#1 - An Apple Pie has the Flavor of Love

Season 1 - Episode 3

The Sakuratsuki twins join the home economics class with the Ichijō twins. They are to make apple pie while Nozomu attends the technology class. Both twins ask Nozomu to taste their pies, but their pies end up as failures.

#2 - A Jewel Case in Midsummer

Season 1 - Episode 7

Nozomu, the Ichijō twins, the Hinagiku twins, and Keisuke are invited to the Sakuratsuki mansion. After fishing and a barbecue, the group decide to play hide and seek. As Nozomu is trying to find a hiding spot, Yura and Kira let him inside the locked room because he is a special person to them. They confess their love to him and allow him to tell them what he feels about them later.

#3 - Valentine Panic

Season 1 - Episode 12

Valentine is coming soon and the girls are preparing to make chocolate. On Valentine day, the Ichijō twins confesses their love for him, followed by the Sakuratsuki twins also confessing their love for him. Kenmochi picks up the Sakuratsuki twins and tells Nozomu that they will be transferring to another school.

#4 - The White Sketchbook

Season 1 - Episode 8

Nozomu meets Sōju painting at the shrine and they become friends. As Nozomu is buying supplies for the culture festival, he realizes that he is being shadowed by a mysterious person and there have been a girl asking about him at school. As he leaves school, Sara appears before him and demands him to go out with Sōju and separate himself from the other twins.

#5 - Triangle Christmas

Season 1 - Episode 10

Nozomu meets with Yuuya at the bookstore and Yuuya decides that he'll confess to Kaoruko on Christmas eve. He then shows a bad attitude towards her unintendingly and then proceeds to the Christmas party, But the Christmas party isn't for everyone. It turns out its a party just for him and Yura and Kira.

#6 - The Date and the Strawberry Tart

Season 1 - Episode 4

Nozomu is planning to meet the Ichijō twins at a cafe to eat strawberry tart the next day but he doesn't remember where the cafe is. They send him directions by fax because he has to run an errand with the Hinagiku twins. The next day, he is unable to find the fax or the Kaoruko's phone number, but Billy is sick. Nozomu meets Ui and Koi Chigusa at the vet where they discover that Billy had eaten the fax.