The BEST episodes written by Yasuhi Hirano

The Winds of Jaburo
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#1 - The Winds of Jaburo

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Titans are waiting for the AEUG invaders and the two forces meet head-on in the sky and jungle around Jabrow. The inhabitants of the area feel betrayed by the EUG, which has let them be caught in the middle rather than compromise the trap, and greet the AEUG forces as liberators. The EUG has already moved most of its major equipment out of Jabrow and set a nuclear time bomb in the central core. Camille's Mark-II defeats Jared's Marasai and, alerted by a Newtype premonition, he rescues Reccoa and Kai. The inhabitants of Jabrow are packed into a Garuda giant transport plane, which takes off under fire from Titan ground forces ringing the area. The Garuda gets clear just as the entire Jabrow complex goes up in a nuclear fireball. It is joined in flight by the Audomura, which is flown by Hyato Kobayashi, former pilot of the Guntank (RX-75) during the One Year War.