The BEST episodes written by Yukihiro Matsushita

Wonderful Universe
35 votes

#1 - Wonderful Universe

Gun X Sword - Season 1 - Episode 20

The protagonists stumble upon an abandoned base, where they find a map and an injured survivor. Even though Michael is shocked to hear from Fasalina that Carossa and Melissa died in battle, Fasalina makes loves to him, helping him grasp the meaning behind The Claw's dream of world peace. The survivor, after waking up, yells about Michael being a demon and should be stopped, before dying shortly thereafter. Michael and Fasalina discreetly goes to see Wendy, attempting to ask her to join their side. As the other protagonists find them, Fasalina reveals that The Claw has contracted a fatal illness, and will sacrifice himself by catalyzing the special flower in order to reformat the world, therefore striving to make all inhabitants instinctively equal.

Play Games at Most One Hour a Day
75 votes

#2 - Play Games at Most One Hour a Day

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 45

Furuichi's group go to Himekawa's home, to start searching for En in online games. When they arrive they find the place is a giant skyscraper building, with several rooms dedicated to gaming. Most of the group have never played games, except for Chiaki, who immediately proceeds to find En in an online fighting game. Furuichi tries to get him to tell them where he is, and when he finally answers he tells them they have to beat him in a game before he tells them. Tatsumi tries to escape from Saotome, but is unable to throw his teacher off, even after showing off his new rock splitting abilities. It isn't until later in the episode that Beel takes matters into his own hands and decides to let Saotome train him. With Saotome training Tatsumi, the group's first teacher substitues for them, but everyone is away doing their own thing, except for the girl with the face mask, who for some reason got left behind. The rest of the class head to Himekawa's where they get ready to play End of War 4, a first person shooter. After taking forever to make usable avatars, they end up wasting all their practice time, and have to jump into the game blind. Despite most of them not knowing how to play. Both Nene and Shiroyama run into glitches that make their characters spin in circles. Nene triest to get control, but instead ends up attacking Yuka's character. They manage to get some team work together, but En's team have the upper hand. Nene and Chiaki try to go after a tank, but the obvious trap is sprung and they are cornered by Yolda. Nene dives in front of Chiaki to protect her from the enemy players' fire. En taunts Furuichi by saying that he would be so happy to win that he just might cry.

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On the Brink! What'll We Do?
104 votes

#3 - On the Brink! What'll We Do?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 41

Whilst everything is in commotion, Lord En continues his tour of the human world and is now in Akihabara. As usual, he also cries due the maids being mistaken for cosplayers and he feels left out. Also, Furuichi is called a pervert by Alaindelon's daughter. Kanzaki and Yuka are both spying on Tojo and Izuma's fight, until two of the pillars: Graffel and Naga interrupt the fight and beat Izuma up. Izuma is revealed to be only half demon and hasn't actually made contact with any real demons before and so his power is weaker than that of a real one. Tojo then cuts in and so does Kanzaki however Graffel easily defeats Kanzaki, and Tojo fights till he is unconscious, however they soon leave to join Hecatos. Oga attempts to beat Hecatos using his Zebel Blast, however is blocked easily. Saotome then enters and uses his spell master magic forcing Graffel, Naga and Hecatos to retreat. Quickly, they call Lamia and Dr. Bloo to check on Hilda before it's too late.

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The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun
106 votes

#4 - The Sibling Rivalry Has Begun

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 38

Oga attempts to explain the whole situation to Aoi, but him and Furuichi get stuck on remember BabyBeel's name. Not long after, a demon maid servent who looks similar to Hilda named Yolda appears, and expresses her unhappiness on the situation. Soon another 2 demon maid servents appear along with a young boy who is introduced by the maids as Lord En, BabyBeel's older brother, who has come due to BabyBeel taking too long to destroy humanity. Aoi then understands everyone that's going on. BabyBeel and Lord En do not have the best relationship, where BabyBeel is constantly ignoring the attention-seeking Lord En, making him upset. Lord En is also seen to love anything to do with games.

