Air Master

#1 - Fly! Air Master

Season 1 - Episode 1

Maki Aikawa is tall, with a nice model-like figure, but is also quiet and looks like an ordinary high school girl. However, her unique life style includes being a street fighter within the dark alleyways and back streets of Tokyo. To date, she remains undefeated against both men and women. And with a unique arsenal of aerial techniques allowing her to knock out opponents at will, people began to call her the Air Master.One day, she encountered a scene where several girls (also known as a ko-gal group) who attended Tomato High School were being picked on by a boy. Seeing this, Maki came to their assistance and ended up fighting him and knocking him out. The gallery of people, who held witness to this, started yelling that she was the Air Master. Another street fighter of high spirit who refers to himself as Lucha Master, was also at the scene and immediately challenged her. And with that, a high-level street fight began spontaneously!

#2 - A Fight to Remember! Maki Vs. Kinjirou

Season 1 - Episode 11

Maki's anger erupted into a violent rage when she saw Mina! After defeating several of the Black Alliance members, Maki is challenged to a fight by their leader, Kinjiro, who is also known as "Kin-chan." As Maki and Kinjiro prepare to battle drawing closer to each other, Nagato, another member from the Black Alliance, steps in gesturing that he want to be the next to fight the Air Master. Maki quickly accepts Nagato's challenge. Julietta, who was sitting nearby noticed Maki and proceeded to approach her, to his surprise, Nagato quickly lands a kick to Julietta's body. Before the final fight between Maki and Kinjiro can even start, a fierce battle between Nagato and Julietta takes place!

#3 - Don't Make Me Say it Twice!

Season 1 - Episode 7

Maki challenges Julietta to a fight. The appointed time is three o'clock and that's when she wakes up. "I overslept!" said Maki. However, the man who arrived at the appointed place on time was Maki's father, "Shiro Saeki". Without Maki's presence, Shiro challenges Julietta to a fight, but to Julietta, Shiro was not the one he was eagerly waiting for. Julietta begins to plant a sequence of kicks that were filled with fury. As Maki proceeds as quickly as possible to the appointed place, she is stopped on route and challenged to another fight by a girl named Miori Saeki. The girl is in fact Maki's half-sister who has a similar passion for battle. Maki, who is seriously in a hurry, arrives at the appointed place by quickly throwing off Miori. Miori then follow Maki to the appointed place to witness the unexpected defeat of their father. Finally, the full-out battle of Maki and Julietta begins!

#4 - Costume Play! Komada Shigeo

Season 1 - Episode 18

A cosplaying man named Shigeo Komata, his clothes are ragged and he has a crew cut like someone out of a video game. Though he based his attacks on a video game character, his power is not to be taken lightly! For this reason, he is number six in the Fukamichi Ranking. Maki definitely sees that he's not someone who will be beaten if she doesn't give 100%. At the same time, Kinjiro Kitaeda is fighting the 10th ranked fighter upon Fukamichi's instructions. He's being swiftly punched by his nimble opponent, but he responds with "There's no soul in your punches" and knocks him out in one blow. Fukamichi watches this all happen and even sees Yashiki, the 8th ranked fighter who can use the osmosis attack, be quickly overcome. We have a new rival here, folks! Meanwhile, Maki is reluctantly going to have her rematch with Shigeo. She is thinking up a special attack to finally beat him while watching a movie with Mina. A move to beat an opponent in one split second... Maki has an idea!

#5 - Shine! Sky Star

Season 1 - Episode 13

An out-of-this-world tag team is born! And they're called the Fami-Wrestlers! Ignoring the matches listed on the card, this duo starts attacking one team after another! Kaori Sakiyama grabs a mic in the stunned crowd and gives an all-out performance! Feeling she should stop their fighting, a blood-thirsty pro wrestler named Mio Hayase appears. Sakiyama yells to her over the mic, "you look like you poisoned the princess in the dragon castle and switched places with her!" No one can stop Sakiyama from egging on the fight! Or so they thought. Mio hits Sakiyama in the head and she collapses. Sakiyama's body may be completely worn out, but she rushes in through spirit alone! Due to Sakiyama's energy and yelling, Maki gets fired up and enters her battle mode! Everyone expects the super-strong pro wrestling duo of Mio Hayase and Sanpagita Kai to win and the bell rings! Mio is shocked at Maki's strength and quickly tags Kai. Kai says, "let me see who you really are!" when she stops to protect Mio and the letters SS are written on her back!

