The Best Episodes of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

#1 - Bird Girl of Guantanamole 8.45

Season 3 - Episode 4

Phil brings his daughter to work and Birdgirl is desperate to be part of the Birdteam. She sets out to prove her superhero and litigating and superhero litigating skills. She also arrives just in time to help Harvey defend Morocco Mole on charges of being an enemy combatant. Phil has the hots for Birdgirl.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#2 - Identity Theft 8.40

Season 3 - Episode 12

Harvey runs into an old nemesis, The Deadly Duplicator, who unintentionally creates an army of Harveys.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#3 - X Gets The Crest 8.39

Season 3 - Episode 3

After 30 years of failed attempts, X the Eliminator acquires the crest on Birdman's helmet. Convinced that he's powerless without his crest, Harvey falls apart, stops shaving and loses a case defending Ricochet Rabbit from charges of wanton and willful destruction. X, on the other hand, turns his life around. He starts fighting for the cause of all that is good, winds up in newspaper headlines and on afternoon talk shows. With X hanging around with rock stars, Harvey running around in his skivvies plotting revenge and Ricochet on psychotropic drugs, things look pretty bleak.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#4 - Blackwatch Plaid 8.25

Season 2 - Episode 1

When Harvey's boss Phil Ken Sebben believes his office has been burgled, he installs a series of oppressive security measures at the firm. The e-mail monitoring, cavity searches, color-coded crime alert system and security cameras aren't making the office any more safe, but Phil seems to enjoy them. Meanwhile, Harvey is under pressure to bring in a new client. He ends up representing Secret Squirrel, who is on trial for publicly displaying the equipment he keeps underneath his trench coat.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#5 - Deadomutt (2) 8.24

Season 1 - Episode 8

Harvey is sentenced and sent to jail for five years after killing off Blue Falcon's sidekick Dynomutt. Hilarity ensues as Harvey is sent to prison for the crime he committed.

Directors: Robert Alvarez

#6 - Birdnapped 8.22

Season 4 - Episode 4

Harvey decides to temporarily run the law firm, which leads to a full scale revolt, naturally. Armed with standard office supplies like staplers, manila envelopes and an occasional hand grenade, Sebben & Sebben employees form a massive uprising. Meanwhile, X, distraught over being ignored by Harvey, kidnaps Birdgirl to capture his attention - and his dinner plans.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#7 - Return of Birdgirl 8.21

Season 3 - Episode 9

Bird Girl returns.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#8 - Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs 8.19

Season 3 - Episode 6

When the whirlpool in Potamus' office sucks them back into pre-history, Harvey, Potamus, Peanut and Phil must find their way back to the office. Or rather, Harvey needs to find his way back, as the rest want to stay.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#9 - Evolutionary War 8.17

Season 3 - Episode 7

When Cavey Jr.'s school refuses to teach evolution, Captain Caveman turns to Harvey to defend the hairy little boy's right to an education. Harvey does not only have to prove evolution but also explain the existence of a talking caveboy. As if that's not enough, Harvey also suffers his latest existential crisis at the hands of Reducto.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#10 - Harvey's Civvy 8.16

Season 3 - Episode 2

Murro the Maurader sues Harvey for injuries suffered in 1967. Murro's lawyer, the psychically bombastic Shado the Brain Thief, not only litigates Murro's case, but he introduces a class action lawsuit as well. Harvey begs Potamus to take the case and the hippo litigates on Harvey's behalf.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#11 - Back To The Present 8.16

Season 2 - Episode 6

The Jetsons enlist Harvey's help to sue us for screwing up the planet. Turns out there's a reason all the buildings in the Jetsons' world are on stilts: the ice caps melted and the earth is covered in water. Meanwhile, Phil is terrified - or is it excited - that the Jetsons are there to abduct and anally probe him.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#12 - Very Personal Injury 8.12

Season 1 - Episode 2

Apache Chief, the Native American member of the Superfriends, accidentally spills coffee on his groin. He sues the Javalux company, as the burn injuries to his crotch have diminished his superpower: the ability to grow to giant-size. Harvey represents Apache Chief, while Reducto is the attorney for the Javalux Corp.

