Digimon: Digital Monsters

#1 - The Fate of Two Worlds (2) 9.19

Season 1 - Episode 54

The kids chest begin to glow with their crests. It indicates that the power for their digimon to digivolve always came from their hearts. Their digimon digivolve to their ultimate and mega forms, but can they defeat Apocalyamon?

#2 - A Million Points of Light (3) 9.13

Season 2 - Episode 50

All the digi-destined from around the world and their digimon gather to watch the final battle between MaloMyotismon and the new digi-destined. Who will end up being the victor?

#3 - Song of Sakuyamon 9.00

Season 3 - Episode 39

The chaos program lies within the pit of the Digital World and the Tamers go to it. Azulongmon and Zhuquiomon led the Tamers to it and Ryo also reunited with the group. Everyone rejoices until hardheaded Rika heads down to the pit to stop this mess. Ryo follows her and tries to save her. Meanwhile Calumon climbs up the pit and Rika finds him again. A patch of chaos comes and Ryo saves Rika from it. The others climb down on Azulongmon's beard to save them. All the chaos data comes together and Renamon tries to fight it alone but Rika comes along and they biomerge into Sakuyamon, the mega form of Renamon. Sakuyamon's strength and beauty destroys the chaos and saves everyone from the pit. After the battle the Tamers decide that now that everything is done they should go home until the chaos comes back with a vengence!

#4 - Duel With the Deva [a.k.a. Saga of the Devas (3)] 8.91

Season 3 - Episode 17

A strange person gives a boy a strange digimon card. That boy trades it with Kenta who gives it to Henry. That card soon turns into a blue card. Henry gives it to his dad to analyze it and Shubumi's code is in it. Soon Henry tries to track down this guy and the boy tells him the whole story. Later Impmon shows up and battle's Terriermon and Henry's dad sees Terriermon! The next 2 devas show up called Pajiramon and Vajramon and they become unstoppable. All hope is lost until Henry uses the blue card and Matrix Digivolves Gargomon to his ultimate form: Rapidmon. Rapidmon destroys both of the devas, but Vajramon comes back to life and Renamon goes with him!!

#5 - Digital Beauty 8.91

Season 3 - Episode 18

Rika spends the whole day worrying about Renamon. The other Tamers try to find her to but no luck. Suddenly Hypnos has tracked down Vajramon and Renamon and so does Henry. He calls Rika and all 3 of them go for her. Meanwhile Renamon asks questions about the devas. She gets alot of answers and finds out that the devas are ruled under The Digimon Soveriegn. Rika and the others soon come and find Renamon. Later on Vajramon tries to convince Renamon to join him, but when Rika discovers she has a blue card she uses it to Matrix Digivolve Kyuubimon to her ultimate form: Taomon. Taomon destroys Vajramon and saves the day!

#6 - Impmon's Last Stand 8.90

Season 3 - Episode 19

Impmon says he hates humans to cover up his own insicurities. While the Tamers are battleing the next Deva, Indramon, Impmon decides to battle this Deva all by his self. Will he survive?

#7 - Grow Mon Grow 8.87

Season 3 - Episode 14

The juggernaut program continues to suck up digimon and destroy their data. A problem goes wrong with the system and instead of sucking up digimon the juggernaut program does the opposite and opens a portal between the real world and the digital world unleashing the 12 Devas. The first deva Mahiramon shows up and the Tamers try to take him on one by one. First up to bat is Renamon. She digivolves and is unable to defeat him. Then Terriermon tries and is also unsuccessful. Guilmon tries at last and wears him down as Growlmon but still Mahiramon has the advantage. Takato suddenly gets in a trance and realizes he has to let Growlmon fight again. He gets back up and gets a blue card. He uses that to digivolve Growlmon into his ultimate form: WarGrowlmon. WarGrowlmon destroys Mahiramon and Kazu and Kenta finally believe that Guilmon is a real digimon.

#8 - Such Sweet Sorrow (2) 8.83

Season 3 - Episode 51

After trying almost everthing on the d-reaper and still not beating it Henry recieves a message from his dad telling him about a program he put in Terriermon to defeat the d-reaper Meanwhile Gallantmon fights with a mysterious being who comes oout of D-Reaper saying that he ""doesn't deserve to exsist"". Gallantmon makes a comeback and defeats this being saying its she who ""doesn't deserve to exsist"". Meanwhile MegaGargomon spins around to reverse the polarity and the d-reaper. Just when all seems to be over the d-reaper gets sucked up and devolves into nothing. Takato rescues Jeri and all the digidestined get out safely due to a wel placed bubble. However it seems the digimon are devolving too and must return to the diital world. So the kids say their final goodbyes and watch as their parteners are raised into the digital plane. Takato feels guilty about a promise he made to Guilmon until he sees a digital feild and decides to keep that promise after all.

