Revolutionary Girl Utena

#1 - The Eternal Apocalypse of the Two of Us

Season 3 - Episode 1

Anthy and Utena move out of their dorm and into the right wing of the chairman's office so Anthy and Akio can be closer to each other. Then suddenly Saionji comes back to duel!

#2 - Namuro Memorial Hall

Season 2 - Episode 9

There is only one black rose left now. Akio is wondering if Mikage will finally fight Utena himself. But instead of fighting, Mikage decides to include Utena in his side, and asks Utena to join his Mikage Seminar, but Utena turns it down. Mikage talks about Nemuro Memorial Hall, where Mikage now holds his seminar. Decades ago, there was a professor called Professor Nemuro, who was doing some research at the hall. One day, there was a fire, and the hall burned down, which took away 100 lives of his students. Professor Nemuro was actually Mikage himself. He used to work with 100 brilliant schoolboys on Project Rose Signet, which was a research to revolutionize the world and obtain eternity. Since it was only a contract with the academy, or Akio himself, Professor Nemuro was indifferent about the objectives. One day, an inspector from the trustee, Chida Tokiko, came to Professor Nemuro's office. Later, Tokiko invited Professor Nemuro to her home. And Mikage met Tokiko's brother Chida Mamiya for the first time. Mamiya had a fatal disease, and for his sake, Tokiko wanted to get eternity that the academy was seeking for. From this day, Professor Nemuro became enthusiastic about the research. Afterwards, Akio appeared in Professor Nemuro's office, and gave him a ring with the Rose Signet and made a contract of the Rose Signet with him: "I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. The way before has been prepared," Akio said. One night, Mamiya set fire to the hall. Professor Nemuro said to Tokiko that Mamiya was right, and this sacrifice of 100 lives was the necessary first step to reach the stage of the revolution from the academy. Back to the present time, Tokiko, now an old woman, comes to the academy to visit Mamiya's *grave*, and also meet Akio for the first time after the decades. She says Professor Nemuro, as well as Akio, is still as young as he was back then.

#3 - Miki's Nest Box (The Sunny Garden-Arranged)

Season 3 - Episode 2

The End of the World use the recently injured Kozue to get Miki to duel with Utena! Of course, realizing it's his chance to get Anthy again.. he goes for it, and uses Kozue as his own Rose Bride!

#4 - Nanami's Egg

Season 3 - Episode 3

Nanami is having dreams of her laying an egg.. unfortunately for her, she wakes up with an egg in her bed! Does this mean she's a mother?

#5 - Thorns of Death

Season 2 - Episode 4

Shiori, who Juri got a secret crush on, has transferred back to Ohtori Academy. Juri, however, is so cold to her. Shiori thinks the reason is that she took a guy she thought Juri had a crush on away from her. But Juri tells her that she didn't even care about that. Shiori wonders then whose picture is in Juri's locket. One day, Juri finally decides to throw her locket away. However, someone picks it up and puts it in Shiori's dorm room so that Shiori will find what's inside. Now Shiori knows that Juri has been suffering from the secret crush on her. Shiori feels relieved from the sense of inferiority that she has been suffering from and struggling to get over with for a long time. Besides, she even feels a sense of superiority to Juri. However, she is also upset with the way Juri has been looking at her. "I understand." says Mikage to Shiori "I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. The way before you has been prepared."

#6 - The One To Revolutionize The World

Season 4 - Episode 4

Utena has gone though many battles.. Friends, Student Council, and people she barely knew. Nothing will compare though, to the battle she must fight now. Will she battle or will she not?

#7 - For Whom The Rose Smiles

Season 1 - Episode 2

Winning the duel with Saionji, Utena is now the Victor of the Duel and is to be "engaged" to the Rose Bride, who is Anthy. Next day, Utena and Anthy start living together in a dorm. Saionji, who is actually really in love, asks Anthy to get back on good terms with him, but Anthy refuses. Then, he challenges Utena to a rematch. Feeling the whole thing is just crazy, Utena decides to lose the Duel on purpose.

#8 - The Sunlit Garden - Prelude

Season 1 - Episode 4

Utena and Miki are about to begin a duel. The rest of the episode and the following one are flashback to show what has caused this duel. Miki often plays a particular tune on the piano. He says he cannot truely play the tune as he wishes because he has lost a "glow". Nanami thinks that Miki likes Anthy, and from jealousy, she tries to tease and razz her. Taking advantage of that, Miki makes a good friend of Anthy, and then Utena. Finding Anthy and Utena got poor grades in the previous math exam, Miki offers to tutor them. However, Nanami won't leave them alone.

#9 - The Barefoot Girl

Season 3 - Episode 6

Utena has started thinking about her Prince again.. and if she's allowed to love someone else. Utena's world is about to change even more so.