Directors: Vincent Waller

#13 - Gone Efficien...t 8.10

Season 2 - Episode 9

Phil gets on a cost-cutting kick and hires an efficiency expert named Dvd (shortened from David to save time). Harvey is forced to prove his worth, get more efficient, or be sent packing. The pressure to find a case increases as Harvey’s every move is timed and assigned a dollar value. Also, X the Eliminator returns to, well, kill Harvey.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#14 - Turner Classic Birdman AKA: Busy Day For Birdman 8.04

Season 3 - Episode 5

Turner Classic Movies’ Robert Osborne introduces a “recently discovered” episode of the “classic” Birdman series. In this episode, a pre-law Harvey encounters a few of his future courtroom adversaries who try to kill him.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#15 - High Speed Buggy Chase 8.03

Season 2 - Episode 4

Speed Buggy is arrested for leading the cops on a high speed chase. As Harvey prepares for the trial, longtime assistant Avenger resigns, landing a job with Harvey's rival Vulturo. Harvey searches for a replacement, downgrading from a legal eagle to a legal finch.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull, Casper Kelly

#16 - Droopy Botox 8.00

Season 2 - Episode 10

After winning a case against a deformed Droopy, Birdman finds himself in much success at the office. But is conflicted over the nature in which he won, and tries to set things right in his life.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#17 - Grodin 7.96

Season 4 - Episode 5

X attempts to take charge of his life and transform into his best evil self, hiring Perfectionist the Life Coach to help him to become more evil in just 4 easy steps. Meanwhile, Devlin blazes in on his hog, forcing Harvey to defend him (again). This time, a kid sues him for being injured from one of Devlin's toys.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#18 - The Dabba Don

Season 1 - Episode 6

Fred “Freddy” Flintstone: simple construction worker, or head of an organized crime family? Harvey’s on the case, trying to prove Fred’s innocence based on the theory of a simple bowling ball. Spyro is the prosecution, with the honorable Judge Mentok, the Mind Taker presiding.

Directors: Robert Alvarez

#19 - Trio's Company 7.92

Season 2 - Episode 2

Birdman joins a new health club and falls for his personal trainer, Gigi. It seems everyone else in the health club is reaching her target zone, except for Harvey. Back in court, Harvey is representing Inch-High Private Eye, who believes he's been illegally fired from his job based on his diminutive stature.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull, Steve Patrick

#20 - X, The Eliminator

Season 1 - Episode 9

When X the Eliminator sees Harvey’s picture in an advertisement, he remembers that he was paid one-million dollars to retrieve the crest on Birdman’s helmet…back in 1968. He leaps back into action, posing as X the Exterminator, but is heartbroken to find that Harvey doesn’t remember him.

Directors: \Michael Ouweleen, Erik Richter

#21 - Babysitter 7.91

Season 4 - Episode 3

Peter Potamus takes over Sebben & Sebben in Phil's absence. Reducto babysits Peanut on his birthday. Birdgirl/Judy is searching for her father Phil. Birdman goes to his highschool reunion.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#22 - Shaggy Busted 7.91

Season 1 - Episode 3

Shaggy & Scooby, while en route to solve another mystery, are pulled over by a State Trooper. Their natural gigglish and dopey behavior leads him to believe they are under the influence of illegal substances, and they are taken to jail. Harvey represents Shaggy & Scooby, while Spyro is the prosecutor.

Directors: Vincent Waller

#23 - Sebben and Sebben Employee Orientation 7.89

Season 3 - Episode 11

An insight look into working at Sebben and Sebben.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#24 - Mufti Trouble 7.84

Season 4 - Episode 1

Avenger inexplicably starts talking. Peanut discovers a vase that, when rubbed, releases Shazzan, now in servitude to Peanut. Shazzan accuses Mentok of having imprisoned him in the vase centuries ago for gazing on the king's intended. Mentok was a genie called Mufti the Mizwa of Muzzy Tah in those days, one of several identities he has had over the years. Shazzan insists on Peanut representing him, and Mentok, after he is captured, manipulates Harvey into representing him. Mentok insists that Shazzan is attempting to frame him, and escapes from court to retrieve the halves of a magic disk that, when put back together and the magic word thus revealed is spoken (by Avenger), imprisons Shazzan in the vase again.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull

#25 - Grape Juiced 7.83

Season 2 - Episode 7

When Grape Ape is accused of using steroids in the Laff-a-Lympics, his medal is taken away from him. Now Harvey must defend him in court to prove that he's not a drug addict. Plus, Gigi becomes pregnant, and all are wondering if Harvey is the real daddy.

Directors: Richard Ferguson Hull