Courage the Cowardly Dog

#1 - Courage Vs. Mecha-Courage

Season 3 - Episode 2

The science teen (or Di Lung as some call him) makes an ultra robot he calls Mecha-Courage. It takes Courage's place. Muriel and Eustace can't tell the difference, and they like Mecha-Courage better. (mostly Eustace) Courage challenges Mecha-Courage to a battle in the Roman Colessium! Mecha-Courage beats Courage good, but in the end, his battery runs out and he blows up. Courage is happy to be back with Muriel.

#2 - Nowhere TV

Season 2 - Episode 13

Eustace and Muriel's tv breaks and they call Le Quak to fix it,but Le Quack does something to the Tv to make it hypnotize people.He makes them go steal money and eventually Courage fights Le Quack in a 3D Television Battle and the police come and capture Le Quack, Muriel, & Eustace become their normal selves again.

#3 - Cajun Granny Stew

Season 1 - Episode 2

Muriel and Courage are feeding birds at the park. A cajun fox walks by and decides to capture Muriel, so he can make a cajun granny stew. Courage and the fox fight over her on land and on an airplane. Finally, Courage saves her at the last minute.

#4 - The Shadow of Courage

Season 1 - Episode 3

A scientist dies and his shadow spooks the town of Nowhere and then the Bagge's house. The shadow then admits he is tired of scaring people and decides to become a star in the sky, literally!

#5 - Campsite of Terror 8.14

Season 3 - Episode 3

Courage,Muriel,and Eustace are camping and two raccoons kidnap Muriel because they want a mother.Eustace is trying to capture the raccoons for a reward.The raccons end up capturing him, to have for company and watch televison with him. Courage and Muriel return home.

#6 - Housecalls

Season 4 - Episode 4

A lonely doctor named Gerheart gets tired of being lonely in his run down old house. He invents

#7 - The Record Deal 7.62

Season 3 - Episode 4

While Eustace is driving home,Shirley the Medium throws out a Velvet Vic record when doing some spring cleaning and Eustace plays the record Velvet Vic comes out and then Muriel becomes trapped in the record and Courage has to get her out.

#8 - Courage in the Big Stinkin' City

Season 2 - Episode 4

Muriel is slated to perform at New York City. A shady bug named Shwick claims to work for the show and brings them to a room below the stage. The bug sends Courage to pick up a package and if he doesn't, he'd kill Muriel. Courage brings it back, but it's broken. Courage grabs Muriel and runs toward the stage to preform. Swhwick chases them onto the stage, where the police spot and arrest him.

#9 - Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist

Season 1 - Episode 4

Muriel is hit on the head by a fly-away piece of the roof and develops amnesia. Eustace takes full advantage of this and turns his wife into a "slave woman." Courage goes on the internet to find an amnesia specialist, but is answered by Le Quack, a thief who poses as a doctor! Courage tries to get help, while Le Quack tortures Muriel for information on where her valuables are.

#10 - A Night at the Katz Motel

Season 1 - Episode 1

Courage, Muriel, and Eustace stay at a motel and get freaked out by spiders and a crazy cat called Katz, who hunts them down. Muriel comes to the rescue and saves Courage from Katz, then takes everyone home.

#11 - Night of the Weremole

Season 1 - Episode 9

Muriel is picking carrots out of the garden and feeds a rabbit one. She gets bit and only thinks it was a rabbit. They go to Dr. Vindaloo to find the cure. He just says to keep soaking it. She turns into a weremole, an animal who has a taste for biting people and rabbits. Once your bitten by one, you become one yourself. Courage must dress up as a rabbit, to get his attention, then pull a hair from the original weremole that bit her and feed it to Weremole-Muriel to turn her back to normal.

#12 - Freaky Fred 7.65

Season 1 - Episode 8

Muriel invites her deranged relative, Fred, to their home. He has a problem, though. He can't stop giving haircuts. He shaves all of Courage's hair off, and he gets caught by the police, who send him back to an insane asylum.

#13 - 1000 Years of Courage

Season 2 - Episode 6

During Bingo, Muriel, Eustace, and Courage are sent 1000 years into the future, to a world where bananas are the inhabidants of the Earth. Courage and the bananas find out the mayor of the bananas is a monkey. Courage and the bananas then overthrow the king monkey and put him on display on a stage and make him preform. The Bagge's get sent...

#14 - The Ride of the Valkyries

Season 3 - Episode 8

During a vacation to a viking location, Muriel is mistaken as the leader of a group of vikings! Courage now has to retrieve her before the battle against the trolls. One of the trolls and the valkyries get married and peace is settled between the 2 groups. Courage and Muriel attend the wedding.

#15 - Family Business

Season 2 - Episode 5

Basil, a confused burgular, comes to the Bagge house. At one minute he tries to take them hostage, the next minute he invites himself to a dinner with Eustace, Muriel, and Courage. He renames all of them, he thinks they are his family. He calls Courage ""Nigel"", Muriel is ""Mama Mash Potatos"" and Eustace is ""Uncle Twinkle Toes"". After the strange supper, the burgular takes all three of them to Mount Rushmore. He wants to remove all of the heads off it! The police struggle to get the burgular (in Lincoln's nose) Courage just saves him, and the burgular then decides to take up a new profession... Eel Massaging!

#16 - Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted

Season 4 - Episode 8

It's the first day of hunting season, and Eustace goes hunting to prove he's better then his dead brother, Horace. He uses Horace's old gun, a laser gun! Courage goes with him to makes sure he's safe. Eustace spots a bunch of deer and fails to shoot them. The father deer then gets his own laser gun and goes after Eustace! Courage says he can settle this by having a game show with the deer and Eustace called, "Hunt For Knowledge." The deer wins. Eustace tries to shoot him, but instead he hits a bear's lollipop. When he asks who shot it, Eustace takes the deer's antlers and says he's a deer. But then hunters come by and think he's a deer and shoot him. His head gets mounted on a car.