#6 - Endure! Ogata Kouji

Season 1 - Episode 19

Maki and Kai will have real Fukamichi Ranking battles. Fukamichi gives them both locators to find the other person, to be worn on their wrists. Though it's an incredible device to help you locate your opponent, Maki can't figure out how to work it at all! Fukamichi is amazed how dull she is besides for her fighting skills. Though she can't figure it out, she ends up in a dilapidated building. The locator shows her opponent is close by and then he shows up! His name is Koji Ogata. He's dressed oddly and his unusual movements confuse Maki. His attack style is Ninjutsu! Maki can't figure out his attacks and his being hit over and over. Fukamichi sees this and says, "For Maki Aikawa, it's only a matter of time." Like he's signaling the final blow, Ogata sends out this shrill whistle sound. Maki continues to be hit. Then, Ogata begins to look like multiple people! Is that possible?! Maki's in trouble!

#7 - Reveal Yourselves! Famiwrestlers

Season 1 - Episode 12

Kaori Sakiyama continues to knock down her opponents one after another when street fighting. Impressed by Sakiyama's sense of fighting, Tomiko, a professional woman wrestler asks her to join a wresting tag team called Fami-Wrestlers. During there conversation, Sakiyama tells Tomiko about Maki. Tomiko finds it hard to believe that a young high school student could be stronger than Sakiyama and challenges the Air Master to a fight where she is easily defeated and received injuries that will take a month to heal. By force of circumstance, the Fami-Wrestlers became a combination of Sakiyama and Maki. The opponent they meet at the ring on the day of the match, "Matoba," seems to be acquainted with Sakiyama from her own high school days. As Matoba, a former acquaintance whispers something into Sakiyama's ear, Sakiyama's disposition immediately changes. A fierce battle is about to begin.

#8 - Roar! Nakanotani Mina

Season 1 - Episode 8

The beach! Maki, Mina, Yuu, Michiru, and Renge had come to hang out and sun bathe together. Of course, Mina and her unbelievable breasts stood out conspicuously to attract the attention of anyone who passed by.While at the beach, Renge decided to enter Mina in the beach queen contest without ever telling her. Mina, who is very large breasted and a natural for such a competition is also very shy and at first, refuses to participate. However, Maki encourages Mina to partake and she agrees and then becomes determined to win the contest.At the same time, another competition, "The Beach Wrestling Queen Tournament," was being held at the same place. The tournament's previous winner with consecutive victories is a fighter that uses aerial killing techniques who does not appear to be an amateur. While watching the event, Maki is approached by a woman named Shizuna who hands her a flashy mask to encourage her to become a participant. Furthermore, a woman who calls herself "Supermodel of the future," who has already established a reputation for herself by fighting on shows, also appears to compete!

#9 - Ride it Maki!

Season 1 - Episode 6

Maki's involuntary encounter with Julietta Sakamoto left her confused. She spaces out and decided not to go to school because something still doesn't feel right. She wants the challenge of battle but knows it is not possible. Mina begins to worry about Maki who did not come to school and decides to visit her, even thought she does not know her address. Michiru, Yuu, Shinnosuke and the very strangely dressed Renge follow Mina. Renge casts a strange spell and impressively locates Maki. As they begin to approach Maki, she's walking through the rain without an umbrella while appearing to be gathered in deep thought they were unable to call to her. After leaving a letter for Julietta in his mailbox, Maki went to the gym of fighter named Shiro Saeki. It seems like there is a long history between Maki and Shiro. At the same time, Julietta, who had received the letter from Maki, was very excited about its contents.

