Squid Girl

#1 - Won't You Go to Elementary School!? / Won't You Cosplay!? / Aren't you Lighter!?

Season 2 - Episode 2

Squid Girl joins Takeru to elementary school, where the teacher becomes jealous of her popularity. When some bullies take over the playground, Squid Girl challenges them to a game of soccer, which proves tricky without her tentacles. Later, Eiko tries dressing up Nagisa as a guy to attract female customers, which also stops Squid Girl's teasing. Ayumi also comes to work again, being dressed in a maid's outfit equipped with a metal knuckle to overcome her shyness. However, they both stop after Ayumi's father points out this isn't solving the core issues. Later, Eiko and Chizuru are surprised to find Squid Girl has the ability to change her weight at will, leading to some odd experiments.

#2 - Eel You Play House With Me?! / Didn`t We Have A Squidrrangement?! / Shall We Jet Over To An Amusement Park?!

Season 2 - Episode 9

A girl named Risa asks Squid Girl and Eiko to play House with her, which becomes more complicated when Sanae and Kiyomi get cast as Squid Girl's lovers. Later, Eiko and Chizuru give Squid Girl a bag and schedule planner for her to make use out of, though she finds things don't always go to her scheduled plans. On the weekend, the Aizawas take Squid Girl to an amusement park they went to as kids, only to find it is closing down and the only ride left are the teacups. Despite the limited rides, the gang decides to stay with the park until the end, giving Eiko memories of being with her parents.

#3 - Won't You Buy It?

Season 1 - Episode 4

When Ika finds a lost wallet, the owner rewards her with 10,000 yen, which she spends on frozen shrimp. When the TV in the beach house breaks down, Ika is invited to sleep over at the Aizawa household. While exploring the beach, Ika and Eiko find an imitation Squid Girl built by the owner of a rival beach house, Southern Winds, to attract customers. The owner challenges Eiko to various matches for possession of the original, though the imitation's efforts prove scary.

#4 - Won't You Play with The Bell?

Season 1 - Episode 9

While trying to avoid Chizuru's wrath after a failed attempt at doorbell ditching, Ika ends up making friends with a schoolgirl named Kiyomi Sakura. Ika invites Kiyomi over to the Aizawa household, but becomes paranoid that she'll get punished for not asking permission. Later, Ika tries on lipstick for the first time and becomes interested in all sorts of makeup. After that, Sanae and Cindy get into a fight over their respective desires for Ika. Later, the MIT trio bring over a special device which turns out to be a disintegrator ray which destroys the whole beach house.

#5 - Aren't You Afraid?

Season 1 - Episode 3

The gang take Ika, who had never heard of ghosts before, on a test of courage at the local cemetery, but she just ends up scaring everyone with her ability to emit light. Later, Ika becomes frightened when inflatable killer whales start showing up around the place (believing they are real), since killer whales are her natural predator. When Takeru asks Gorō to teach him how to swim, Ika tries to teach him to avoid the whales. Later, a new girl, Nagisa Saitō, joins the stand, though is a bit nervous around Ika, who becomes pleased that someone actually fears her.

#6 - Isn't that English!? / Won't you stop it!? / Won't you go with the flow!?

Season 2 - Episode 4

After Takeru has trouble understanding a tourist, Cindy holds an English-teaching session, with Eiko being the only one who doesn't understand anything. This leads to some communication errors as Cindy misinterprets Eiko's Japanese as English. Later, Squid Girl learns about tickling from Eiko and starts going around tickling others. However, she gets her comeuppance when she attempts to tickle Chizuru and ends up catching hiccups, which she believes can only be cured if something makes her happy. Later, Squid Girl joins Takeru and the others by the river, where they have a race with grass boats. As Squid Girl follows her boat down the river, she winds up on a completely different beach.

#7 - Won't You Get targeted?