#10 - The Rose Signet

Season 4 - Episode 1

Utena is invited to a theater play, and takes Akio and Anthy. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that the play is about the truth behind the Rose Bride and the prince.

#11 - Troublesome Insects

Season 2 - Episode 8

The reason why Nanami's followers, Keiko, Yuuko, and Aiko, are with her even though Nanami is so bad-natured, is that they all have crush on her brother, Touga. One day, Nanami throws a party to cheer up Touga, who hasn't been himself ever since he was beaten by Utena. At the party, Nanami orders Keiko to go to school and do some Student Council paper work for her. Keiko didn't get to attend the party. Keiko realizes that unlike Nanami and Touga, she is in such a low-society that she will never get Touga to look at her. One day, Keiko finds Touga walking in the rain without an umbrella. Keiko gets him under her umbrella. Nanami happens to see it. After this, Nanami tells Keiko that she never knew there was a bad bug so close to her. Nanami says she will exterminate this bad bug, i.e. Keiko. Keiko consults at Nemuro Memorial Hall and she confesses her feelings.

#12 - The Romance of the Dancing Girls

Season 3 - Episode 8

After Touga attempts to get Nanami back, she refuses and blurts out the truth. Then... that night, she sees Akio doing something very forbidden...

#13 - The Prince Who Runs Through The Night

Season 3 - Episode 9

Anthy has Akio deliver some roses to a far away place, taking Utena with him. After a day at the Carnival, Utena and Akio bond late at night.

#14 - Nanami's Precious Thing

Season 1 - Episode 10

Taking the Rose Bride to the Arena without a duel besides inflicting a wound to Touga, Saionji is now expelled from school. Nanami blames Utena for Touga's wound. Utena apologizes, but Nanami doesn't forgive her. A memory crosses her mind that she gave a kitten to Touga as a birthday present when they were very young, and later, from jealousy she killed the kitten. At Touga's birthday party, Utena brings a bunch of flowers to express her gratitude. But Nanami is very upset. Touga suggests them fighting a duel on the Arena by the code of the

#15 - Gracefully Cruel

Season 1 - Episode 11

Having observed the last five duels, Touga is now positive that he has completed collecting sufficient data to defeat Utena. Touga has been implying to Utena that he is the prince she has been looking for. One day, in the rose garden, Touga shows Utena that he is her prince in concrete terms. However, he challenges Utena to a duel. Believing that Anthy wants to quit being the Rose Bride, become an ordinary girl, and make many friends, Utena decides to beat her prince for Anthy's sake.

#16 - Tracing a Path

Season 1 - Episode 13

In this episode, we review episodes 1 through 12 with Ohtori Akio's monologue (In the next episode, we will learn he is Anthy's brother). When he appears in the Arena, the midair castle falls down. Akio talks to Dios sleeping in the castle. He calls each of Utena's duels as follows: 1. friendship (amitie); 2. choice (choix); 3. reason (raison); 4. love (amour); 5. adoration (adoration); 6. conviction (conviction); 7. self (soi). Akio says Utena might be the one they (Akio and Dios?) have been looking for. At this rate, she could reach to the duel called "revolution" and Dios could be released.

#17 - The Song of the Fallen Kingdom

Season 2 - Episode 6

One day, Utena receives a love-letter from a guy. And the guy turns out to be Wakaba's childhood friend, Tatsuya, who she calls "Onion Prince". The reason why she named him "Onion Prince" is that when they were very young and she was made fun of her hair as "Onion Headed", he helped her out as "Onion Prince" (but the flashback doesn't look like...). Gradually, Utena figures out that Wakaba is still in love with him. Utena tells Wakaba to be more honest. Besides, Utena also finds that Tatsuya is actually still in love with Wakaba and the reason why he sent Utena a love-letter is to get close to Wakaba. Then Utena tells Tatsuya that it's worth confessing his feelings to Wakaba because Utena is sure that they are both in love with each other. Now what's left is that Tatsuya confesses to her on the hill with the legendary tree. So far such a beautiful story! However... Wakaba's "prince" appears to be someone else... Oh, well. C'est la vie. Tatsuya consults at Nemuro Memorial Hall. But Mikage says "You're really a good person, aren't you? So, there's no path for you to take here. Please leave." Guess who is Wakaba's "prince" --- It's Saionji!

#18 - Whispering In the Dark

Season 3 - Episode 4

An old friend named Ruka returns to the Academy after a long leave. He takes over the Fencing Team again, and then challenges Utena to a duel, using Shiori as a Rose Bride!

#19 - Take Care, Miss Nanami

Season 1 - Episode 6

Lately, someone has been trying to take Nanami's life. Overhearing a conversation between Anthy and her brother Touga, Nanami misunderstands that Touga is the one who is trying to kill her. After that, someone saves Nanami out of a danger and she falls in love with him, who turns out to be a young boy. Nanami asks him to be her boyfriend, but she does not seem to know the difference between a lover and a henchman.