#9 - The Battle Within 8.80

Season 3 - Episode 36

Gallantmon and Beelzemon start their battle. As they fight the whole Digital World starts to shake. Zhuquiomon cares less and orders his last deva Catsuramon to destroy Lopmon, the traitor. He almost suceeds in killing both Susie and Lopmon until Terriermon saves them. Gallantmon destroys Catsuramon and Beelzemon absorbs his data and becomes stronger. In a blaze of glory Gallantmon uses his ""Shield Of The Just"" attack and knocks him out. He tries to finish him off but Jeri says it's not worth it and Gallantmon spares him. After the battle the golden D-Power appears in front of Takato and Guimon.

#10 - The Darkness Before Dawn (3) 8.77

Season 2 - Episode 20

When Ken's base is finally brought down, it's up to the digi-destined to find a way to free Ken from the powers of darkness.

#11 - The Crest of Kindness (4) 8.74

Season 2 - Episode 21

It's Magnamon versus Chimeramon in the fight to save the digital world, but when Magnamon begins to run out of power, is there any one who can save him?

#12 - The Journey Begins 8.73

Season 3 - Episode 24

Renamon and the others search for the portal but have no luck. Meanwhile everyone tries to figure out a way to tell their parents that their going to the digital world. Rika's Grandmother is the first to find out. She sees Renamon and all is revealed. Takato is next. He has a hard time explaining it to his parents. Then Henry shows his sister that Terriermon is real. Finally Leomon talks to Jeri's dad. The next day Guilmon finds the portal at the bottom of his home (the Tamer's base). They all are ready to leave until Yamaki shows up with great news. He's apparently on their side now that Hypnos is gone since Makuramon destroyed it. He's given them a com device to keep in touch then the Tamer's set on their journey to go to the digital world and save Calumon.

#13 - The Eighth Child Revealed (1) 8.70

Season 1 - Episode 34

With help from Wizardmon, Gatomon finds out she's the 8th digimon. Tai and Agumon have a hard time accepting it until er and Wizardmon give Tai Kari's digivice so Myotismon won't know about her. What will happen to Gatomon when Myotismon discovers her true identity?

#14 - Jeri Fights Back (1) 8.70

Season 3 - Episode 50

Takato and Guilmon biomerge to get to Henry much faster. Sakuyamon goes too. Calumon and Jeri are still trapped and Jeri tries to save a trapped Calumon who's tangled up in the D-Reaper's cables. When Rika and Takato are reunited with Henry he introduces the red card. It will allow them to stay in their mega forms long enough to defeat Mother D-Reaper. It also allows them to go into the D-Reaper's zone without being erased. Just when they're about to go Ryo shows up and helps out too. Thus with a digimodify card slash all the 4 tamers use the red card at once. When they enter the battlefield Mother D-Reaper already has agents set out for them to fight. Meanwhile at Hypnos they all devise a final plan to put the D-Reaper's menace to a stop. Also D-Reaper agents attack the city and Kazu and Kenta beat them but they wind up getting arrested by the police for unknown reasons. Ai and Mako find Impmon and are proud of his efforts to save Jeri and they wind up getting a purple D-Power thanks

#15 - Flower Power (2) 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 35

Myotismon decides to divide the kids and their parents into two groups as he overruns the city. Little does he know that the crests will allow something new to happen. What will it be?

#16 - Janyu's Ark 8.67

Season 3 - Episode 40

Henry's dad and the rest of his helpers send a Arc for the Tamers to go back to the real world. Beelzemon is sad for all the pain that he caused that he reverted back to a rookie level. Renamon and Rika found him and asked him to join them on their way home. Also, Calumon released the ""digivolution light"" to help the Soverign Digimon and Kenta meet up with MarineAngemon. I wonder if we'll see more of MA...

#17 - The Legend of the Digidestined 8.66

Season 1 - Episode 13

TK and Patamon are attacked by Leomon. Can the others arrive to save them, and if they do, how can they defeat Devimon?

#18 - Now Apocalymon (1) [a.k.a. Apocalymon Now (1)] 8.66

Season 1 - Episode 53

Apocalymon arrives and destroys the kids crest and tags making them doubt themselves. can their digimon help them regain their confidence so the digital and real worlds can be saved?

