On 4 April 1957, Patrick Moore was sitting in a BBC studio at Lime Grove. “I was staring at a television monitor,” says Patrick. “On the screen appeared the words ‘The Sky at Night: a regular monthly programme presented by Patrick Moore’. Then I saw myself on the monitor and a thought flashed through my mind: ‘My entire career depends on what I do during the next 20 minutes.’” The first ever episode looked at the discovery of Comet Arend-Roland in November 1956.

#9 - The Great Spiral

Season 1960 - Episode 1

The Andromeda Galaxy

#10 - The Billion Pixel Camera

Season 2015 - Episode 1

The Milky Way, our galaxy, is a magnificent sight in the night sky, but we know surprisingly little about it for certain. What is its shape? How many stars does it actually contain? What lies at its centre? The Gaia space telescope will answer these questions, being armed with the most advanced camera to leave our planet, and it will allow us to see our galaxy as we've never seen it before. The Sky at Night visits the factory in Chelmsford that made the astonishing sensor at the heart of the mission.

#11 - Jupiter: Weather and Moons

Season 2014 - Episode 1

New presenter Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock joins Dr Chris Lintott in a revamped line-up that launches the show in its new home on BBC Four. The main subject is Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system and particularly bright in the night sky during the British winter. What makes Jupiter's extraordinary weather? Its coloured bands and iconic 'eye' are visible manifestations of an extremely violent atmosphere. Chris and Maggie are joined by guest reporter, physicist Dr Helen Czerski, to explain why Jupiter looks so extraordinary.

#12 - Storms In The Sky

Season 1961 - Episode 1


#13 - The Moons Of Jupiter

Season 1966 - Episode 1

#14 - The Approach Of Mars

Season 1971 - Episode 1

#15 - The Moon - A New Era

Season 1969 - Episode 1

The future of space research; possible contamination of Mars by space probes

#16 - The Giant Planet

Season 1967 - Episode 1

Jupiter and the latest Moon pictures

#17 - The Winter Sky

Season 1982 - Episode 1

Patrick Moore talks about lunar eclipses, looking in particular at the eclipse of 6 January 1982, and describes features in the January night sky.

#18 - The Changing Face Of Mars

Season 1976 - Episode 1

Look forward to Viking probe

#19 - Positional Astronomy

Season 1974 - Episode 1

#20 - Orion The Hunter

Season 1975 - Episode 1

#21 - Venus Explored

Season 1979 - Episode 1

Results from eight spacecraft to have visited Venus - six American, two Russian

#22 - The Winter Sky

Season 1983 - Episode 1

Winter constellations and news from La Palma

#23 - Mapping The Sky

Season 1980 - Episode 1

#24 - The Winter Sky

Season 1984 - Episode 1

A look around the winter sky

#25 - Tales Of The Unexpected

Season 1990 - Episode 1

A look at astronomical 'tales of the unexpected': bright comets, new stars, outbreaks on planets and displays of aurorae