The BEST episodes written by Warren Douglas

The Toy Soldier
12 votes

#1 - The Toy Soldier

Bonanza - Season 5 - Episode 5

Adam encounters drunken artist James Callan, branded a "squaw man" because he is married to an Indian, and whose talent is going to waste in the town of Sheep Head.

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Calamity Over the Comstock
13 votes

#2 - Calamity Over the Comstock

Bonanza - Season 5 - Episode 7

Joe has a run-in with Calamity Jane, and takes her home with him after promising her dying father to take care of her. At first the Cartwrights (besides Joe) think "Cal" is a boy, but they soon find out differently. Cal begins to fall in love with Joe, but Joe finds her attentions unwanted...especially when Cal's boyfriend, Doc Holliday, has it in for Joe.

Hard Luck Henry
16 votes

#3 - Hard Luck Henry

Gunsmoke - Season 13 - Episode 7

A comedic episode. Festus tries to get a box full of gold coins away from his relatives and back to Dodge, the Dooleys who are feuding with the Haggens are also trying to get their hands on the box.

The Blue Spy
5 votes

#4 - The Blue Spy

Rawhide - Season 4 - Episode 10

No one believes Nolan when he tells them about the Indians running around in strange costumes. That is until a beautiful actress stumbles into camp and tells them about an Indian attack on her theatrical wagon. The men are delighted until they learn she was once a Yankee spy.

The Concrete Corral
3 votes

#5 - The Concrete Corral

McCloud - Season 1 - Episode 4

(NOTE: For televised repeats, this episode was known as "Murder Arena, Part 1"). McCloud is assigned to shepherd the cowboys at a visiting rodeo. They're old friends, and one of them is killed by a jealous rival over a woman, it appears.

The Saga of Squaw Charlie
1 votes

#6 - The Saga of Squaw Charlie

Bonanza - Season 6 - Episode 14

A peaceful Indian is framed for the kidnapping of a young girl, a stunt which ends in tragedy.

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Lothario Larkin
1 votes

#7 - Lothario Larkin

Bonanza - Season 6 - Episode 30

Ladies' man Lothario Larkin creates havoc whenever he hits Virginia City, so Roy Coffee orders him out of town. Naturally, Hoss takes him in.