Birdy the Mighty Decode

#1 - Tears Are Not Enough

Season 2 - Episode 4

Birdy tracks down the illegal Virtual Reactor Chips purchaser, who is Nataru's father, Mr. Dusk. Dusk reveals he is a member of an Alterian freedom group, and that he helped disguise the escapees. Birdy goes after the nearest, but the escapees kidnap Dusk and interrogate him on the attacks on their number. He is murdered, which angers Nataru and upsets Birdy. Nataru kills another of the escapees, but not before learning Valic killed his father. Birdy promises to catch Dusk's killer.

#2 - Stand By Me

Season 1 - Episode 13

Birdy and Tsutomu head to the Lost Bird to figure out a way to purge the Ryunka out of Sayaka's body. The two were able to do so, at the cost of Tsutomu's own body when he sacrificed it to allow Birdy to kill him again and purge the Ryunka parasite out of his body with Nejula in charge of containing it. The Japanese government had covered up the events as the JGSDF had mobilized in Roppongi. Due to the events, Sayaka loses some of her memories including her encounters with Tsutomu. Birdy once again merges with Tsutomu until a new body can be readied. Meanwhile, Gomez and his boss Revi had a conversation about whether Birdy is a threat, with Gomez telling Revi to take some precautions against her.

#3 - Another World

Season 1 - Episode 5

Birdy fights with King Zero as Nejula corners Gelabu--whom ultimately commits suicide for his "pride" or "honor." Thanks to Birdy's way with words and the simple fact that King Zero's girl can't stand to see lots of people die, she detonates the falling satellite which was targeting the Union. Kashugeza turns out to be an undercover agent under Skeletsu's direction. Birdy is quite frustrated with the fact that Skeletsu tolerated the deaths of her fellow, innocent, Altarians in the terrorist attack in order to get a lead on King Zero.

#4 - Bye Bye Buddy

Season 1 - Episode 11

It has been confirmed: Nakasugi is the host for Ryunka. But Tsutomu wants to protect her, no matter what and so he takes control of Birdy's body when she tried to get close to Ryunka. Nejula knocks them out before their minds fuse completely. When they wake up again, Tsutomu has his own body back and needs glasses again. From now on, Birdy and Tsutomu go separate ways. When Birdy and Nejula arrive at Nakasugi's villa, she is already gone because she went to Tsutomo's place. To protect her from being pursued by her greedy relatives, Tsutomu leaves her in Shymalan's care. After that he discovers Shymalan's true intentions when Nejula confronts him...

#5 - Before Long

Season 2 - Episode 12

Nataru and Moss fight but Moss is nearly killed before being rescued by Birdy who attempts to convince Nataru to surrender and receive treatment before his Iksiola state kills him. He refuses and nearly kills Birdy before Senkawa switches in and convinces Nataru that being an Iksiola means more than just killing. Nataru relents and jumps back in time to the moment of the tower attack becoming the man who saves a young Birdy via a time-loop.

#6 - Falling in Love with Love

Season 2 - Episode 8

Shouko catches Nataru and Birdy in an embrace, although only because of Birdy's clumsiness. As a result, she runs off out of the hospital, calling Nataru to come find her. But when she sees Birdy with him, she keeps running off.

#7 - The Champion of Justice

Season 1 - Episode 9

An investigation team under Shyamalan's orders investigates the ruins of Sawajiri Village, even killing a policeman when Murota and Hayamiya decide to investigate. Birdy saves them from some of the armed men and fights the reconstructed marionette before she gets injured during an encounter with Gomez after defeating the marionette again.

#8 - Simple Twist of Fate

Season 2 - Episode 2

Birdy meets up with her childhood friend, Nataru, and they talk for a bit. They are interrupted by a girl in a wheelchair, who treats Birdy coldly. A second of the criminals is tracked down, and she pursues him for a bit, but he escapes only to be killed in a violent manner Birdy is not familiar with.

#9 - View of Life

Season 1 - Episode 3

Bacillus tries to locate and eliminate Birdy, while she, Tsutomu and Tute argue over the constant separate lives that they were trying to hide from the public. Tute gets wounded by Bacillus before he gave Birdy an Elemental Destructor capsule bomb to kill Bacillus and eliminate the threat of him killing an Earth-born civilian in Japan. Birdy mourns Tute's death when he can't heal his wounds from Bacillus' attack.

#10 - One Plus One

Season 1 - Episode 1

While pursuing alien criminals named Bacillus and Geega, Birdy and Tute infiltrate Earth under the cover of a rising Japanese idol and her manager. During one night on a routine mission to apprehend the said criminal, a civilian named Tsutomu Senkawa is used as a human shield. When Birdy realized that she killed him in an accident, she decided that the only way to save his life was to fuse her body with his in order to prevent him from dying. Tsutomu thought that it was all a dream until he found that he was unable to control his body one night after he was supposedly dead.

#11 - We Will Meet Again

Season 2 - Episode 7

Continuing the memory dive, Tsutomu learns more of the Central Tower attack and Birdy's part within it.

#12 - Somewhere in Time

Season 2 - Episode 3

Senkawa and the journalism club go investigate a refugee camp. While Hayasumi is just trying to get a good story, Birdy is hoping to get a lead on another alien living in the camp. Two young children, Takumi and Marina, give the club a tour of the camp. They run away into the ruins so that they don't have to be separated, but get attacked by a group of thugs. Nataru, volunteering at the camp, goes after the children, but isn't strong enough on his own. Birdy arrives to rescue him.