#10 - Break! Konishi Vs. Julietta

Season 1 - Episode 25

"I will defeat you. I will become a perfect dazzling star in the night sky tonight!" declares Konishi. While standing up to Julietta's random power, Konishi keeps telling himself to remain cool. Konishi breaks Julietta's right leg with his left arm! You can hear the ligament snap in the quiet of the evening park! Konishi prepares for him to submit. However, for some reason, Julietta's right leg comes flying in! And faster than before! How can this be? His ligament was torn! In any case, this is true. Konishi, telling himself to stay cool even more than before, stops trying to guard Julietta's kicks and tries to tackle him instead. If he uses all five of his senses at once he'll tackle him and defeat him! While this is going on, Maki is practicing attacks blindfolded with Miori at their home. Maki learns to be able to sense her surroundings. And then, Maki learns to feel the air...

#11 - Burn! Meat

Season 1 - Episode 24

It's been ten days since the showdown between Maki and Yuki Minaguchi. Maki has been out of it, not sure if she feels good or bad. At Maki's father, Saeki Shiro's dojo, a man calling himself Konishi shows up. He says he won't use his bat and challenges Saeki. The truth is that Konishi is a judo master calling himself the Submission Hunter. The way he speaks is very odd. Honestly speaking, he's a strange guy. The fight begins quickly but what is surprising is the rate at which he knocks out Saeki's knees. When asked about his real background, Konishi admits to being in the Fukamichi Ranking. Wanting to know more, Saeki invites him out to a Korean barbeque restaurant. Konishi thought they'd talk while eating but Saeki isn't letting him eat the meat at all. This irritates Konishi. Their conversation doesn't work well either. Finally, Saeki admits that he can't enjoy eating his meal to the max when dining with a guy. As their conversation creeps further into absurdity, Renge shows up, bedazzled by the smell of the Korean barbeque.

#12 - Fly! Aikawa Maki

Season 1 - Episode 27

"Win, Maki." Maki Aikawa tosses her body away during the fight and realizes the true essence of fighting. She thinks. She searches. That is why she's so strong when at full power. Her opponents all know this well. The people she encounters all experiences this and changed forever. She allows them to change. Kaori Sakiyama represents one such people. From meeting with Maki, a fire was lit inside her heart and her passion level rose. She was also the first friend that Maki, someone who has lived her life fighting every day, has ever known. She's no longer a lonely fighter. She has a friend who worries about her. Maki then thinks of all her friends, Yuu, Michiru, Renge, Mina... How they all cheer her on. Maki can fight full-on because she has friends in her corner. She'll continue to meet people, friends and enemies. People are able to grow and feel despair from the people they meet. But no matter what, she'll continue on. It's because she's continued on that she's made it to the place she's currently in. The person she encounters here is called an Eternal. She doesn't know if he's aiming for the top or not. Nevertheless, Maki flies through the air with all her power. She's the Air Master!

#13 - Fight! Fukamichi Ranking

Season 1 - Episode 16

A mysterious man calling himself Fukamichi suddenly appears in front of Tsukio and Reiichi asking them to join the Fukamichi Ranking. Tsukio is annoyed at his attitude but invites Lucha Master to take his place. Right when they think the fight is about to start, Fukamichi calls out the 36th ranked fighter in the Fukamichi Ranking and he defeats Lucha Master in one second. The three of them are disappointed and shocked by this. While this is going on, a man who says he is in the Fukamichi Ranking appears before Kai and Mio. This man is named Yashiki. He appears to want to fight the Air Master. He is ranked number nine and appears quite confident in his fighting abilities. Kai doesn't really understand what the Fukamichi Ranking is all about but she says to Yashiki that if he wants to fight the Air Master, he has to beat her first. Then Yashiki busts out an osmosis attack like Kaori Sakiyama's, and a strong one at that! Kai is knocked down in one blow! Miori is stunned by what is happening before her and she called out for her sister, Maki! The mysterious street fighting story of the Fukamichi Ranking is underway!