The Best Episodes of Ink Master

#1 - Enduring the Pain 7.93

Season 3 - Episode 12


#2 - Eyes of the Beholder 7.84

Season 3 - Episode 10

The artists take on eyelid tattoos, and Tatu Baby fights back when Joshua goes on the attack. Then, a portrait challenge sees one canvas get inked with an image of Dave.


#3 - Ink Master Explosion 7.84

Season 4 - Episode 8

Week 8: Negative Space. Artists use gunpowder to make art in The Flash Challenge; gory tattoos of demons.


#4 - X-Men's Hugh Jackman 7.81

Season 4 - Episode 5

Week 5: Technical Precision. Superhero power tattoos in the flash challenge.


#5 - Picture Imperfect 7.81

Season 1 - Episode 7

Botched portrait tattoos are exhibited.


#6 - Heroes and Heads 7.81

Season 3 - Episode 11

Military heroes are honored on the deck of the USS Intrepid. Then, the artists ink head tattoos, and Oliver has a meltdown.


#7 - Skulls and Villains 7.79

Season 3 - Episode 9


#8 - Tatt Ganged 7.76

Season 4 - Episode 3

Week 3: Consistency. Bikini-clad twins get inked by the remaining 10 artists at once; an injury sends one artist to the emergency room.


#9 - Tag Team Tatt 7.74

Season 4 - Episode 10

Week 10: Flexibility. With no flash challenge, the artists are paired up and must take turns tattooing one design on a canvas.


#10 - Up in Smoke 7.73

Season 5 - Episode 11

Josh causes a controversy that could get him kicked out of the competition for good. The Artists tattoo amputees where their limbs once were.


#11 - Baby Don't Go 7.73

Season 3 - Episode 8


#12 - Finale 7.67

Season 1 - Episode 8

Season 1 finale. A winner is named after the human canvasses allow the artists to tattoo whatever they want on their skin.


#13 - Head to Headache 7.65

Season 5 - Episode 3

Josh ignites rivalries and sparks fly. Two Artists receive an advantage no one in the competition has ever had and their cutthroat strategy.


#14 - Thrills for Grills 7.62

Season 3 - Episode 2

The artists must give realistic tattoos of blood and organs; and a betrayal leads to hostility. NFL running back Chris Johnson is guest judge.


#15 - Ink My Oosik 7.61

Season 5 - Episode 8

The artists must scrimshaw walrus penises and face their pickiest canvases to date; one artist loses their cool and another is eliminated.


#16 - Ink Disaster Piece 7.59

Season 1 - Episode 4

Photo-realism tattoos challenge one artist while another’s work goes up in flames, and a fourth contestant is eliminated.


#17 - Fresh Meat 7.59

Season 1 - Episode 1

Ten of the best tattoo artists on the planet tattoo Human Canvases in a series of extreme challenges. The first Artist is eliminated on the path to determining who will earn a $100,000 prize and the title of Ink Master.


#18 - Earn It! 7.59

Season 4 - Episode 1

A new crop of talented and cutthroat Artists learn they must first EARN an Ink Master shop by tattooing hundreds of canvases Convention Style.


#19 - Blowing Chunks 7.58

Season 2 - Episode 10

Dave Navarro allows his personal guitars to be painted; a Human Canvas has digestive woes; and two artists go head-to-head with animal tattoos.


#20 - 2 on 1 Tat-Astrophe 7.57

Season 4 - Episode 6

Week 6: Contrast. Contestants must tattoo their canvas' personal beach in the flash challenge. Forced to work in pairs; a canvas passes out and one artist loses his marbles; a drastic decision.


#21 - The Bigger They Are 7.56

Season 2 - Episode 12

Skill of the Week: All skills previously tested. Flash Challenge: None Elimination Challenge: Tattoo a design for a professional athlete.


#22 - Holy Ink 7.55

Season 2 - Episode 8

The artists team up to work in pairs; Tatu Baby gets an advantage that irks the others. Freddy Negrete is guest judge.


#23 - Elysium Challenge

Season 3 - Episode 4

The artists are tasked with assembling tattoo machines from scratch and then using them on the human canvases. Meanwhile, the house turns on Joshua.


#24 - Game On

Season 1 - Episode 5

A colorful dispute between two artists unfolds, and a fifth contestant is eliminated.


#25 - New School, Old Artist

Season 7 - Episode 5

The artists use plenty of color during a contortionist body painting Flash Challenge; a veteran artist returns and adds a new-school twist to an old subject.