Season 1 - Episode 7

Concerned about any evil plans Ika may have, Nagisa decides to sleep over at the Aizawas to keep watch on her. Nagisa pretends to not be scared of Ika, which upsets her. Eiko tries to convince Ika to just be friends with Nagisa, but Nagisa's fear rises up again. As Ika decides to play as being Queen, Cindy manages to trick her into agreeing to come to her secret laboratory, where she meets some her strange co-workers; Harris, Clark and Martin. Later, the girls run into the Southern Winds owner's daughter, and offer her a trial run working at the Lemon. As she attracts more sales, Eiko lets the owner have Ika for the Southern Winds, where she proves to be a worthwhile entertainer.

#8 - Who`s Up For A Squid-vasion?! / Ink That`s A Love Rival?! / Making A Few Squid With Jellyfish

Season 2 - Episode 1

After renewing her resolve to invade mankind, Squid Girl suspects various things to be counter measures against her. Later, Kiyomi and her friends come to the Lemon to see Squid Girl, much to the dismay of a very jealous Sanae. When the sea becomes filled with jellyfish, the Lemon holds a contest to see who can catch the most jellyfish.

#9 - Squidn't That Hypnosis?! / Shall We Join Tentacles?! / I Ink We're Alone Now?!

Season 2 - Episode 11

As Sanae practises hypnotism in the hopes of hypnotising Squid Girl, the others play along with her. Although Sanae fails to make it work, Squid Girl is actually able to make it work, only to discover the coin she had been using was actually a device made by the Three Stooges. Later, the Southern Winds owner joins forces with the Three Stooges to make a robotic Squid Girl to once again challenge the real deal. Although it proves to be a match for Squid Girl, its technical shortcomings lead to its loss. Later, Squid Girl tries to make an effort to become more evil, but becomes concerned when Chizuru doesn't react to her misbehavings. The two end up going shopping and going to a restaurant together, where Chizuru expresses her wishes to be good friends with Squid Girl.

#10 - Isn't It a Doll? - Isn't It Doubtful? - Won't You Go Hiking?

Season 1 - Episode 11

Eiko finds an old doll from her childhood that freaks Ika out as it appears to move by itself overnight. As Eiko recalls the doll's features, she and Sanae wonder about the whereabouts of the other doll in the set. Having witnessed her abilities first, Cindy starts to wonder if Chizuru is actually an alien and elists the help of the MIT trio to gather some DNA. Later, Ika and the Aizawas go on a hiking trip to the mountains, where Ika's tentacles seem to attract the appetites of the wildlife.

#11 - Isn't It Teru Teru Bouzu? - Won't You Be Loved? - Won't You Play Baseball?

Season 1 - Episode 10

On a rainy day, Ika exhibits a talent for art, though the depictions of her friends are somewhat scary. Later, Eiko tells Sanae that she should give up on her crush on Ika and try to become proper friends with her. However, holding herself back from Ika proves to be harder than Sanae thought. Later, when Kiyomi's baseball team falls short one member, Ika decides to help her out. Though she initially has trouble with the game, her tentacles soon come into good use.

#12 - Won't You Invade?

Season 1 - Episode 1

Angered by the pollution in the seas, a squid girl named Ika Musume comes from the sea and declares the invasion of Earth at a nearby yakisoba stand, but isn't taken seriously due to her small stature. When she goes to plead her case, she is mistaken for a waitress, which puts the responsibility of invading the world into perspective. When she breaks a hole in the store with her tentacles trying to hit a mosquito, the store manager, Eiko Aizawa, puts her to work in order to pay for the damages. Later, Ika meets Eiko's little brother, Takeru, who goes to great lengths to pretend to be a squid-person so he can be Ika's comrade. During a rainy day where there are few customers, Ika takes the opportunity to try and take over the stand, but is overpowered by the eldest sister, Chizuru. As punishment, Ika is forced to use her own ink to make Squid Ink Spaghetti, which becomes popular.