Hikaru no Go

#1 - Akira Bears His Fangs

Season 1 - Episode 3

After confronting Hikaru, Akira challenges him to a rematch. As they sit down to play, Sai notices Akira's fangs bearing down on him. Will Sai go easy on Akira, or will he crush him? And, what will happen when the Meijin challenges Hikaru to a game?

#2 - The Confession of Sai

Season 2 - Episode 23

Toya Meijin has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Hikaru visits him and discovers that he has been playing internet Go. Hikaru begs Meijin to play Sai online. He agrees on one condition.

#3 - Isumi no Go

Season 3 - Episode 5

Isumi and other semi-pro's from japan go to a good will competition against pros in china. although he starts off confident an early loss puts isumi into a tail spin of doubt and confusion over his skills. he is presented with a unique opportunity to learn with chinnese pros for a short while. in an overcrowded and extremly talented enviornment can isumi regain his confidence?

#4 - The Beautiful Match

Season 1 - Episode 6

The finals of the Third Annual Junior High Go Tournament - Kaiou Junior High V. Haze Junior High. With a score of 1-1 it is up to Hikaru to win it for Haze. Can he do it? And what will happen when Akira spots Hikaru playing?

#5 - Team Formed!

Season 2 - Episode 3

This is a very fun episode where Waya, Isumi and Hikaru form a team to go around challenging the patrons of the various Go salons. The bet being that they won't have to pay the admission fees in event of a win and Waya raises the stakes even higher by allowing a few moku handicap in subsequent games, much to the protests of Isumi/Hikaru (since they have to wash all the stones if they lose). Hikaru becomes friendly with a particular go salon named 'Heart of Stone' and its patrons. Through this exercise, Hikaru manages to overcome his weakness in playing go with adults.

#6 - The Fated Encounter

Season 3 - Episode 6

In this flashback before Akira Toya met Hikaru Shindo, a young children's Go champion challenges Akira to a game at the Go Salon.

#7 - The Dead Moment

Season 2 - Episode 9

Isumi has gone on undefeated, while Hikaru has lost only one game so far. The time finally comes for them to play each other, and only one of them can win.

#8 - Isumi Tested

Season 3 - Episode 7

Still in China improving his game, Isumi challenges Le Ping to a rematch. Meanwhile, Asumi encounters Hikaru and demands to know why he has stopped playing Go.

#9 - Whereabouts of the Win

Season 2 - Episode 10

After losing to Hikaru, Isumi begins to break down and begins losing his matches. Hikaru is also having trouble concentrating, upset about pointing out Isumi's illegal move. As Sai helps Hikaru regain his concentration, Isumi faces off against Ochi. Perhaps this game will be enough to return Isumi to his old self.

#10 - You Are The Third Board

Season 1 - Episode 12

After Hikaru gets back Yuki's money, Yuki decides to join the club, but refuses to play in the tournament. Tsutsui explains how strong Kaio is and Yuki changes his mind. But will he play without cheating? Meanwhile, Akira discovers that Hikaru is the third board in the tournament and begs the club sensei to put him there. Is Akira willing to give up all his pride and his reputation, just for this one spot?

#11 - Prediction of an Awakening

Season 1 - Episode 5

After loosing the game to Kaga, Hikaru is forced into joining a Jr. high school Go Club Tournament. He is to join Tsutsui and Kaga as the third member for the Haze Jr. High Go Club team for the tournament. But when Hikaru insists that he wants to play for himself, will he come out victorious?

#12 - Don't Win

Season 2 - Episode 4

At a Friendly Go festival, Akira was invited to play a 4-way game with a council member and his three assistants. Though originally told to lose the game, Akira decides otherwise when the council member shows disrespect to Go by placing a cup on a Go board. Akira displays his amazing prowress by forcing a draw on all 4 players. Ashiwara feels that Akira should take it easier by just participating in the pro games but Akira just mutters to himself 'But he passed the prelims to the pro exams'. Meanwhile, Hikaru grows his mastery of go at the Heart of Go salon where he learns how to force a draw in 2-way/3-way games.

#13 - Discovered Weakness!! 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 2

With the recent defeat of the Meijin's son, Hikaru goes about his day normally. However, Akira is obsessing over the game he lost. He won't do anything but stare at the Go board and replay the game that he lost. When he gets word that Hikaru is at a Children's Go Tournament, he rushes there hoping to confront Hikaru and ask for a rematch.