#17 - The Uncommon Cold

Season 4 - Episode 7

Muriel gets a terrible cold, and after a while, she sees a talking slug that wants help. Following directions, Courage and Muriel go to a swamp where there are slugs that are ruled by a snake named Big Bayou. He sheds his skin and makes the slugs make statues out of them. They say Bayou has a magic book that will free them and cure Muriel. Courage gets the book and cures Muriel. Bayou then comes after him, and he bites the book, and his venom magically makes the snake-skin statues attack him. Muriel uses her nail-file to free the slugs.

#18 - Mother's Day

Season 1 - Episode 10

Eustace & Courage visit Ma (Eustace's Mother). Muriel refuses to see her. When they arive at her trailer, she welcomes Courage instead of Eustace because he is just a ""stupid boy."" When they eat lunch, Courage gets a lot of dogfood and Eustace barely gets any bacon. Eustace gives Ma some gifts, but rejects them all except one, a mirror. Ma then gives Courage a teddy bear. She doesn't have a gift for Eustace. Ma then tells Eustace ahow he always was a scared child. Eustace then proves his manhood by arm wrestling her. She almost wins but Courage sticks some flowers in her face, (which she is allergic to) making her sneeze, which stops the arm wrestling. Her wig falls off and she complains of being ugly. Eustace says ""No, Ma, you've always looked good to me."" He then takes off his hat and shows his bald head, too. They end up bonding together.

#19 - Mission to the Sun

Season 2 - Episode 10

Courage is ordered to go to the sun and fix the lightbulb on it. Everything is ok until Muriel's brain gets taken over by an alien! It makes Muriel mean and trys to throw Courage out of the spaceship. Meanwhile Eustace's hat gets stuck in the toliet and gets pumped out into space! Eustace chases after it. Muriel then destroys wires in the spaceship and the ship goes out of control and dives into the sun! Luckily there ok. Courage fixes the lightbulb and Muriel's alien leaves. To get back home, they see Eustace riding on a asteroid holding his hat! They hitch a ride and get home. But the Alien says he'll be back,(as the episode ends the alien enters Eustace's brain...

#20 - Profiles in Courage

Season 4 - Episode 12

At the fair, Muriel and Eustace get full size silhouettes of themselves. On the ride home, Courage notices that they are beginning to move. That night, the profiles take Muriel And Eustace's life to be human. After Courage shows them that being paper is more fun, they give it back. Their creator comes and realizes the silhouettes are happier being paper, and he thanks him.

#21 - Curtain Of Cruelty

Season 3 - Episode 12

Floyd the bald guy (from the segment Hothead) decides to send a cruelty wave or ""curtain"" out into town and turn everyone mean. While Eustace,Muriel, and Courage are buying meats at the market. The wave hits. Its ineffentant on Eustace cause he already is mean. Muriel and Courage use fabric softer on there shirts so thats why they don't got mean cause there ""soft"".Muriel and Courage are taken to a prisoner training camp for being nice and Eustace is elected canadiate for Mayor.Courage finds the machine that sends o...

#22 - Courage the Fly 8.54

Season 2 - Episode 11

Courage gets turned into a fly by Di Lung outside his house .Eustace trys to smack him, because he hates flys. He trys three times to get the fly but keeps hiting Muriel instead.Courage then must stop a salalite from hitting the house. It crashes in there yard.Muriel and Eustace then find out Courage turned into a fly. Eustace walks into the house and wants to get rid of the dog-fly.Muriel says how can you think of getting Courage at a time like this, the satalite almost hit the house. Eustace replies ""It didn't even come close"".Suddenly the satalite raises out of the ground and picks Eustace up with it as it shoots up toward space.Muriel and Courage then just sit in their rocking chair.

#23 - The Duck Brothers

Season 1 - Episode 11

Two ducks put an electric device on Muriel's head and she becomes under their control by a remote. The ducks do this so they can save there third brother, who is trapped in a kitchen and ready to be eaten by humans. Eventually, the same is done with Eustace. Courage talks to the Ducks and works out a plan to save their brother. Courage, Eustace, and Muriel settle peace with the duck brothers. The ducks go back home into space.

#24 - King Ramses' Curse 8.95

Season 1 - Episode 13

Courage finds a slab that belonged to a dead guy named King Ramses. A guy named Professor Flith comes and says the slab belongs in the museum. However, Eustace (knowing it's worth a lot) won't give it to him. So, the ghost of King Ramses comes and causes plagues to happen that won't stop until Eustace returns the slab to the museum. The first is a flood, the second is loud music, and the third is locusts. The slab is finally returned, but Eustace is now possessed by King Ramses, as punishment for his greediness.

#25 - The Mask

Season 4 - Episode 13

A strange mask wearing women comes to the farmhouse and says dogs are evil. With that, she hits Courage. Muriel thinks they are just playing and invites her to tea. While there, she says that long ago her best friend Bunny fell for a horrible dog. After trying to convince her to leave, the dog threatend her and she had to leave. After that, she rerapedly hurts Courage. At dinner, she says that she wears her mask to hide from reality. Muriel says she has to face reality, but she reveals that Muriel has been sneaking food and Eustace can't fix every thing like he says he can. This causes a fight between Eustace and Muriel. Courage spys on the woman that night and sees her play with a toy mouse. She takes off her mask to reavel she's a cat. Convinced she's a wanted crimnal, Courage locks the doors to the bedroom and attic doors, steals the mouse, and drives off to go to the police. He stops at a diner where the rat reconizes the cat's mouse and says her names Kitty. He says Bunn