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Is There a Special Move?
111 votes

#5 - Is There a Special Move?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 14

As Kanzaki tries to come up with a new special move to beat Oga, his followers suggest the key to Oga's power is having Beelzebub on his back. Thus, Kanzaki starts training with a weighted baby doll on his back. When that plan doesn't work, they try finding a living substitute, which end in more embarrassing results. Meanwhile, Oga takes Beelzebub to the park where they once again meet Aoi, who has lost track of Kouta. Kanzaki coincidentally finds him and deems him a worthy substitute for Beelzebub. Whilst playing with him, he figures out the key to performing his new special move. After returning Kouta to Aoi, Kanzaki performs his special move, though it just leaves everyone confused. As Kanzaki leaves, Oga admits his move was surprising.

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Love is a Hurricane
86 votes

#6 - Love is a Hurricane

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 9

The delinquent group, MK-5, come to confront Oga, but are promptly beaten by him and Hildegarde, who catches the attention of a smitten Aoi. As Aoi's right hand ladies, Chiaki Tanimura and Nene Oomura confront Oga, Hildegarde, who had heard from Oga about his plans to dump Beelzebub onto Aoi, challenges her to a fight to test her strength. When Aoi returns to find Chiaki and Nene injured, she assumes Oga is responsible and confronts him in a fight. In actuality, Chiaki and Nene were attacked by MK-5, under the orders of Miwa, who desires the title of Queen. Shintarou helps Nene get to Aoi to tell her the truth, but when Miwa makes his move, Oga promptly beats him up. Afterward, Aoi is once again baffled by Oga trying to give her Beelzebub, explaining that he's forced to raise him because of Hildegarde. Later, Aoi decides to quit the Red Tails and put Nene in charge, feeling that she is no longer able to serve as their leader.

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Revenge at the Critical Moment
14 votes

#7 - Revenge at the Critical Moment

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 7

The Kanagawa Prefectural begins as Eiichirō faces off against Araya's new underclassman Nishimura. Araya has told Nishimura all of Eiichirō's weaknesses from the year before, making Nishimura very confident in his chances of winning. To counter this knowledge Eiichirō debuts his new serve and wins easily 6-0. Eiichirō then goes to scout Miyagawa, knowing he will be his second round opponent, but he arrives just in time to see the final point as Miyagawa wins 6-1, giving neither the knowledge of each other's growth in the past year.

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Baffled by Intuition
13 votes

#8 - Baffled by Intuition

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 9

Coach Ryuhei Aoi decides to teach Eiichirō the importance of relying on instincts during a match instead of relying solely on data. In order to teach him how to play against a player who relies solely on instinct Eiichirō is forced to face off with Natsu. Eiichirō takes the words that he can play at full strength to hearts content though and starts using the data he's collected in his head to target all of Natsu's small weak points.

A Vicious Circle is Lucky
16 votes

#9 - A Vicious Circle is Lucky

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 2

Eiichirō begins closing the gap on the others at the Florida Academy, but during everyone of his matches he has one moment where he presses too hard, costing him a set and eventually costing him the match. Coach Mike takes Eiichirō to the video room and points out this pattern. He suggests Eiichirō find a way to remain calm during the match. If he can do so, he'll be able to reverse this tide. During one match Eiichirō accidentally trips, but while error costs him a point it awakens him to the world of repetitive patterns in tennis. By using a pattern he finds in the match, Eiichirō is finally able to win his first set in America.

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First Encounter by Scouting
14 votes

#10 - First Encounter by Scouting

Baby Steps - Season 2 - Episode 6

Coach Aoi explains to Eiichirō that he stopped the match against Takuma because his body wasn't developed to serve like Takuma yet. If he had continued to serve that way, he would have injured himself and forced himself to give up his tennis career. In order to use his new weapon of serving Eiichirō is given strict training that will develop his arm muscles and increase his speed. At school the career counselors call for all seniors to determine their future careers, and Eiichirō lists his desire to go Pro, noting that he will turn to college if he doesn't win the All-Japan Junior.