#14 - My Name is...

Season 2 - Episode 6

Hikaru plays a Korean Insei-equivilant at a Go Salon.

#15 - And So They Began to Run

Season 3 - Episode 12

The Go world is moving. Everything is changing. Hikaru has won his first comeback match and dives into his next one. Isumi is taking the Pro Exam and is on his way to becoming a pro like Waya, Hikaru, and Ochi before him. Akira is beating high level dans. Ogata has taken yet another title. The Go world is shifting; a new wave is coming with Akira in the lead. But Kuwabara will not allow them to surpass him just yet...

#16 - The Most Inconsiderate Act

Season 1 - Episode 11

The Go Sallon Yuki goes to doesn't mind giving him money for winning games, but they are tired of him cheating to get it. They hire a skilled player who pretends not to know anything about Go to teach Yuki a lesson. Unfortunately, Yuki falls for the trick and ends up betting 10,000 yen (about $90). Can Yuki manage to defeat this skilled player?

#17 - Waya vs Shindou

Season 2 - Episode 13

Hikaru and Waya finally face each other, and both are desperate to win. However, Waya has other reasons for wanting to win besides just turning pro, but Hikaru needs to win as well! When Waya traps Hikaru in a situation where only one move can save him, can Hikaru figure it off?

#18 - A Desperate Life

Season 2 - Episode 14

As the match between Hikaru and Ochi draws near, Ochi becomes more and more annoyed with Akira's obsession of Hikaru. Therefore, Ochi demands that Akira recognize him as his rival and permit him to join Toya Meijin's study group if he beats Hikaru. Akira agrees to the condition, but when Ochi mentions to Hikaru that Akira is teaching him, Hikaru realizes that Akira will officially recognize him as a rival if he beats Ochi.

#19 - The Determined Visitor

Season 3 - Episode 9

Isumi return from China, now a stronger and more focused player. When he hears Hikaru is losing his games by default he vows to investigate the situation.

#20 - Eternal Rival 8.83

Season 1 - Episode 1

Sixth grader Hikaru Shindo stumbles upon a mysterious Go board with a blood stain on it. Before he knows it he's hearing voices, one voice to be exact. The voice of an ancient Go instructor, Sai of the Fujiwara. Sai occupies a space in Hikaru's mind. Hikaru is the only one who can see, hear, or talk to Sai. Sai's one and only desire is to play Go. But he can only do that via Hikaru's body. However, Hikaru has no interest in playing Go. Will Hikaru allow Sai to play? And who is this mysterious young boy, Akira Touya?

#21 - The Pro Exam Begins

Season 2 - Episode 7

The Pro Exam has finally begun, and the intensity reaches new heights after the pairings are chosen. Everyone seems so tense, except for Hikaru, who is unusually calm. Thanks to Waya and Isumi, Hikaru has learned how to handle the pressure. However, could their actions have turned Hikaru into a real threat?

#22 - The Third Match

Season 1 - Episode 14

Akira is quite tense at the fact that he is finally facing Hikaru, or rather Sai. All is going well, until Hikaru notices a point that he thinks should be played and Sai doesn't play it. Determined to find out why, Hikaru takes over and plays it. Sai reveals that the move might have worked, if Hikaru was good enough to back that move up. How will Akira handle the situation when he sees Hikaru really play?

#23 - Akira vs. Sai

Season 1 - Episode 18

Akira skipped his first match of the Pro exams in order to play the match against Sai on the net. Akira is perplexed over the identify of Sai which he thinks might be Hikaru while Ogata has his own thinking. Players all over the world are observing the match. Though Akira lost the match, he feels as though he had finally caught up with 'Hikaru'/Sai. When Akira heard from a Go cafe customer that Hikaru was sighted at an internet cafe, he races to the site thinking that he might be Sai. Hikaru denies he's Sai but gets ruffled when Akira seems to disregard him as a opponent. The episode ended with Hikaru saying 'If you keep chasing after an illusion of me, I'll pass by you eventually'.

#24 - Who Is Sai?

Season 1 - Episode 16

Everyone is anxious to find out just who this mysterious user named "Sai" is. How long can Hikaru keep playing before he gets caught?

#25 - The Last Day of the Pro Exam Finals

Season 2 - Episode 16

With all of the other matches finished, the final decision of the Pro Exams rests upon Hikaru and Ochi's match. Can Hikaru defeat Ochi, or will he be forced to play Isumi again for a chance at going pro?