#19 - Kyoto Dragon (2) 8.65

Season 2 - Episode 37

With the last destiny stone discovered, and Shakkakumon formed, can the digi destined find a way to save the stone, or can another mega save the day?

#20 - Storm of Friendship (3) 8.65

Season 2 - Episode 11

The digi-destined find a new digi-egg, but can they use it to free Agumon from Ken's control, and just who will get to use this new digi-egg?

#21 - The Imperfect Storm 8.64

Season 3 - Episode 30

While looking for the digimon and their tamers, Beelzemon came across a swarm of Kurisarimon. After destroying them with his ""Double shot"" attack, they all DNA digivolved to Infermon. But even Infermon wasn't enough to withstand Beelzemon's Dark Claw attack. He was responsible for Impmon's digivolution, Caturamon, appeared and told Beelzemon to get busy. Rika, at the time was in a forest with Renamon. The flying fish where identified as ""digi nomes"". They led Rika to a lake where the water began to rush. She was pulled in and saved by non other than Calumon! They met Takato and the gang back at the flag. They where all together again. Then Beelzemon showed up to crash the reunion. Meanwhile back in the real world HYPNOS started up Juggernaut again. It caused a storm in the digital world. To fight off Beelzemon, Kyubimon digivolved into Taomon. She made a force field around everone. The storm picked up and Beelzemon took off. After they all realized who Beelzemon was, Caturamon appeared

#22 - A World Apart 8.64

Season 3 - Episode 23

Vikaralymon continues to ramage through the city and Taomon, Rapidmon, and WarGrowlmon still try to stop him. Back in the park Calumon senses that something evil is coming. Jeri, Kenta, and Kazu don't think so but when Makura reveals himself as the Deva Makuramon they seem to be in alot of trouble. He says that Calumon is a special being and he doesen't belong with them. Meanwhile the Tamer's digimon are still having a hard time beating Vikaralymon but WarGrowlmon finally destroys him. Later Makuramon throws a ball at the juggernaut program reopening the portal to the digital world then he takes Calumon. Leomon suddenly appears but gets hurt by Makuramon and Jeri finally gets her D-Power. She uses it to heal Leomon. Takato after that explains that in order to get Calumon back they have to go to the digital world!

#23 - Piedmon's Last Jest 8.63

Season 1 - Episode 52

Piedmon reveals his final attack, a white cloth that turns anyone it covers into key chains. Can TK and kari help Angemon digivolve to even the score with Piedmon, and can Mimi arrive in time for the final battle?

#24 - Shadow of the Beast King 8.60

Season 3 - Episode 48

Beelzemon was now becoming free and he tried desperately to make up for his actions in the past. Many agents suddenly showed up and it all seemed a waste because even with the defeated ones more kept showing up. Henry decided that Gallantmon should try to find Jeri while they keep the agents busy. Back at Hypnos Daisy and Shibumi found out alot more info on the D-Reaper's destructive path. With satellite pics they discovered that The D-Reaper has wiped out 47% of the Digital World and is split into diffrent entities around the Real World. Meanwhile Susie and Lopmon are scared but they decide to fight so Lopmon digivolves to Antylamon to help them. Also Susie uses the modify card Ryo gave her to make Antylamon stronger. She helps out MarineAngemon and Guardromon as they take on the chaos. Gallantmon spots Beelzemon amd they both do their attacks to free Jeri from the core and it dosen't work. Yamaki discovers how to operate the camara within the D-Reaper and he uses it and discovers tha

#25 - Azulongmon Explains it All 8.60

Season 3 - Episode 38

The battle with Zhuqiuomon continues. Renamon Matrix Digivolves into Taomon and tries to protect everyone. Realizing she can't hold out Guilmon & Terriermon jump out of her protecting spell and attack Zhuqiuomon even knowning they can't win as rookies. Zhuqiumon fires a blast to destroy them and is stopped by the Savarin Azulongmon. Azulongmon tells Zhuqiuomon to stop and tries to explain to him that the Tamers may be the only one's who can stop the true enemy. Zhuqiuomon doesn't listen and tries to destroy Guilmon again. Takato determined to save his friend jumps to join him and they biomerge again into Gallantmon. A battle begins but once again Azulongmon stops it and finally ends it. Both Savarins begin to explain who this true enemy is, But only when Shibumi arrives do they find out that the true enemy is ""D-Reaper"" a program designed to destory A.I. programs. Well this is going on Calumon continues his escape and then he see's some red things that he thinks look pretty but als